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A month ago I had written about how to control your branding by writing or generating customized content. As it is rightly mentioned in this blog post aptly titled how to improve your branding with your content, on the Internet, you are what you write.  Your words are your greatest representatives on the Internet because they communicate with your visitors in your absence.

You can strengthen your brand by carefully creating your content strategy. You have to create content that highlights your main strengths and leverages them to get you more clients and customers ultimately. I have seen many websites and blogs in a great hurry to generate content so that they can quickly get traffic from the search engines and sometimes such flukes really work but sooner or later they end-up causing damage to their brand because the right message conveyed through right content is more important than getting random traffic from search engines through haphazardly generate and published content.

Similarly, if there is no substance in your content you cannot instill confidence among your readers and prospective customers and clients. It’s like the real world: no matter in what environment you move, you have to establish respect and authority in order to make people listen to you, pay attention to you, and take the action you want them to take.

How do you instill that confidence? Share with them as much information as possible. Instead of selling a product or a service through your content, try to help them make an educated decision. I know in the end we all want to earn more business, but don’t turn this aspiration into a desperate and grotesque exercise. Write to inform, write to put your point across, and definitely write to convince, but don’t use verbal tricks to entice your customers and clients. Once they trust you, once they trust your brand, they will definitely want to do business with you.

Every word matters, and so does every sentence. This is especially important with the advent of social media because when you are interacting through social media you are leaving your inherent footprints all over the Internet. The more you interact, the more content you generate, the more people become aware of you.

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  1. Jenny Pilley

    Great post. Of course it is essential that you write for your customers not for yourself. I agree that every word is as important as the previous and if your are purely writing for the sake of it people will learn to bypass your work. Excellent blog post.

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