Conveying your ideas better through story-telling

Does your content or copy tell a story? Story-telling engages your readers. When you’re reading a story, there is something in it that grips you, that exhorts you to read further. You want to know what’s going to happen next. Whether you can relate to the narrative or not (mostly you can) reading a story is always more than reading uninspiring, drab text

Smashing Magazine has an interesting post on creating a better use experience with story-telling.

A good story is like a journey, and when you start reading it, you join that journey. There is a beginning, there are various ups and downs, joys and conflicts, and finally there is an end that changes something inside you. The beauty of every story is that it brings about a change: significant or infinitesimal.

Although the post mentioned above mostly talks about design, you can apply the art of story telling better on content writing. I’ll soon write about this to further elucidate my point.

One thought on “Conveying your ideas better through story-telling

  1. Prashant Badiger

    I really agree with this article. If you want to captivate the readers towards your writing, it is very essential to see that there is a small instance or a story which would justify your ideas. Without example, one's article cannot be concrete or convincing. There should be feeling of emotion, encouragement, action within the content so that it inspires your reader and makes his time worth a read. Thanks for such a great article.

    Prashant Badiger

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