Do I get the writer’s block when writing content?

How to deal with writer's block as a content writer?

How to deal with writer’s block as a content writer?

Content writers are considered more as service providers and less as writers or artists. Hence, when your clients are paying for every assignment, every blog post and every social media update, getting writer’s block seems like a luxury you can ill afford. Your clients are going to demand a refund if you tell them that sorry, I’m going through writer’s block and hence, for the time being I cannot work on the project.

Although I’m writing blog posts for day care centers, blockchain developers, business process automation developers, peanut snack makers, and wall décor retail stores, deep down somewhere, it is a writer who is doing all the job and just like any other writer, this writer to goes through all the travails that other writers go through, such as having writer’s block.

As a content writer who gets paid for every write-up, how do I deal with writer’s block?

What causes writer’s block when you are writing content

Writer’s block is mostly psychological. When a hodgepodge of thoughts invades your brain, it is difficult to think about the topic at hand.

It can be a depressing article you just read. It can be your frustrating social media timeline. It can be heated discussion you had with one of your family members. It can even be some old memory that resurfaces and takes over your thought process. It can be the constant disturbance in your writing environment. Sometimes even physical discomfort throws you off the path. Too much procrastination definitely triggers writer’s block.

As a content writer you are constantly dealing with topics that stump you.

Recently I had to turn down a couple of assignments because the topics were completely out of my league. I could have worked on them, but I knew that the client wouldn’t be paying me for the time I needed to research and educate myself. Hence, if it is a topic for which you need to tax your mind a lot, sometimes it triggers writer’s block.

How to deal with writer’s block when writing content?

I will share my personal experience. You may have your own experience but I’m sharing mine hoping that it may help you. Here are a few things that I do.

Don’t get alarmed by writer’s block

Having a writer’s block doesn’t mean you are a lousy writer, or your imagination has gone for a toss. Even Olympic level athletes don’t feel the same physically every day. They too have their ups and downs. Your brain is after all a muscle. Sometimes it gets tired. Sometimes it gets jolted out of its state of being.

Have confidence in yourself. Tell yourself that this writer’s block is temporary, and it will go away.

Figure out the source of your writer’s block

Sometimes it may not even be a block. Maybe it is a distraction. Maybe, unknowingly, you’re doing something that is stopping you from writing.

Are you hungry? Are you feeling unwell? Is there too much noise around you? Are you having relationship problems? Is there a trigger that sets off your writer’s block?

When you try to analyze your writer’s block dispassionately, it often recedes.

Take distractions seriously

Are you checking Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn repeatedly?

Are you repeatedly checking how many people have liked or responded to your post?

Are you needlessly reading blog posts and articles on other websites?

Are you getting obsessed with repeatedly checking news updates?

People are constantly coming in and going out of your room?

Are you constantly getting notifications on your mobile phone?

Worse, are you constantly responding to those notifications?

Studies have revealed that once you are distracted, on an average it takes you 25 minutes to get your mind focused on the present task.

Eliminate as many distractions as you can. Keep your phone away. Block social media websites using a tool like Cold Turkey. Bolt the door from inside. Keep everything you need – water, coffee, snacks – on your table so that you don’t need to get up.

Go through your previous successful content writing projects

This is to give you a mental boost. When you have writer’s block you begin to doubt your abilities. Going through your previous work reassures you that when push comes to shove, you can do your stuff.

Visit the websites and blogs you have previously written content for. Go through different folders on your computer where you have stored client work. Read your own blog posts and articles. Marvel at your talent.

Recall your previous behavior whenever you have writer’s block

If you have been writing content for some years now, it is not the first time you are having writer’s block. You must have had it multiple times. You came out of it. How?

In my case, I just start working on the project. Often, I know that it is just a matter of writing a few sentences. This is the most difficult thing to do when you are having writer’s block: starting.

Therefore, whenever I’m having writer’s block, I tell myself, look, I just need to start.

Just jot down information without worrying about writing

In many cases writer’s block hits you because you don’t have the needed information with you.

Right now, I am experienced enough to know whether I can work on an assignment or not. Still, sometimes, it is just a matter of collecting my thoughts in front of me. Once I have written the first sentence, once I have jotted down a few facts and figures about the piece of content I need to work on, things begin to flow.

Start writing in monosyllables. Sometimes just a single word. Your sentences don’t need to be grammatically correct. They don’t even need to make sense. Just start writing.

Change the font in your word processor

Sometimes, simply by changing the look of my word processor, my writer’s block goes away.

I love trying out different fonts. Ostentatious fonts can be distracting so I don’t use them, but if a font looks new and elegant, I definitely give it a try. Google Fonts has excellent fonts. There are even websites offering you free fonts.

Although I avoid doing this as much as possible, sometimes I even change my word processor. For example, for a few months I have been working in MS Word (I have been using Word for two decades now, but I keep switching). Before that I was working in Ai Writer without word processing capabilities. In between I have also worked in Sublime Text. I have written complete articles and blog posts on my mobile phone. Occasionally I also work in Google Docs.

Having a writer’s block is quite common. People needlessly attach too much importance to it. Sometimes you don’t feel like getting up in the morning. It is the same thing. Sometimes your brain doesn’t want to use its writing muscle.

Of course, you can’t tell this to your clients. If you have committed a blog post on Wednesday, you must deliver it on Wednesday and you cannot tell your client that you’re going through a writer’s block and hence, you’re going to deliver it on Thursday or Friday. It doesn’t mean there are never delays. But you cannot tell them that the delays are because of writer’s block.


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