Can a web content writer help you improve your conversion rate?

Web content writer and conversion rate

A web content writer isn’t simply someone who helps you fill up your website or blog with lots of text – the text must also improve your conversion rate. I know it is not possible with every web content writer you hire because just as everybody can write but very few become novelists and journalists, almost everybody can write content but there are very few who can actually help you improve your conversion rate.

Actually, even with a content writer who has no grasp over the concepts of engagement and conversion you can experience a marked improvement in your business but then it is like throwing darts in the dark – one of them may hit the target but most won’t. It’s also like buying a lottery ticket – very few win, rarest of the rare. In the case of a web content writer who doesn’t know the C of conversion, he or she may give you good results by creating lots of content.

Most of the businesses who hire the services of a web content writer do so to improve their search engine rankings and this is something that can actually be achieved by hiring any sort of web content writer. Here is an example.

These days I am trying to improve my search engine rankings after many years. So I was doing some research and checked out the websites that ranks quite well for the term “content writing services”. Some of the websites ranking quite well for this phrase have lots of junk content – not all, but some who shouldn’t be on page 1, but they are due to whatever aberration. They have lots of content centred around the phrase “content writing services” even bordering on keyword spamming but still they are performing good as far as their rankings go. What I’m trying to say is, despite having a web content writer who knows zilch about your conversion rate and who can get you on Google’s first page, there isn’t a guarantee that people will do business with you. In order to do business, you need to convert. For that, your web content writer has to rise above his occupation, properly study your business and the people it serves and then create convincing content.

There are 2 ways your web content writer can help you improve your conversion rate

One sort of method I have already explained via the Google search engine rankings example. Your web content writer creates lots of content around your keywords. So much content that your website, by some fluke, ends upon the first page of the search results, and then you get so much traffic that even if a fraction of that traffic converts, you do pretty well. This is how email spam sustains itself. The numbers are so high that even 0.001% results can be massive.

The other method is that you hire a web content writer who is actually a writer. What do I mean by that? A writer who understands your audience – their pain points, their concerns, their desires, their problems, their expectations – and then prepare content accordingly, in a compelling, convincing manner. Your web content writer should be able to write as if you are directly talking to your customers and clients in the best possible way. Your language should be fluent and it should inspire trust and confidence. It shouldn’t be replete with unnecessary jargon and superfluous sentences.

Once your web content writer has prepared text that can convincingly talk to your customers and clients, he or she will be able to make a big impact on your conversion rate. Otherwise, your web content writer will be simply generating traffic with lots of noise and nothing more.


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