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Why is it difficult to publish a blog regularly?

Why is it difficult to write a blog post regularly

Why is it difficult to write a blog post regularly

You want to, you need to, publish a blog regularly for multiple reasons.

When you publish a blog regularly, you regularly engage your visitors. You improve your search engine rankings. You get to demonstrate and share your knowledge. Your readers have a reason to come back to your website repeatedly. You have fresh content to share on social media websites and other platforms.

Most of the clients who approach me to write for them regular blog posts are looking to increase their organic traffic. This is the best form of traffic. Once your blog post begins to appear in search results, you don’t pay for every click. It is high quality traffic. It is free after you have recovered the cost of publishing the blog post.

How often should you publish a blog post?

Depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Websites like Hubspot recommend that businesses that publish 2-3 blog posts every week get 13X more traffic than businesses that publish 1-2 blog posts every 15 days. Ideally, you should aim for at least one or two blog posts every week. Again, it depends on what results you seek.

Let’s say you want to improve your search engine rankings in the coming two months. Then, I would recommend you publish a decently long blog post – 1000-1500 words – every day.

I have personally experienced good success by publishing even 400-500 words every day for a couple of months. Rankings improved. Targeted traffic improved. New content got crawled faster.

Why do businesses find it difficult to publish blog posts regularly?

Many reasons. You run out of ideas and topics. You feel demotivated by the lack of success that is hard to come due to competition and millions of web pages and blog posts being added to search engines and social media platforms every day. Writing every day can be a Herculean undertaking.

Some of the biggest challenges faced by individuals and businesses wanting to publish blog posts every day include

  • Lack of interesting topics.
  • Not knowing where to start and where to end.
  • Not enough time due to the core professional obligations (you may be a lawyer, a designer, a programmer or an architect and writing is not your main occupation).
  • Not having a content calendar or a clearly-defined plan.
  • Inability to come up with original content.
  • A sense of boredom – initially you may be full of excitement but as blogging becomes a usual business chore, it tends to become a boring activity.
  • Not knowing what to prioritize – writing what you love or writing what your core audience finds useful.
  • Not getting enough traffic – organic traffic doesn’t come in a few days. It may take a couple of months before the traffic begins to trickle.
  • Finding the perfect niche – if you don’t know your niche you are simply beating around the bush and wasting your time and precious resources, and this further leads to inertia.
  • The absence of the writer’s discipline – writing is a discipline and only professional writers seem to have it.
  • Not working with a professional writer – since writing is better done by a professional writer it is better to assign the task of writing a regular blog post to a professional blog writer.

How to make it easier and more profitable to publish a blog regularly?

You have two choices: become a prolific writer yourself or assign the task to someone who himself or herself is a prolific writer, preferably, a professional writer or content writer.

Why is it so?

A professional content writer is a dedicated writer who is everyday writing blog posts for different businesses. For a professional content writer or blog writer, writing is not a chore, it is a professional undertaking, it is a livelihood. Hence, the interest that a professional content writer shows in your blog writing, it may be difficult for you to show.

For your blog to be successful it needs to be relevant, regular and effective. Day after day it must deliver value. Your visitors must have a strong reason to come back to your website and check out your blog.

If your blog is not delivering value, it will fail to draw targeted traffic.

The problem with organic search engine rankings is that everything is interconnected. It is like an old motorbike – you need to keep kicking until the engine cranks up and your bike starts.

Somehow you need to make people come to your blog and enable them to stay there. If you don’t have quality content, people won’t stay and Google has a way of finding that out.

Here is an example:

You find one of my links on Google and come to my website. You don’t stay even for a few seconds. You go back to Google and start checking out other links. What does it tell Google?

It tells the Google algorithm that you didn’t find useful information on my website and consequently, the current rankings that the link enjoys should be degraded for the keyword that you used.

On the other hand, if you stay on my website for 3-4 minutes and you read a major portion of my web page or blog post, it tells Google that my link contains useful information and as a result, my rankings for that keyword for that link further improve.

These attributes for a successful blog can be delivered by a professional content writer or a professional blog writer. A professional content writer delivers

  • High quality blog posts regularly.
  • Quality research.
  • Engaging writing.
  • Publishing of your blog posts as per your calendar.
  • Targeted topics.
  • Search engine optimized content.

Can you grow your business during the coronavirus pandemic?

How to grow your business during the coronavirus outbreak

How to grow your business during the coronavirus outbreak

I know, talking about growing your business during this crushing coronavirus outbreak may seem a bit inappropriate.

The reality is, we all need to make a living, at least those who can.

We are all looking into a long spell of economic downturn coupled with a humanitarian crisis that hasn’t been seen for at least a century.

Hence, all the more reason to keep at least some parts of the economy moving and maintaining the cash flow.

This Green Entrepreneur blog post lists 7 strategies that can help you grow a business, or rather, a new business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Every challenge brings a collection of opportunities with it, and so has the current coronavirus pandemic.

With most of the businesses coming to a halt, you have time to focus on content marketing and expand your presence on the Internet. It will help you reach out to the existing market, however much it exists, and it will also give you a headway when the world gets on its feet.

The above blog post lists the following things you can do to grow your business while you maintain social distancing and remain confined to your home.

Enhance your content marketing effort

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The good thing about content marketing is that content can be produced and published digitally. You don’t have to invest in raw material. All the tools that you need to publish useful content are already there with you.

You want to publish videos? You can use your mobile phone.

You want to publish podcasts? Even these can be done using your mobile phone or a standard microphone attached to your computer or laptop.

Want to publish blog posts? You can write them yourself or you can hire a content writer or a blog writer.

Content marketing helps you in normal days and it also helps you in these testing times.

Businesses haven’t disappeared. They are just recuperating, or they are functioning in a different manner. You have to reach out to them and content marketing is the best way to do so.

Work at improving your SEO

In the regular hubbub of doing business content marketing and SEO often take a backseat. This is a good time to focus on improving your search engine rankings and increase your search visibility.

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The benefits of SEO come from many factors. As mentioned above, your search visibility improves. You get more targeted traffic. Your conversion rate improves. You get more back links because a greater number of people can find your content. You get more content to share through your newsletter.

There are various tools available that can help you figure out what sort of content you should publish to improve your SEO.

Invest in social media marketing

Facebook has nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users. At the time of the Covid-19 crisis, more people are logging on to Facebook to keep up with their loved ones and even to interact with their colleagues.

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The same goes with other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Millions of your customers might be there. If you have never advertised on social media and social networking platforms, perhaps, now is the right time.

Be regular with email marketing

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Email marketing needs to be a bit different during a pandemic. Ideally it should be different always, in the sense that instead of continuously pushing your products and services in front of people, you must add value to their inboxes.

Keep in touch with your subscribers. Send them good information about how they can keep themselves safe. If you feel that a bit of information can help them work better during their confinement, share it with them. The key is, provide value. They are going to remember you for that.

Aside from these actions, I would also suggest you spend more time on LinkedIn if you’re providing B2B services, like I do. Almost all my content writing and online copywriting clients come from the B2B segment.

What types of business blogs have I been writing for as a blog writer?

Types of business blogs I have been writing for as a blog writer

Types of business blogs I have been writing for as a blog writer

Although on the Internet, while providing writing services, one has to wear different hats, by the end of the day, I’m a plain writer.

Why am I saying that? Because I have been writing for a diverse range of websites and blogs. Some of them I’m listing below:

  • Information technology blogs including programming, web hosting, blockchain development, mobile app development, software consulting and server management (many more).
  • Real estate development and realty.
  • Construction business.
  • Shipping business.
  • Fin tech and finance (including accounting, bookkeeping and taxation).
  • Garments and accessories (yes, even how to buy eveningwear and ballroom dresses).
  • Dental implants.
  • Skin care.
  • Internet marketing and search engine optimization.

and many more.

Does this make me jack of all trades and master of none?

Depends on how you look at it. My field is information technology so, it’s easier for me to write on IT, programming, app development, software development and enterprise level solutions.

Since I need to market my business on my own, and since I have been working on my own since 2004, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of Internet marketing and SEO, and consequently, I find it easier to write on related topics.

Other than these, being an experienced writer who is writing almost all the time, when I’m given a subject, I can do a decent job and sometimes, clients are even thrilled.

That is why I have been getting lots of blog writing assignments for real estate and finance.

Given an outline I can write on pretty much every topic. Even when the outline is not given, provided the information is available, I can come up with some decent work.

The main reason my clients hire me (aside from the fact that I write convincingly) is that I have gained lots of experience writing SEO content. Unlike with other writers, they don’t have to train me to write for the search engines.

My main strengths as a blog writer are:

  1. I write well with very few spelling and grammar mistakes (most of them are differences of opinion, to be frank).
  2. I write convincingly and in a conversational style.
  3. My writing can be easy-going as well as uptight, depending on the audience and the needs of the client.
  4. I write as a businessperson. From the very first word that I write to the last word that I write, the interest of the business for which I’m writing, is constantly at the back of my mind.
  5. I don’t have to make an extra effort to write search engine optimized content. I do it naturally.

What makes me a good blog writer for your blog?

Adaptability. Dependability. Sincerity. Effortlessness.

I don’t compromise on my principles.

Having said that, I totally understand that your interest needs to be of paramount importance when I’m writing your blog posts.

Hence, I strike a balance between what I want to write and what I should be writing.

I come with an attitude because I believe that a writer who does not have an attitude is either a reporter or a stenographer.

When I write, I keep two things in mind, or rather, three things:

  1. The interest of your readers – what they should gain when they read your blog post.
  2. Your interest – what you should gain when your blog post is published.
  3. SEO – how the blog post that you have published improves your search engine rankings.

This enables me to deliver just the blog posts you need for your business blog.

What all must you consider in order to have a successful business blog

Do you want to create a successful business blog? Any sort of blog that is published while keeping a sense of success in mind needs effort and dedication. As rightly mentioned on this thought-provoking Successful Blog post, a successful business blog takes

Successful Business Blog

  • Time
  • High-quality content
  • Clearly defined purpose
  • Identifiable personality
  • Unique individuality

I would also like to add strategy and marketing, and of course, perseverance, if you want to create and maintain a successful business blog. Many people think that marketing a blog means that you are trying to promote your blog just to increase traffic so that you can either sell affiliate products or ad clicks. Even when you are publishing a business blog you need to market it with ongoing effort so that it gets the exposure it deserves. After all you publish a successful business blog to attract people to your main business.

That is why it is prudent to get help in order to publish a successful business blog. It is better to outsource rather than trying to do it in-house. Of course you can hire a full-time writer/researcher in order to produce regular business blog content but he or she won’t come with an entire package the way a professional content writer who works independently does. Anyway, this decision depends on your overall business approach. The basic objective is running a successful business blog.

Starting a blog and then not managing it properly (for instance, having a bad design, or publishing blog posts irregularly and intermittently) can be counter-productive because it can sully your brand – in fact it is better having no blog at all. On the other hand a well-managed blog can bring you unprecedented business dividends. So you have to chalk out a strategy before starting a blog.

As mentioned above you must realize that once you start publishing a business blog you will need to dedicate some time to it in order to make it a success. You cannot simply generate a post in just 15 minutes and that too on an ongoing basis unless you are a prodigy. Individual posts may take up anywhere between 1-2 hours.

The most important ingredient of your successful business blog is going to be the content that you publish. Blogs are known by the sort of content they have. It should be relevant, well-written and engaging. People should find it useful and relevant. This also covers the purpose of your blog: you have to figure out why you want to publish a business blog in the first place.

  • You want to communicate to your visitors regularly?
  • You want to update them about your latest offerings?
  • You want to keep the buzz alive around your business?
  • You want to educate your prospective customers and clients?
  • You want to solidify your social media presence?
  • You want to improve your search engine rankings?

In fact all the points mentioned above are important and they give a purpose to your business blog.

Personality and individuality always help. People rather prefer to interact with people and not unknown business representatives. Talk to your visitors as a person.

Finally, whenever you plan to start a business blog just start it, don’t think of success or failure for at least 5-6 months. Many business representatives find sharing their thoughts on their business blogs intimidating but it is actually quite fun. You get to know some great people, you make new friends and you create new business opportunities for your visitors as well as yourself. Let it evolve gradually. Every day you will learn something new even if you hire a content writer for your blog.

A successful business blog also requires a sustained effort. Even if you cannot produce quality content always, it is your persistence that eventually pays. In fact your blog readers don’t expect you to produce exceptional blog posts all the time. They just want you to be there in one form or another. Sometimes you can create blog posts of more than 1000 words. Sometimes you have just 100 words to say. Sometimes you just want to post a photograph or share a video. In order to create a successful business blog, there should always be something happening over there.