The benefits of updating your existing content

We are perpetually talking about adding new content to your website or blog but there is another way of having fresh content, as explained in this blog post titled 6 ways to give your old content new life. Personally for me it’s quite difficult to sift through my old posts and articles and update them. Although this does not increase the quantity of content, when you update your existing content, you keep it relevant, and you give the search engines a reason to re-crawl and re-index your older blog posts and articles.

This way you don’t have to create new content each time you want to drive traffic from social networking websites. Simply update your existing content and repost the links.

It also helps you refine your content. Frankly, we’re are constantly learning and evolving. I’m pretty sure I write better than what I used to write a year ago (although I feel my fiction writing has deteriorated considerably) and if you feel you could have done a better job with that post you wrote on providing better content writing and blogging services, you can try again and sound more convincing.

3 thoughts on “The benefits of updating your existing content

  1. jay

    This does work. I went into a few old pages about a month ago and updated the writing, cleaning it up a bit and was glad to see that it cuased a huge ranking increase. I am now making that a regular process in my seo.

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