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When it comes to writing and publishing content, does quantity ultimately lead to quality?

When it comes to writing and publishing content does quantity lead to quality

When it comes to writing and publishing content does quantity lead to quality

It is often advised that instead of relentlessly writing and publishing content on your website or blog, you should focus on quality and meaningfulness.

In his latest blog post, Gary Vaynerchuck has raised a valid question, “Who decides the quantity?”

Then the blog post further asks, can quantity lead to quality?

When it comes to filling up your website and blog with quality content, this is a pertinent question to ask.

But, as an experienced content writer who routinely comes across clients who don’t want to spend much on content writing, I know the answer.

Quantity differs from person to person. It also depends on how much effort and time you’re spending on writing and publishing your content.

When a client doesn’t have a big budget, I always suggest him to focus on quality and not on quantity.

For writing for my own Credible Content Blog, I try to maintain a balance between quantity and quality, although, I wouldn’t say that when I am shifting towards quantity I compromise on quality. No, on my blog, it doesn’t happen.

I can totally understand where Gary is coming from. And I totally understand that unless you don’t bother about quantity, you don’t know how to attain quality. As they say, it is difficult to grow your business if you are counting every penny.

Again, clients who are paying for every blog post and web page, would beg to differ.

If money is not a problem, I’m totally fine with going with quantity, as long as you are not publishing trashy content that is going to get you penalized by search engines and social networking websites.

Quantity doesn’t mean writing and publishing inferior content. It just means publishing lots of content that does not require lots of research.

Take for example this blog post. I suddenly come across a post from Gary, link to it, and share a few thoughts from my side. This post doesn’t require lots of research and time. Nonetheless, my blog has new content. I would call it quantity.

Also, when you are continuously writing and publishing content for your blog or for various channels, and if you have enough time and money, you get to play around with different ideas. This is not the case if time and budget are limited.

My personal experience with my personal websites and blogs has been that quality does lead to quantity as long as you stick to the bare minimums. The bare minimum means not going overboard with keyword-centric content and not diluting your core topic.

For example, my core topic is content writing. Then it is content marketing. Digital marketing affects my business, so sometimes, I allow guest bloggers to write on digital marketing. SEO, yes, as long as it is related to content writing.

But, it doesn’t mean that I publish whatever content ideas that come to my mind. That I would call wasteful quantity.