Google says you can forget about SEO without good content

Google says no SEO without quality content

Google says no SEO without quality content

Well, I have been saying this for ages on my blog that you cannot think of improving your SEO without good, quality content, but now, this is straight from the horse’s mouth.

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A question was asked recently in a Google Webmaster Central hangout to Google’s John Mueller:

There are zero issues on our website according to Search Console. We are providing fast performance in mobile and great UX. I’m not sure what to do to improve rankings.

John Mueller responded that sometimes people get so engrossed in the technical details (improving SEO of the source code) that they forget the fundamental purpose of having a website – providing useful information to your customers and clients.

Just because you have created a technically sound website it doesn’t mean it is going to enjoy good SEO, he said.

Ultimately what matters is how relevant the content of your website is.

Of course, it is important that your website is technically sound and it is easier for search engine crawlers to access your content as soon as possible, but, it is like having a well-equipped office or shop.

Simply having a plush office doesn’t give you business. People should be able to understand what your business is and whom to approach if they need to do business with you. This job of communication is done by your content.

The real business happens when people find answers to their questions and when they can have all the information they need to be able to do business with you.

Google is in the business of providing information. It is not in the business of finding your website.

Google’s primary concern is to find the best possible content to its users.

To improve your search engine rankings, you have to convince Google that you have the content people are looking for and your content can solve problems.

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To create quality content that ranks well on Google, John Mueller suggests that you prepare a list of all the possible questions that your customers and clients may have about your business and then provide answers to those questions.

Your rankings also depend on the competing content – the content that is already ranking well from other websites directly or indirectly related to your field of expertise.

You can’t do much about this. The only thing you can do is, be persistent with quality content. Offer something unique that your competitors don’t offer.

Source: Search Engine Journal

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