What is original content?

Marketers and business owners are often worried about publishing original content on a regular basis.

Original content doesn’t always have to be a highly unique idea. I won’t go to the extent of saying that original ideas in this world are finite, but as someone wise has written, whatever was to be written, has already been written.

The blog topic you just came up with – hundreds of content creators may have already published blog posts, social media updates and videos on the very same topic.

Does it stop you from publishing a blog post on the same topic?

It shouldn’t.

An idea may not be original, but you take is always original.

When you write something about the same topic but with your own input and with your own writing style, the topic becomes original.

Be careful though, I’m not promoting plagiarism. What I’m saying is, there is nothing wrong in writing on a topic someone else has already written on.

Write in your own style. Use your own words. Inject your own experience. What is your point of view?

Just because you are writing it, it makes your piece of content unique and original.

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