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What type of content is needed for B2B marketing?

What content is needed for B2B marketing

What content is needed for B2B marketing.

The efficacy of your content depends on its targeting.

When you’re targeting a B2B market you need to keep in mind what your B2B customers and clients are looking for.

91% B2B marketers use content to spread awareness about their businesses.

Broadly, businesses are of two types: business to consumers and business to business.

My content writing services, for example, are business to business.

I provide my business services to other businesses who then use my services to grow their businesses.

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Content requirements for B2C and B2B are different.

When you’re selling to consumers (B2C) pretty much anyone can be your customer or client.

If you’re selling a mobile phone, right from a rickshaw puller to a luxury resort owner to a blockchain developer to a NASA scientist, can be your customer. Everybody these days buys a mobile phone.

The same goes for your food delivery service. Everyone will be using your food delivery service.

In B2B, or business to business, the audience for your content is relatively focused, although, for my content writing services, I would say that any business that intends to promote itself on the web, needs content, or needs a content writer.

Nonetheless, if one wants to narrow down, all my businesses want to create a presence on the Internet with compelling content.

All my businesses want to improve their search engine rankings.

All my businesses want to improve their conversion rate.

So, in that sense, the audience is narrower.

Here is an interesting piece of data that I came across today in the morning: 70% of the B2B customers get information right from the website of the business they intend to deal with.

What does this mean?

If a B2B customer or client wants to know more about you, he or she rather go through your website than other sources such as blogs hosted elsewhere or social media timelines.

Therefore, it is very important to have quality content on your website if you serve the B2B market.

What type of content is preferred by B2B customers and clients?

Authoritative content. Content that has lots of open data and study material.

The stakes are higher.

They are not spending money on a consumable.

They are spending money on a product or a service that is intended to contribute towards their business growth.

As a B2B client, why do you want to hire my content writing services? You want to

  • Improve your search engine rankings.
  • Establish your authority.
  • Educate visitors about the benefits of using your product or service.
  • Increase the level of engagement when people visit your website or go through your social media feeds on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • Increase the CTR of your email marketing campaigns.

Basically, you want to convince people and you want to convince as many people as possible by increasing your visibility.

To hire my content writing service for your B2B enterprise, in a similar fashion, you too need to be convinced.

For that, I continuously share blog posts through which I share my knowledge of content writing and online copywriting.

I explain to my B2B customers and clients the various concepts of content writing and copywriting.

I illustrate how my content writing and copywriting services can help them improve their visibility.

Basically, I’m sharing lots of knowledge.

When creating content for a B2B marketplace it is the knowledge and verifiable information that do the trick.

You can present this knowledge in the form of web pages, blog posts, infographics, white papers & case studies as well as email campaigns.


Why quality content writing matters and how to maintain quality

Importance of quality content for your business blog

Do you think quality content writing matters? As a business vying to promote yourself through the power of content marketing, how seriously do you take the quality of content that you publish on your blog or website?

As a professional content writer I am routinely approached by clients looking for highly cheap content. This is also because they think that if they suddenly publish lots of content covering every possible keyword their search engine rankings will improve, but at the same time, they either don’t have the needed budget or they don’t have the inclination to spend enough money on getting the content written (because they aren’t sure whether it is going to work or not). Since they don’t want to spend much money on the content (due to whatever reason) they are often fine with publishing inferior-quality content, thinking that once people are drawn to their website, somehow they will end up doing business with them (the same sort of people are fine with spamming people with emails). Unfortunately (unfortunately for them, fortunately for people who take content writing seriously and would like to maintain a reasonable level of quality) this rarely works and even if lots of people end up on their websites, very few actually do business with them.

Regular interactions on social media and social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube may give you an impression that people aren’t much worked up about what sort of grammar you use while expressing yourself. In fact, people who care about grammar in casual conversations are often termed as “Grammar Nazis”. Then why does quality content writing matter especially when it comes to promoting your business and generating leads and sales?

In the business world, quality means seriousness. If you are putting effort in producing quality content writing, it shows that you are serious about your business, and you also respect your customers and clients. If you don’t respect them, you don’t care about the sort of language they are exposed to. If you are not serious about getting business from them, you’re not going to spend much effort and money on getting quality content for your website and blog. You are fine with publishing mediocre content because you anyway have no confidence in your business. This is the message that you send when you neglect quality content writing.

So it has got nothing to do with how well you can write and what an impression you can make on your customers and clients. It is about conveying a message that you take your business very seriously, you take your customers and clients very seriously, and this is why, whatever it is they come across on your website, it is of high quality. When you respect your website visitors (or email recipients) it means you respect your own business and when you respect your own business, you take utmost care that whatever is present on your website is of good quality.

How to maintain the quality of content writing on your blog, website and emails

You can take care of the following in case you want to publish quality content:

  • Hire a professional content writer if you are not comfortable with the language you need to write in.
  • Avoid excessive use of jargon.
  • Always keep the central purpose of your writing in your mind if you are writing yourself and instruct your content writer to do the same in case he or she is writing content for you.
  • Although you don’t need to be a “grammar Nazi” be mindful of your grammar and don’t commit mistakes that reek of carelessness and ill-education.
  • Try to write in the language of the persona you are targeting.
  • Do proper research when writing.
  • Use a conversational style.
  • Continuously solve problems of your prospective and current customers and clients when writing content for your website or blog.
  • Use proper formatting such as headlines and bulleted points to organise main points of your content to make browsing and scanning easier for your readers.
  • Use interlinking (hyper linking to other important pages and blog posts on your website) to avoid content duplication if you need to explain a single point from within multiple pages and blog posts.
  • Try to deal with just one topic on one web page or blog post.
  • Use smaller paragraphs whenever possible and express just one idea.
  • Use images that help your readers understand your content better.
  • Thoroughly proof read before publishing.

25 reasons your business needs content marketing

Business needs content

Content marketing is one of the biggest advantages the Internet has brought to small and medium-sized businesses, but it also has a drawback – very few people understand it, and it takes time, effort and strategy to actually experience its true power. Another problem with content marketing is that it is mostly related to writing and there are very few who take writing seriously.

On the other hand, people take SEO very seriously because they think getting higher search engine rankings is a big deal. Sure, it is a big deal, but getting higher rankings doesn’t guarantee success in terms of increasing your sales or getting more leads.

I often say that the need to implement a well-defined content marketing strategy is same as actually recognising the impact of global warming and taking corrective measures. Very few individuals in this world take global warming as seriously as it should be because they think it is some distant problem. Since content marketing takes time to show some real results and a great amount of consistency, one, people are unable to understand it and two, even those who can understand it, find it quite overwhelming, despite the fact that there isn’t more effective way of marketing your business than content marketing.

Why your business needs content marketing

Here are 25 reasons:

  1. It is cheaper compared to traditional advertising and marketing (sometimes even free if you don’t count time as money)
  2. It is much more effective than traditional advertising and marketing
  3. It helps you consolidate your online presence
  4. It makes your brand relatable and recognisable
  5. It encourages people to do business with you rather than convincing them to do business with you
  6. It organically improves your search engine rankings
  7. It gets you more qualified traffic from social networking websites
  8. It helps you engage your prospective customers and clients meaningfully
  9. You get repeat traffic to your website
  10. Your online presence becomes more authoritative if you continuously write about a particular subject and people can use your writing to improve their life or their business
  11. Content marketing is self-sustaining – a web page or blog post that crosses a particular threshold level brings you business for months and even years without you having to spend any money
  12. As your content marketing succeeds, its cost moves towards zero
  13. It increases your sales as, the more people read your content the more they are eager to do business with you
  14. Content marketing generates more leads for you
  15. As more and more people link to your content you generate multiple traffic sources and consequently, you have to depend less on search engine whims
  16. With content marketing, as a small business you can compete with big business by making your content more approachable and personal
  17. It helps you build long-term relationships with your existing and future customers and clients
  18. It helps you create a helpful resource on your website or blog continuously drawing people to your business
  19. Content marketing gives you an edge because most of your competitors don’t have the needed patience to succeed at it
  20. It encourages your customers to reach out to you and share your content on their own social networking timelines
  21. When you encourage your employees to create content for your business website it improves their confidence and makes them more productive
  22. As an independent consultant or service provider, as your authority increases due to content marketing, you can charge more for your services
  23. As your audience feels more educated, they will be more inclined towards doing business with you rather than another website that doesn’t publish helpful content
  24. Every piece of content you create and distribute is an invaluable business asset
  25. Sustained content marketing builds you a broadcasting channel with your own dedicated audience through which you can carry out PR campaigns and product promotion campaigns without having to depend on third-party broadcasting channels

For medium-sized and big businesses, I personally believe that the 25th point is the most important. Content marketing helps you build a broadcasting channel which very few businesses have.

Writing content for B2B websites

Most B2B websites – if they want to incorporate content marketing into their overall marketing strategy – should have lots of informative content on their websites aside from the usual business content.

A slight problem is some executives and decision makers are too busy to go through lengthy chunks of text and some want to do lots of reading before they can decide in your favor. So you have to keep your business partners in mind while creating content for your B2B website.

To handle this problem you can either organize your content in such a manner that it can be contracted and expanded according to convenience, or you can create excerpts and detailed descriptions separately and your prospective business partners can go through them according to their preference. But be sure that even in your excerpts you provide all the necessary information that they require in order to make a decision. Preparing an excerpt doesn’t mean you leave the critical details.

You also need to be well versed with the language within your business sector. Professionals working within your particular niche are used to certain jargons and terminologies and they also have phrases that make them feel more comfortable while going through your content. If you really want to convince them that you are the person or business they ought to be working with then you have to speak their language. It is not as difficult as it sounds. If you are a professional well-versed with your industry lingo there is no problem, but if you’re totally new a little bit of research can help you. A language is after all a language, you just need to use some words here and there to convey that you are writing as an insider.

In order to achieve this you can create a separate list of words and expressions that are common in that particular business. Then practice using those words and expressions while creating random sentences and paragraphs (but make sure that they make sense). Very soon you will feel comfortable talking in a language particular to a B2B section.

This will also help you search engine optimize your B2B content because professionals belonging to that business use particular terminologies and search expressions.

Writing content for B2B websites is not markedly different from writing for other websites (technology, general interest, news, etc.) you just need to get acquainted with the language and you must also know what the decision-makers want to read before going ahead with the business.