How to repurpose old content

repurposing-your-existing-contentRepurposing old content means creating different versions of the content that already exists on your website or blog. Do you have many blog posts and articles already written on your website? Have you gained all the benefit that you could have gained from the content you have written or generated so far?

It is a necessity that you constantly need to write new content. You can also use your existing content to create new content. This is called repurposing your old/existing content.

Suppose you have a blog post that you wrote a couple of years ago that was received very well by your audience but right now it isn’t getting much attention may be because it is old or maybe people have moved on. The information contained within that blog post is still valuable. What do you do?

Here are a few things you can do with that old blog post in order to repurpose your existing content

  1. Create a slideshow of the main points – People love slideshows created in PowerPoint and other presentation tools. Extract the main points of your old blog post and then create individual slides from those main points along with attractive visuals. Then distribute that slide’s repurposed content.
  2. Rewrite the blog post with a new perspective – Wisdom is eternal but there are always new ways of making use of that wisdom. Technology has changed in the past two years (since you wrote that blog post). Even the way people do content marketing has changed. Why not rewrite the old blog post by adding more information, updated information to it?
  3. Create graphic visuals of important portions – There might be many important portions – a paragraph, a couple of sentences – that you can take from the blog post and combine them with related images and then create graphics. Then you can upload those graphics to Pinterest or simply share them on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Post important and impactful sentences from the old blog post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to repurpose your existing content. You can come up with many more according to your niche.

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