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How to analyze your content marketing performance in 2018?

Analyzing your content marketing performance in 2018

Analyzing your content marketing performance in 2018

As we are on the verge of entering 2019 it’s the right time to analyze how your content marketing effort performed in 2018. Were you able to meet your goals?

There must have been many hits and misses. You achieved some things, and some things were left less than satisfactory.

Evaluation can only be done if you have data to compare. If you want to know how your content marketing performed in 2018, then you need to know how it performed in 2017 so that you can make out if there was a difference.

Though, even if you don’t have the 2017 data about your content marketing campaigns, if there has been a marked improvement in your leads and sales because you did content marketing or you also started investing in content marketing along with traditional marketing, even then you can see if there was some noticeable improvement.

This Skyword blog post lays down some guidelines that you can use to analyze and audit your content marketing effort in 2018.

The blog post suggests that before you begin to analyze your content marketing performance, you need to know if you are measuring the correct metrics.

In the beginning of 2018, what did you have in your mind?

What did you want to improve?

Did you want to get more subscribers for your newsletter?

Did you want to raise your engagement levels on your social media profiles?

Did you want to educate your audience about the product or service you are offering?

Did you want to expand your brand presence? Did you want to improve your search engine rankings for particular search terms and keywords?

Do you observe improvements in these metrics?

Was there an increase in the number of subscribers in 2018?

Did your search engine rankings improve for your selected search terms and keywords?

If you don’t notice these improvements, what do you think was lacking?

It is very important to know what was lacking because unless you know that, you cannot know what you need to do in the coming year.

Read the blog post. Nothing much extraordinary, but it is good to revisit actions and things that you need to perform to get better results from your content marketing.