So what exactly is content strategy?

Content Strategy

The dictionary defines strategy as “a series of maneuvers or executions performed in order to obtain a specific result or goal.” This pretty much explains what content strategy is, nonetheless, lets define it in the context of achieving your business goals.

Strategy basically involves:

  • Where you’re coming from
  • Where you’re going
  • How you’re going

Most of us know (I’m talking about averagely intelligent and intelligent individuals) where we are coming from and where we want to go. How we are going to go is the tricky part, the core of your strategy.

Assessing the need for strategic content writing

Why do you need to publish content in the first place?

  • To create buzz
  • To build a community
  • To inform

Both are very important. Buzz doesn’t just mean creating noise. It means generating traffic that eventually earns you revenue. Then, your content needs to convert and for this you need to impart the right information. If you want to hire my content writing and online copywriting services, I must inform you why it’s profitable to associate with me. With my content writing and copywriting skills I must be able to inform you and enable you to make an educated decision (in my favor, preferably).

What do you want to achieve through your content?

As mentioned above, you need content to generate traffic that converts. You can get this traffic directly through referrals and social networking websites or from search engines. Ideally, your content should

  • Increase referral traffic to your website or blog
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Convert your visitors into business partners, customers, clients or subscribers
  • Increase your brand awareness

Hence, content strategy means publishing and promoting your content in such a manner that it achieves the intended result for you. This may involve brainstorming on

  • What sort of content you should publish?
  • What medium must be used to publish the content?
  • What keywords and key phrases you should focus on?
  • What should be the publishing frequency?
  • How should the visitors be engaged?
  • How the content should be promoted?
  • How to increase your conversion rate?

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  1. wileyccoyote

    Good post. Many orgs don't think about applying a comprehensive content strategy until the new Web site and blog are already live. But it's vital to include targeted key words in your online content and assets. A solid content strategy can also help with establishing thought leadership within a certain area of expertise. Thanks again for the good post.

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