Creating a content marketing strategy specifically for your business

Different businesses have different content marketing requirements because they have different markets. Some require visual content (videos, images) and some require textual content; it all depends on what sort of market you are trying to target.

Defining a content marketing strategy for your business

This involves understanding how you are going to use the power of content to spread the word around and get people’s attention. Content marketing, as I explained in my previous blog post (Content marketing pain points, and how to go about it), is not a one-time affair; it is not a campaign. It is an ongoing activity. You cannot do content marketing for a week or for a couple of months and then start evaluating the matrices. The effect takes some time and effort to manifests. Anyway, this has already been explained.

In order to create a content marketing strategy for your business you have to understand your audience. Content means there are consumers. Whatever content you decide to produce you must have consumers for it. You either reach out to them or they discover you, whatever is the case.

If you are marketing electronic gadgets to a comparatively younger audience then you most probably need visual content. For instance, lots of companies create short videos of how their gadgets are to be used and what features they have. They also promote images of their various gadgets. Textual content is there just as a supplement but it rarely plays a big part (of course there are headlines and descriptions but it’s the visual part that generates most of the traction).

Comparatively expensive gadgets such as high end cameras and other equipments need extensive reviews and this is where textual content plays a very important role. There are many gadgets review websites that maintain a commendable balance between audiovisual and textual content.

It’s not just the gadget industry that produces and markets content; it can be used by any business. Take for instance the real estate industry. I get lots of work from realtors and builders. New properties are being speculated upon, sold and purchased and older properties go through various hands, and all this needs to be put up on the website and this in return results in lots of keyword-targeted content.

So start defining your content marketing strategy keeping your audience in mind.

The two most important components of a content marketing strategy are

  • What contact to produce
  • How to make it accessible to as many people as possible

I have already explained how to produce your content. Now regarding how to make it accessible to your audience. Targeting is very important here. If you want to promote android phones then you must take your content in front of people who are eager to try out the latest android phones. If you want to market a new drug for tonsilitis then your content must reach people who are looking for such a cure.

In the next blog post I’ll talk about how to distribute your content.

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