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4 types of Social Media influencers that can Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

4 types of social media influencers

4 types of social media influencers

Around 91% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

And we agree with them, which is why we have put together a list of 4 types of social media influencers that you should work with to reach your marketing goals effectively.

You have done your research on influencer marketing but now your biggest challenge is to pick the right influencer for your marketing campaigns.

We have got you covered. In this article, we will take you through different types of influencers and also talk about the different attributes to help you make a decision.

Read on, as we empower you with the right information to take your influencer marketing to the next level.

The 4 types of social media influencers

We bet you have heard almost everywhere that influencer marketing is the next big thing to promote your brand.

According to Mediakix Influencer Marketing Survey, 89% of marketers say ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

This gives you enough compelling reasons to jump on this opportunity to reach your marketing goals.

But before you start your marketing initiative, you should know the different kinds of social media influencers available and which one to pick for your particular marketing initiative.

We are going to cover 4 types of social media influencers based on their follower count. A detailed description of each of these influencers will help you decide which one to pick to reach your marketing goals.

1. Celebrity Influencers

Celebrity influencers or mega influencers usually are people with more than one million followers.

They are typically known for their careers as singers, actors, athletes, or internet personalities.

Since these types of social media influencers are celebrities, you will need a hefty marketing budget to afford their services.

They can help you reach the maximum possible audience with their celebrity status.

If your marketing goal is to reach a massive general audience and gain major exposure, collaborating with a celebrity influencer is your best bet.

Work with celebrity influencers when you are working on a brand awareness campaign and have a large budget for it.

With the help of these social media influencers, you can get your product or services in front of as many people as possible which can do wonders for your brand.

Mega influencers are usually famous and hence finding them is not super hard.

2. Macro-Influencers

Macro-influencers are influencers with a follower range of 100K – 1M.

These social media influencers are typically people who rose to fame due to the internet.

These internet-made celebrities include bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and social media stars.

Since they have acquired fame by creating content constantly in the last few years, they have the required skills to use social media platforms creatively.

These social media influencers can help you create highly engaging content that will help your brand gain visibility and recognition.

You can use them to build awareness for your own brand and increase your engagement rates.

Owing to their healthy number of followers, they are a perfect medium to achieve your marketing goals.

To find these influencers on social media, use the hashtag that relates to your brand, industry, or niche.

3. Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are influencers with a follower range of 10K to 100K.

Even with such a high number of followers, micro-influencers are trusted by their followers and are able to engage with them on a regular basis.

These social media influencers usually specialize in a particular niche such as solo travel, lifestyle, technology, fashion, etc.

Due to the high relatability factor, they have a huge engagement rate and a targeted audience.

As a brand, you can find someone who is in the same industry as yours, to reach your marketing goals.

Micro-influencers are perfect for you if you have a clear understanding of your target audience and are ready to generate more focused leads.

Social listening tools are the best way to find a micro-influencer that fits your marketing needs.

Another great idea is to look for an influencer who is already a huge fan of your brand and follows you on social media.

4. Nano-Influencers

Nano-influencers are the influencers with a follower range between 1K to 10K.

These social media influencers usually have a great engagement rate and highly engaged social media following owing to their small audience.

They have a very close relationship with each of their follower and take time to connect with the audience to nurture the relationship.

Due to their highly interactive social presence, their followers trust their recommendations and are more likely to make a purchase.

Collaborating with nano-influencers is ideal if you are a small business with a limited marketing budget.

Using social media listening tools, you can easily find these influencers on different social media platforms.

Using nano-influencers works ideally for those whose marketing goal is to test a new product launch.

Find the right influencers to represent your brand

With so many influencer options available, it can get confusing to find the right one to represent your brand.

We have listed down some of the factors that can help you make this decision easily.

  • Take a look at the kind of people following the influencer.

    Do they look like your target audience?

    If they do, then this is the right kind of influencer to talk about your brand.

  • Go back to your marketing goals.

    The kind of goals you have set are very much important to deciding whether you should go for a macro, micro, nano, or celebrity influencer.

  • The platform where these influencers are present is another important factor to take into consideration.

Wrapping up

As we have discussed in length, there are several kinds of social media influencers available in the market that you can collaborate with based on your marketing goals.

If you want to get the widest possible reach without any budget limitations then working with macro and celebrity influencers should be your best bet.

Else, if you are more interested in driving conversations and engagement, then micro and nano influencers should be your pick.

Also, picking an influencer with similar goals, ethics, and followers as your brand is crucial to having a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.


Your New Inspo: 5 Tricks For Creating Great Instagram Content

tricks for creating great Instagram content

tricks for creating great Instagram content.

Social media is an essential tool for growing your brand, tapping into new audiences with the touch of a button.

Yet Instagram is a competitive marketplace and attention comes at a premium, so you need quality content, consistently, to make it work.

It can be exhausting coming up with new ways to engage your followers all the time.

Luckily, help is out there.

Here are some tricks and tips for creating great Instagram content without the headache.

Get started today and watch your business grow!

1) Templates Are Ready-To-Use Content

You don’t need to be a PhotoShop whizz to create great content for your ‘Gram’.

Creative, unique content can come from ready-made, online templates which are available all over the place.

Our favorites are Spark Post (from Adobe) and Venngage. These tools can help you to create beautiful visuals that stand out all over social media.

These are especially good for adding text to images in a vibrantly eye-catching way, perfect for getting your message out there.

If you’re a business running a special offer or simply advertising your latest addition to your store, these tools allow you to create the perfectly crafted message with a look that fits your brand, and they’re so easy to use!

2) Source Top Quality Stock Photos

Stock images can go either way – if you’re not careful you’re going to come across tacky and uninspired, and for these reasons a lot of people shy away from them.

But we don’t always have time to create original high-quality content and sometimes we’re busy with the hard graft of running a business to take pictures of the process.

These are the times you can fall back on stock photos from places such as Pixabay or Stocksy that offer fantastic images for brand builders on a budget.

The trick to making sure these images look great is ensuring your images are sized correctly for Instagram.

If you’re going for a classic square aspect ratio, 1080p x1080p is guaranteed to look great.

3) Funky Formats Find Followers

Posting the same style of content day in day out will naturally start to feel stale – both to your own creative mind and to your followers.

Mixing up the kind of content you’re posting on your feed is a perfect way to stay fresh as well as help you come up with new creative and engaging content.

Instagram limits a video in the feed to 60 seconds, so a quick video can break up the scroll of still images.

This is the perfect length for a quick tutorial or how-to, educating and engaging your followers.

IGTV has been booming recently allowing for longer format video content where you can get your message across.

Don’t feel restricted to one kind of format – brainstorm across everything from GIFS to IGTV series and you’ll have fresh content on the reg.

4) Recycle And Repost

If you’re having trouble coming up with new content for your Instagram, don’t fear.

You’re never operating in a vacuum – similar brands are creating content that your followers would love to see, and sharing and reposting is a fantastic way to build a community around your brand whilst growing your audience.

For example, if you’re a local restaurant focussing on dinner guests, then sharing a cocktail from the place around the corner is a great way to get a local feel: your followers might just plan an evening that takes in dinner and a drink.

And never forget, you’ve got great content ready made on your own Instagram.

Why not throw in a “throwback” to a popular old post. Thinking about bringing back an old favourite from the menu, for example? Throwback!

5) Reach Out For User Generated Content

Why should you do all the hard work?

Your followers are already engaged with your brand and, no doubt, keen to interact.

Ask them to share their favourite images – if you’re a fashion brand, for example, you can ask which fashion combos your followers are loving this season, all tagged with a searchable hashtag you can find and ultimately repost.

If you’re a small brand you can incentivize your followers to post by running competitions and giveaways.

Create a unique hashtag to build a buzz, and you’ll have content flooding in.


Leveraging reposts, throwbacks and user generated content engages your audience, builds a community in your niche and boosts your brand.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll have no trouble coming up with the freshest content for your feed. Try them out!

How does blogging help you grow your business?

How business blogging grows your business

How business blogging grows your business.

More than a decade-and-a-half ago, blogging transitioned from a mere hobby or an AdSense money making tool to business branding platform.

Almost every mainstream business has a blog these days.

You may like to read: 10 Beginners Tips for Business Blogging.

Most businesses claim that they publish blogs regularly because they want to provide useful information to their visitors and customers & clients and also to keep them engaged.

This is a very good reason, but in reality, most of the businesses publish blogs because blogging improves their search engine rankings. Hence, it is a multi-pronged benefit.

In this blog post I would quickly like to discuss how blogging helps you grow your business. The post is inspired by another blog post published on Entrepreneur.com, titled 5 ways to grow your business through blogging.

Blogging improves your SEO

There are multiple reasons why blogging is good for your SEO, assuming you blog regularly. Here are some reasons:

  • Blogging platforms like WordPress are structured in such a manner that they make your content search engine friendly.
  • Individual blog post is also structured in a search engine friendly manner as it has the main title, headings and subheadings and categorization.
  • Writing and publishing new and fresh content is easier using a blogging tool like WordPress and hence, you don’t need a web designer to add new posts or edit existing posts. It means there is a greater incentive to publish regularly and without much fuss.
  • Since you can write and publish new and fresh content you are constantly providing Google and other search engines new content to crawl, index and rank.
  • Search engine crawlers can access every single blog post from your homepage (provided you haven’t taken extra measures to prevent this from happening).
  • Interlinking to other blog posts makes it easier for search engine crawlers to jump to different portions of your business blog.
  • Since you’re constantly publishing interesting and useful information, other bloggers and website owners have a reason to link to you, improving your SEO in the process.

So, writing and publishing regularly on your business blog is good for your SEO and when your search engine rankings improve, especially when they improve for your targeted keywords and search terms, your business grows.

Business blogging increases your direct traffic

One of the biggest benefits of regularly publishing a business blog is that it increases your search engine traffic, but additionally, it also increases your direct traffic.

As mentioned above, other bloggers and website owners link to your blog or individual blog posts.

For example, American Express publishes Open Forum and I have linked to this business blog multiple times from my website.

Hence, when you regularly publish valuable and link-worthy content many high traffic websites link to your website or blog, and in this way, you get direct traffic from there.

Sometimes even mainstream journalists find the information on your website useful and from their articles, they link to your website, generating more direct traffic in the process.

Business blogging increases your newsletter subscribers

There are multiple reasons why your newsletter subscribers increase when you publish valuable and useful content on your business blog. These are

  • They don’t want to miss out when you publish fresh content.
  • More people coming to your blog through search engine traffic as well as direct traffic means more people subscribing to your newsletter.
  • The blog content can be repurposed as newsletter content, attracting more subscribers.

Publishing a regular newsletter has proven to be one of the most potent marketing tools to grow your business.

Business blogging increases your social media engagement

When you publish a blog post on your blog you can share the link on your social media profiles. This in turn creates buzz.

There are many businesses who simply post content directly on their social media timelines. There is no harm in it but when you first publish useful and authoritative content on your business blog and then you encourage people to talk about your content on social media, it establishes your authority and when you establish your authority, people develop interest in your capabilities and they pay more attention to what you say.

How to build a successful business blog?

To build a successful business blog, you need to do the following:

  • Write high-quality, useful blog posts.
  • Stick to a publishing schedule.
  • Publish regularly – maybe three blog posts every week.
  • Market your content – use your social media profiles and your newsletter to let people know that you are publishing new blog posts.

The most fundamental thing you can do is publish regularly. This I have observed across the spectrum. Even if the design is not great. Even if you’re not very active on social media. Provided you publish great content and publish it regularly, your business blog is going to succeed.

Content writing rules to convert your social media followers into customers

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

Whether you run a small local business or a big international company – you need to grow your social media presence. You should use social media platforms to connect with your customers, raise brand awareness, and boost your leads and sales.

In this article, we will consider seven simple rules on how to convert your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter followers into loyal customers. Follow these rules, and you will achieve all the marketing goals you have set.

Know your audience

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to write a remarkable social media post, you should analyze your audience first. You should conduct a little research to understand who exactly will read your texts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It is worth mentioning that there is a difference between the audiences on your blog, your website, and social media. Not all people who read your blog posts follow you on Facebook, and vice versa. So even if you have a clear understanding of who your general target audience is, you still need to analyze your social media audience.

Avoid sales clichés

Don’t use sales clichés when writing captions for social media posts. The phrases like “save your time and money” and “hurry up to place your order” do not work on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to turn your followers into customers, you should make sure that your social media posts do not sound like an ad copy.

Try to understand one important thing. If you want to achieve great results, you should focus on the process of content production, not on advertising. Create a good social media post – and it will bring you more customers than any paid ad can do.

Personalize your message

If you want to move leads down the sales funnel, you should personalize your social media posts. You should use the words “you” and “your” where possible and discuss the issues that worry or interest your audience the most. Make your followers feel like you have written the post personally for him – and you will win his loyalty.

Photo by Kerde Severin from Pexels

Provide a value

If you have a goal to convert social media followers into brand advocates, you should create content that adds value to your target audience. To achieve success in the long run, you should focus on the needs of your customers rather on your products. In other words, you should provide your target audience with unique, valuable content first, and advertise your products second.

Let’s imagine that your company sells bakery accessories.

If you want to boost sales, you shouldn’t write a post that explains why your baking pans are better than items offered by your competitors. You should share a quick, step-by-step recipe of the delicious sponge cake instead. If you get your followers interested in trying out the recipe, they will visit your website and buy the necessary accessories.

Proofread your texts

Some content creators believe that social media users do not care about the correctness of grammar and that proofreading is not important. But in fact, bad grammar has a negative effect on social media promotion. Mistakes and typos in Tweets and posts distract users from the core message and make people doubt the trustworthiness of content in general.

Fortunately, today, you can proofread your social media posts fast and easily without spending a fortune. You can use affordable online grammar checkers. Or, in case if money is no problem for your company, you can hire a freelance proofreader.

Keep it simple

When writing for social media platforms, you should strive for simplicity. You should avoid using sophisticated words and rarely-use idioms. And you should keep your sentences short and concise.

Why it’s so important to keep social media posts simple? Firstly, people use Facebook and Instagram to entertain themselves, and they are not interested in reading long, complex texts.

Secondly, you should understand that your social media content attracts not only English native speakers but also users who speak other languages. And if you want to make your content accessible for overseas customers, you should simplify your writing to facilitate the translation process.

Be honest with your followers

If you want to improve customer trust and loyalty, you should be honest and sincere with your followers.  You should share your business insights, brand story, and information related to your products on social media.

You can be sure that your audience will appreciate your openness a lot. Your customers will reward you with increased loyalty and high sales.

Bottom line

Do you struggle to get more clients and increase sales? Follow the content writing rules that are given in this article. Craft social media posts that speak to your target audience, and you achieve results you expect.

Useful Instagram Marketing Tactics That Also Have Positive Impact on SEO

Useful Instagram tactics to improve your SEO

Useful Instagram tactics to improve your SEO

Social media is nowadays used as serious business branding and marketing platform rather than a place for chitchatting. This is a known thing to every business owner.

From small to large scale businesses, everyone wants to make their online presence more commendable as well as successful with social media. Various social media websites are there. People genially use Facebook and Twitter for business marketing.

Apart from them, many other social media platforms are there, offering excellent business marketing opportunities. But, webmasters lack skills and technical expertise for business marketing through social platforms.

For example, when it comes to business marketing with Instagram, we generally get stuck with some conventional ideas.

Sharing some product or service-related photos, making some interesting posts and using hashtags meticulously is not just enough. These are important, but they are not just good enough to fetch effective business marketing results with Instagram.

You need to find bloggers or brand influencers on this social media platform.

Getting linked with them will help your business gain more exposure. Such technique of collaboration for business marketing is well known but limitedly practiced by small-scale businesses, especially new businesses.

So, you need to explore this option as a small business owner.

How do you collaborate with bloggers and brand influencers? Well, you can get linked up with them in a few simple steps. Those steps have been discussed in the following section of this article.

Finding Bloggers and Brand Influencers

Finding bloggers for getting collaborated is not a difficult thing, though many business owners do not know this process. As they are ignorant of this process, they perceive it as complicated.

It is a common human trait to consider something as complicated when we lack enough knowledge of it. To omit complications, you should know the process well.

Now, the question is how to find these bloggers or brand influencers? Well, in this world of internet-based communication, do we need to face a hard time finding something? Anything you want to search, you can ask it to Google or search it on the internet.

All you need to do is to search some blogs on your business niche or domain.

For example, if you run a restaurant or home delivery canteen business, you need to search for blogs that are run by foodies. You need to find the blogs that feature information on various home delivery services in a specific area.

Once you have found such blogs, you need to create a list of them. You need to check the popularity of such blogs. The best way of judging their popularity is to check their Google search page ranking.

To learn more, you can check Gramblast.

Now, you need to check the person or group of persons who run these blogs.

You can easily find them, and their Instagram profiles as everyone links blogs with their social media website profiles so that they can get Instagram followers.

Once you have found their profiles, you need to talk to them and give them the idea of collaboration. It would be a mutual business contract. Both would be benefitted with such contracts.

Setting Up Contract Terms and Conditions

To create a professional business contract, you need to create a list of terms and conditions.

You need to make sure that the terms and conditions will protect the interest of your business.

But, at the same time, it should have something beneficial for the blogger as well. The idea is to getting benefitted mutually.

The blogger or brand influencer would have his or her own set of terms and conditions. He may have his own unique pricing policies. You should go for negotiations for terms if required. This is the most crucial step for collaboration.

Taking a rigid stand in such a scenario would not help your business to grow. You need to compromise with certain policies and you have to invest a good amount to get a valuable return. No good thing comes for free.

Running Business Slogan Contests

Running contests or special business events would attract many budding bloggers and brand influencers.

For example, you can run a caption contest on your Instagram profile. Using this contest will help your business to grow.

You shall find that budding, as well as experienced bloggers, will participate in the contest, provided that you have lucrative prizes in offering for winners.

It is not just a caption or slogan for your business; you shall get in touch with many professional bloggers who may show interest in business collaboration.

So, you should never miss out such an opportunity for business collaboration. A lot of other innovative methods are there, and business owners should try them out to get easy collaboration on Instagram.

Involving the Followers through Quizzes

Just like slogan contests, quiz content is also a good idea to find more involvement of the followers on the Instagram business page.

It is to be reminded that these contests should be aimed to spread fun as well as happiness. So, quiz questions are needed to be selected in that manner. Not just that, you also need to appreciate the fans who post the right answers to these quizzes.

A quiz brings an important aspect too. It helps to conduct a survey in a casual way. Through the quiz, a business can get feedback from the followers on its products or services. Overall, customer satisfaction can be judged through these surveys.

Nevertheless, the quiz contests help the followers to enhance social engagement. It leads to spreading awareness on various business aspects. As a result, people get more familiar with the products or services.

Improve your SEO with Instagram marketing

Improve your SEO with Instagram marketing

The SEO campaign of your business will get a significant boost with a tactical use of Instagram.

Today, social media is inseparable from business marketing strategies. Every business wants to enhance online presence so that more people can recognize the business. In this process, the SEO campaign of business can get a significant boost. Overall, it helps the businesses to do well on the aspect of gaining brand value or brand exposure.