How I write content for the so-called boring industries

Writing content for boring industries

A good thing about being a professional content writer is that you have to also write on many topics, subjects and themes you don’t find very attractive and exciting. You can always say that don’t take on assignments that don’t excite you but then this would be highly unprofessional and also escapist. Just because I find it difficult to write about a particular industry I can easily brand it as “non-exciting”. And once you start going down that road, there is no end to it. So as long as you think that the business is ethical, it provides the value it promises and it deserves to be promoted whether you want to write content for it or not, you should take up the assignment and give your best.

For more than a year now I have been writing for a real estate agency in Florida. When they approached me for the first time my initial reaction was, “What would I write for a real estate agency? All they want to do is help their clients buy and sell properties.”

Content marketing, at least not in every case, doesn’t mean direct selling. You can give credit to the copy of the listings that you may create for the real estate website, but the inherent purpose of content marketing is building your business a platform from where you can promote/showcase your products and services, and make your brand more recognizable. In the case of a real estate website, this means that you can delve into lots of interesting themes without talking about property rates and individual property details (I’ve discovered they too can be written in an interesting manner).

Whether you’re writing content for a sexy business niche or a drab one, you closely need to pay attention to the following:

  • Are you educating your readers?
  • Are they in a better position to move onto the next stage of buying or selling after reading what you have written?
  • Can you draw in people who, even if not directly, yet, ready to sell or buy the product or service being promoted on the website, are very much interested in the topic and would like to keep a tab on the industry? In the context of the above-mentioned real estate website, I recently wrote if the Federal Reserve interest rates would have a direct or indirect impact on the real estate property mortgage industry.
  • Can you relate to the stakeholders?

The last point is very important and it can help you instil a sense of excitement and drive into your content writing process (if you decide to write your own content, that is). Let us again use the real estate example.

A real estate agency would like to get as many clients as possible (whether the properties involved are being purchased or sold). It can be greatly exciting for the real estate agency to get new clients. It must send their pulses racing whenever a new query comes in.

Similarly a person looking for a good real estate property deal will be very excited if the guidance provided by your content enables him or her to make a profit or save money. Focus on that and no matter how boring an industry seems, you will be able to write interesting content for it.

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