Should content writing be a big part of your digital marketing budget?

Content is the pillar of your content marketing strategy

Content is the pillar of your content marketing strategy

If you feel I am constantly talking about content writing budget and how most of the clients are not very eager to pay deserving rates for writing quality content, it’s just that, lots of thoughts and content are coming my way on this topic that are acting as stimulus.

So, bear with me.

It’s just that, I was going through this blog post on how you should decide your social media marketing budget and I was wondering, very few people talk about having a budget for content writing, and maybe this is why, most of the clients want to save the maximum while getting content for their websites and blogs.

They want to pay for web design.

They want to pay for SEO.

They want to pay for hosting.

They even want to pay for Google ads (AdWords).

But they don’t want to pay for content that is going to improve their SEO.

Content is the pillar of your entire content marketing and social media marketing strategy, whether we are talking about written content here, or videos and infographics.

As far as content goes, videos, infographics and quality images still demand a good price, but when it comes to paying for content writing, most of the clients think, well, it is just writing.

You don’t even need special software.

You can use Google Docs.

You can even use Notepad, for that matter.

But, when you are paying a content writer or a copywriter, you are not paying for software, you are paying for his or her ability to put across your message convincingly.

If people are not convinced,  they are not going to buy from you.

It is as simple as that.

What are you going to market, when you have got nothing substantial to market?

Hence, when you are formulating your content marketing, Internet marketing and digital marketing budgets for the year, keep in mind that content writing is also going to be a big part of that budget.


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