The effectiveness of content marketing can be measured in terms of before and after

Measuring effectiveness of content marketing strategyIt is not often possible to understand exactly how content is impacting your bottom line: are you doing more business due to your content marketing effort?  There is no hard and fast rule and it is extremely difficult to track individual pages and blog posts and then make out how much business they are bringing in.  So how do you rationalize the implementation of the content marketing strategy or how do you monitor its effect?

There is one established fact that content marketing works; what you have to find out is  whether it is working for you or not.  Content marketing is not like a traditional marketing campaign where you just create an ad and then use TV, newspapers and magazines, and websites to disseminate that ad and then analyze various metrics.  This doesn’t work in the case of content marketing.  More than a push marketing it is a pull marketing and it spreads over the long span of time and effort.

So you can have a before  and after scenario that is working for many people with tremendous results.  What was your overall revenue before you implemented your content marketing strategy, or what is your current revenue when you are just about to implement content strategy.  Is there a change, say, during the past four months, ever since you have been paying close attention to your content marketing strategy? This change, if it is there, becomes your metrics that you can use to gauge the success or failure of a particular content marketing plan.

This works in conjunction with shorter, more focused plans.  Take for instance user engagement.  You know you can increase your sales by encouraging use of engagement on your website/blog and also on your social media profiles.   You also know that up till now nothing much has happened.  For user engagement you need engaging content.  So focus on this.  Try to come up with content that encourages your visitors to engage in conversations with you. What drives them? What motivates them?  What excites them?

Not getting enough traffic?  It must be an SEO issue but it may also be due to the fact that you don’t have the right kind of content.  Even if you feel you have got tons of content are you focusing on the right keywords?  Even if you feel that you are focusing on the right keywords are you really covering the keywords that your target customers and clients use?

These are smaller issues (not smaller on their own but in terms of the end result: increasing your revenue) and you can begin with them so that you can measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.  When you see more and more people coming to your website and when you see that they are engaging in conversations with you and among each other (talking about your business, or at least its object/topic related to your business) you know that you have an effective content marketing strategy working for you.

6 thoughts on “The effectiveness of content marketing can be measured in terms of before and after

  1. Adrian

    Yes Amrit after working in SEO for almost 2 years this is all very true. It is definitely worth doing all you have said to not only find out why its not working for you – but will also allow you to decide where else your resources – would be better used elsewhere within the company.

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