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It is always better to publish content on your own website

Publish your content under your own website

Publish your content under your own website.

There are numerous content publishing platforms on the Internet including social media platforms as well as blogging platforms such as Medium and the “Article” section of LinkedIn.

Just a few minutes before writing this post, all Facebook properties were down. Facebook.com and Instagram were not accessible. There was the usual brouhaha on other platforms like Twitter.

A few months ago, YouTube was down. Content creators have spent years building their presence on these platforms and to an extent, there is nothing wrong in that. For example, if you want to upload videos, what could be better than YouTube? It is inexpensive. You don’t spend money on hosting and bandwidth. Sometimes visibility is instant. There is also a vibrant community. There is already a massive audience. With so many advantages, it doesn’t make sense to upload videos under your own domain.

But when it comes to publishing blogs, I always advise my clients to build their own platform – publish all the blogs under their own domain, or under their own website.

Use social media and third-party platforms to network and connect with other content creators. Just imagine what would happen if I published all my blog posts that I publish on my Credible Content blog, on Medium or on LinkedIn?

I would have good visibility. People accessing my blog posts on these platforms would be exposed to my profile. But I would be sending all the traffic to these websites. There would be no search engine traffic to my own website.

You can say that I’m heavily depending on Google and what if Google itself goes down or what if Google decides to remove my links due to one or another reason? It has happened with many websites. Overnight the links have disappeared from Google.

Yes, there is this possibility, but still, all the content that I’m publishing, I’m publishing it on my own website. Whenever I want, I can take backups. Even if Google removes my links, my content remains. On other websites, if they decide to remove my content, I have got nothing.

As a businessperson this may not be a big issue for you, and you can also argue that just as Facebook is down or Instagram is down, even your own website can go down, with all the data gone forever. Yes, such calamities can happen.

But I would assert again, you can instruct your web host to take regular backups. You can download regular backups. You can always restore your data if your website is hacked, or something happens that completely deletes your information from your web hosting company.

But if all your articles vanished from LinkedIn, there is a fat chance you’re going to be able to recover them.

Your New Inspo: 5 Tricks For Creating Great Instagram Content

tricks for creating great Instagram content

tricks for creating great Instagram content.

Social media is an essential tool for growing your brand, tapping into new audiences with the touch of a button.

Yet Instagram is a competitive marketplace and attention comes at a premium, so you need quality content, consistently, to make it work.

It can be exhausting coming up with new ways to engage your followers all the time.

Luckily, help is out there.

Here are some tricks and tips for creating great Instagram content without the headache.

Get started today and watch your business grow!

1) Templates Are Ready-To-Use Content

You don’t need to be a PhotoShop whizz to create great content for your ‘Gram’.

Creative, unique content can come from ready-made, online templates which are available all over the place.

Our favorites are Spark Post (from Adobe) and Venngage. These tools can help you to create beautiful visuals that stand out all over social media.

These are especially good for adding text to images in a vibrantly eye-catching way, perfect for getting your message out there.

If you’re a business running a special offer or simply advertising your latest addition to your store, these tools allow you to create the perfectly crafted message with a look that fits your brand, and they’re so easy to use!

2) Source Top Quality Stock Photos

Stock images can go either way – if you’re not careful you’re going to come across tacky and uninspired, and for these reasons a lot of people shy away from them.

But we don’t always have time to create original high-quality content and sometimes we’re busy with the hard graft of running a business to take pictures of the process.

These are the times you can fall back on stock photos from places such as Pixabay or Stocksy that offer fantastic images for brand builders on a budget.

The trick to making sure these images look great is ensuring your images are sized correctly for Instagram.

If you’re going for a classic square aspect ratio, 1080p x1080p is guaranteed to look great.

3) Funky Formats Find Followers

Posting the same style of content day in day out will naturally start to feel stale – both to your own creative mind and to your followers.

Mixing up the kind of content you’re posting on your feed is a perfect way to stay fresh as well as help you come up with new creative and engaging content.

Instagram limits a video in the feed to 60 seconds, so a quick video can break up the scroll of still images.

This is the perfect length for a quick tutorial or how-to, educating and engaging your followers.

IGTV has been booming recently allowing for longer format video content where you can get your message across.

Don’t feel restricted to one kind of format – brainstorm across everything from GIFS to IGTV series and you’ll have fresh content on the reg.

4) Recycle And Repost

If you’re having trouble coming up with new content for your Instagram, don’t fear.

You’re never operating in a vacuum – similar brands are creating content that your followers would love to see, and sharing and reposting is a fantastic way to build a community around your brand whilst growing your audience.

For example, if you’re a local restaurant focussing on dinner guests, then sharing a cocktail from the place around the corner is a great way to get a local feel: your followers might just plan an evening that takes in dinner and a drink.

And never forget, you’ve got great content ready made on your own Instagram.

Why not throw in a “throwback” to a popular old post. Thinking about bringing back an old favourite from the menu, for example? Throwback!

5) Reach Out For User Generated Content

Why should you do all the hard work?

Your followers are already engaged with your brand and, no doubt, keen to interact.

Ask them to share their favourite images – if you’re a fashion brand, for example, you can ask which fashion combos your followers are loving this season, all tagged with a searchable hashtag you can find and ultimately repost.

If you’re a small brand you can incentivize your followers to post by running competitions and giveaways.

Create a unique hashtag to build a buzz, and you’ll have content flooding in.


Leveraging reposts, throwbacks and user generated content engages your audience, builds a community in your niche and boosts your brand.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll have no trouble coming up with the freshest content for your feed. Try them out!