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What is optimized content

What is optimized content

You want to create optimized content mostly to improve your search engine rankings and in fact whenever clients write to me about requiring optimized content they basically need content to improve their SEO for particular keywords and key phrases.

Different content writers and content marketers approach optimized content differently. There is a short-term way to it and a long-term, more profitable way to it. It depends on the budget and the focus of the business. But as an experienced content writer, I’m able to maintain a balance, sometimes, even without telling my clients.

SEO or no SEO, optimized content is not a bad idea

Of late there has been a growing opinion against specifically creating content for the search engines. Of course you shouldn’t just create content for the search engines because it is counter-productive. You should first write human-centric content and then optimize it in such a manner that it also helps you improve your search engine rankings. How do you do that?

A good thing about optimized content is that it is subject-specific. When you are writing such content, you are not trying to pack everything into one single webpage, blog post or article. You want to focus on a particular topic. For example, if I’m writing this page on the topic of “what is optimized content” my primary focus is that by the time you are finished reading this webpage, you have a clear idea of what optimized content is. Of course along with that if you want to hire me in order to get optimized content for your website or blog, it solves both the purposes – it informs you, educates you, and it gets business for me.

Optimized content becomes a bad idea if it only improves your search engine rankings (yes, even bad content can improve your SEO). No matter how much traffic you get from search engines, unless that traffic converts, unless you get more leads and more business, it is of no use. So your primary aim MUST be to improve your conversion rate even if it gets you very low search engine rankings.

So it is not the name that is bad but the implementation and the attitude that makes it harmful for your business. Focus on quality, focus on the subject and stick to the main topic and optimized content can reap you great benefits.

What exactly is optimized content as understood by most of the clients?

Normally what happens is, a client sends me a list of keywords and key phrases to create content on and I write content using these keywords and key phrases. But unlike many content writers, instead of focusing just on the keywords and key phrases, I focus on the central message that can be delivered using these keywords and key phrases. My intention is to inform people, to motivate them, to get them going. Remember that the sole purpose of every content writing exercise is to generate more business (or whatever you want to generate) and unless that happens, everything is waste. Then keywords become secondary.

But then keywords are needed. So how to use them without compromizing on the quality of the content you are writing? This question arises because you may have to cover every possible keyword combination without creating duplicate content and without writing gibberish.

How do I do it?

For every new topic (keywords and key phrases) I create a separate Evernote note. Using those keywords and key phrases I create a compelling title. The title decides what I’m going to write for the rest of the web page or the blog post. It decides the theme. It decides the flow. It decides the structure and above all, it decides the central message.

After I have created a compelling title using the keywords and the key phrases (normally a key phrase involving 2-3 words) I start preparing the main body. When I’m writing the first draft I don’t worry much about the keywords although if they can be incorporated I don’t refrain from them, but I don’t go overboard.

Once I have created a draft, and start inserting the main headlines so that various chunks of content can be organised or arranged beneath them. These headlines I create using the keywords and key phrases. I try to use at least 3-4 sub-headlines on every article or blog post that I write to create optimized content. Once these are done, I try to incorporate phrases that contain the keywords. Again, I don’t force them. In case it is absolutely necessary to use them, I rewrite the content in such a manner that these keywords and key phrases are incorporated. I do it without losing the flow and the quality of the content.

Are you looking for optimized content for your website or blog?

Optimized content will certainly help you improve your search engine rankings so it will be good if you get it written for your website or blog. Just make sure that the primary concern should be the quality and the conversion rate. I regularly write optimized content for my clients and I can get great results for you. Contact me for more information on this.

Website Content Auditing Services

Website Content Auditing Services

With my website content auditing services I can help you bring your existing content up-to-date and improve its conversion rate. There are many businesses who have created a great number of pages in blog posts without paying much heed to their quality. The search engines like Google can be partly blamed because for many years they allowed people to create content indiscriminately and also encouraged such behavior by ranking them well. Then suddenly they changed their ranking algorithms – especially google – and started penalising content merely created to improve search engine rankings.

If your website or blog has lots of such content I can help you improve it.

What type of website content needs content auditing services?

Having provided professional content writing services since 2004, I have had my fair share of clients wanting “cheap content” merely to fill up their websites and blogs. All they were concerned was to get lots of content at very low rates. Although personally I never worked on such assignments, I did outsource such work to writers who were ready to work on low wages, without taking my cut. I would simply tell my clients that look, I’m not going to write this, but I know writers who would. Then I would also tell the writers, that look, I have clients approaching who require very cheap content and if they are ready to write for such clients, they can go ahead. Clients who understood the value of good content and were also aware of the pitfalls of having cheap content often later on hired me to audit their content and improve its quality. But such clients were very few.

Your website content can use my content auditing services if

  • You think that your content is not well-written
  • Your content is harming your search engine rankings instead of improving them
  • Your content doesn’t engage your visitors
  • There are many spelling and grammatical mistakes that you would like removed
  • The content is written in a very unprofessional manner
  • The content is mostly written to target keywords paying scant regard to its quality and relevance
  • The content was written by writers who have no sense of your industry but simply wrote for the sake of money
  • You feel awkward that your prospective customers and clients find lousy content on your website
  • Your content doesn’t target the intended audience

I will totally transform your content with my auditing services

I will go through every link, every word, every sentence and every paragraph and then come up with a link-wise report. I will spend ample amount of time understanding your business, score strengths and weaknesses and the solutions that it provides to your target customers and clients. I always write content from the perspective of the end user and not the product seller. It’s the end user who needs to be convinced by reading your content, so this is the attitude that I use while auditing your existing content.

Auditing by the way, does not mean that I’m going to rewrite content. That’s another thing. I will carry out an audit and point out the problems and if you agree, you can either hire me as your content writer to revamp your content or you can work with another content writer – as it suits you. My job is to tell you where the problem lies, and how you want to deal with that problem depends on you.

Contact me if you want me to audit your content.

Content writing & Copywriting services for email marketing, email newsletters


It’s not that you require content writing services just for your webpages and blog posts; you also require them for successfully running your email marketing campaigns.

Running email marketing campaign requires an experienced copywriter.

Below I will explain why you need a copywriter more than a content writer for high-conversion email marketing.

Regularly publishing email newsletters is a great way of keeping in touch with your perspective and current customers and clients.

I’m covering the following topics on this webpage:

  • Content writer for email marketing
  • Copywriter for email marketing
  • Copywriting services for email marketing

Please don’t get swayed by the length of the web page.

Over the years I had created multiple pages on more or less the same topics.

This web page sways between copywriter for email marketing and content writer for email marketing so that it’s easier for you to find this page no matter what phrase you use.

I have removed the additional links from Google and for the time being, have moved all the content to this web page.

Gradually I will be trimming the content.

Simply click on one of the contact buttons if you want to contact me for your email marketing copywriting needs.

Email marketing and newsletter content writing and copywriting services from Credible Content can help you

  • Create compelling email campaigns
  • Improve your email open rate
  • Improve your click through rate
  • Improve response rate
  • Engage your audience on an ongoing basis
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Why you need copywriting services for email marketing?

Copywriter for email marketing

Copywriter for email marketing

Email marketing is of two types:

  • Regular email newsletter updates that can be written by a content writer.
  • Email marketing campaigns that need to be written by a copywriter.

You need an experienced copywriter for your email marketing campaigns because these campaigns need to convert.

These campaigns have a CTA – call-to-action.

It’s one thing to “inform” and “educate” people.

It’s entirely a different thing to ask people to do something.

Especially when you ask them to pay you money (buying something from you).

A copywriter knows how to have a friendly conversation that is convincing and persuasive.

Copywriting for your email marketing campaign involves writing in a manner that prompts people to take an action.

The problem with telling people to do something is, the moment you tell them something to do, they build a resistance, even if they’re not spending money.

Hence, copywriting uses different psychological triggers to prompt people into taking an action.

This is something a content writer is not trained to do.

Therefore, whenever you need to carry out a successful email marketing campaign, you need to work with a copywriter and not a content writer.

You need a copywriter for an email marketing campaign

You need a copywriter for an email marketing campaign


Contact for more details

What role does well-written content play in the success of your email marketing?


What exactly do you want to achieve when you broadcast your email marketing campaign?

What do you want your email recipients to do when they receive and open your email newsletter?

There must be some objective.

You want to draw people to your website?

You want to send them your latest offers?

You want to raise awareness about your products or services?

You want to keep in touch with them regularly?

You want to engage them so that they remember you?

You want them to buy from you?

You want them to hire you? The point is, you want them to do something.

Well-written content can help you communicate convincingly.

A copywriter can help you sell more with your email campaigns, and a content writer can help you keep your readers engaged.

A professionally prepared email marketing campaign gets the attention of your recipients.

Call-to-action statements strategically placed within the copy of your email prompts them to act accordingly.

While writing content for your email newsletters one needs to take care of the following fundamentals:

  • The email content must be error-free – no grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • The sentences in your email newsletter must be crisp and well-written so that they can be easily understood.
  • The writing should be in such a manner that it sounds personal but not too personal.
  • The content must address to the individual rather than a group of people.
  • The writing should be done keeping a chosen persona in mind.
  • A delicate balance between the main copy and call-to-action statements must be maintained.
  • The subject line of your email newsletter must be convincing enough to prompt people to open your message.
Contact for more details

How can my copywriting services help you improve email marketing conversion rate?

How do I help you optimize your email marketing campaign as a copywriter

How do I help you optimize your email marketing campaign as a copywriter

Copywriting for email marketing is all about understanding through what problems your recipients are going and then ensuring them a solution in a simple and convincing language.

Why would you hire me as your copywriter?

You want better conversion rate for your email campaigns.

You want to create a lead magnet (generate more leads).

You want to increase your email open rate.

You want more people to respond to your CTA (call-to-action).

As an email marketing copywriter, how do I achieve that for you?

To write a successful email marketing campaign, it is very important to understand your audience.

At what stage of buyer journey are they?

What are their biggest problems and how do you offer a solution?

Why is your solution so compelling that they must respond?

What is the biggest benefit of using your product or service?

What are they going to gain when they purchase your product or service?

This is how I will help you carry out effective email marketing campaign when you hire me as a copywriter:

  • Crafty a subject line that makes people open your email.
  • Hook people with a headline that immediately captures their imagination.
  • Write short, crisp sentences for a fluid reading experience.
  • Write in a conversational style.
  • Write in a language preferred by your recipients.
  • Use lots of action words.
  • Create meaningful CTAs.
  • Use psychological triggers to incite emotional reaction.

How can content writing services from Credible Content help you carry out successful email marketing campaigns


Aside from following all the above-mentioned fundamentals we can provide you writing with a natural flair for invoking the right response. Even after Google has incorporated different tabs that allow people to send marketing messages directly to a folder that is never checked, the open rate of email newsletters prepared by our content writers is around 5-6% which is considered a good response rate.

How do we achieve that?

More than the marketing message we focus on the problem and its solution.

What makes you open an email when it is not from someone you know?

You open emails from strangers, no?

You do, right? You do open emails from companies, businesses, organizations and individuals that seem interesting.

Of course it’s not the name? Then what is it?

It’s the subject of the email. The subject of the email grabs your attention and then you open that email. There is something irresistible in the subject line.

This is where our content writing begins. Our content writers first focus on your subject line.

convincing content for email newsletters

What is the most compelling reason you want to give your recipients to open your message?

What are you offering?

What are you offering that they cannot resist?

This is where content writing for your email marketing campaign and email newsletters begins.

Then it is the headline of your email newsletter. Your headline must definitely be related to the subject line otherwise there is an instant disconnect and people move to another message. The headline of your email marketing campaign or newsletter must be a continuation of your subject line.

The headline should reaffirm the subject line. Once the headline has reaffirmed the subject line, there can be a call-to-action link or button.

The remaining content writing of your email newsletter revolves around putting across your message convincingly, in a well-written manner. It should be conversational. The recipient should get a feeling as if he or she has received the message from someone he or she knows. Your message needs to empathise with the problems of the recipient.

What does a professionally-written email newsletter accomplish?

professionally written email newsletter

I will give you my own example as a professional content writer (sometimes this is how I get new assignments).

Suppose you have a small business website and it isn’t performing well. Someone has told you that it’s your content. It’s not very convincing, you have been told. It is not well-written. It does not engage. It does not motivate people. It is written in very drab manner.

There might not be spelling or grammar mistakes, but there is no feeling in the way your content is written. It is harming your conversion rate and it doesn’t even get you good search engine rankings.

Or, maybe it gets you good search engine rankings but the traffic that is brought to your website doesn’t convert much because the writing is not very convincing, or it is not very clear.

You need a professional content writer who can create a crisp copy for you. You are losing business. You’re really worried. You have tried to search on the Internet but you haven’t yet come across a content writing service that can really help you.

Then suddenly, while you’re going through your inbox, you read the subject line: Desperately looking for an experienced content writer?

Maybe it’s not a very convincing subject line. But the expression “experienced content writer” at least makes you click the message and open it.

If you have opened the message, you are almost half-convinced that I can do the job for you. After all, I made you open my message with my subject line.

Then I have the following copy in my email:

Dear so-and-so.

I totally understand that you’re worried that your website is not doing much business.

You have been told that it has got to do with the content you have right now on your website. It is simply not performing. You need some power-packed writing that can turn around your business. I know that your business depends on the content on your website.

I don’t claim to turn the world upside down for you, but I can certainly help you move in the right direction and then turn around your business with my professional content writing services.

I have the experience.

I have the skills.

Nonetheless, I will spend ample amount of time first understanding your business and then, what matters the most to your core audience.

Then I will start writing for you.

I won’t just be writing for you, I will be writing for you content that will perform, that will give you results, that will convince your visitors into doing business with you. Are you interested?

Do reply to this email if you want to take this matter further. No obligation. If you like what I have to offer, good, we will work together. If you don’t, we will go our separate ways.

Thank you for reading my message so far. Whether you reply or not, I wish you all the success that you deserve.

Take care.


Don’t go by the tone of the email newsletter, because this is what I would write to my prospective clients and it might be totally different from what you may like to write.

The image shows some email marketing icons

Copywriting services for email marketing

Want to use the immense power of email marketing to connect directly to your customers and clients? You need a copywriter.

Do you want to nurture, engage and convert leads on an ongoing basis?

Do you understand the importance of imprinting your brand in the minds of your prospective customers and clients so that when they need your product or service, they remember you rather than your competitor?

Then you need effective copywriting services to deliver your messages convincingly, clearly, and compellingly. You need an experienced copywriter who can help you communicate your message but at the same time understand your customers’ and clients’ point of view.

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Highlight benefits, not features

Customers and clients, as you must already know, want their problems solved. Solving the problems is the benefit of buying your product or service. No matter how many features you offer, unless your prospective customers and clients benefit from them, they’re never going to be interested in them.

Hence, at the outset, as your email copywriter, I focus on highlighting your benefits rather than simply describing features.

Efficient email copywriting makes your recipients open your email messages

I know, unless they open your message, you must be thinking, how does the magic of my copywriting work?

Subject line. 50% of your work is done by the subject line. If your subject line doesn’t work, your email marketing doesn’t work.

Therefore, I spend lots of time coming up with the right subject line when copywriting for you to maximize your email open rate.

Despite an onslaught of social media and social networking platforms, email marketing still rules the roost when it comes to engaging your existing and prospective customers and clients.

Email marketing gives you 3800% ROI

Email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent on it, that’s a 3800% ROI. This Hubspot blog post on email marketing statistics says that there are 5.6 billion active email accounts in 2019.

Although there is no dispute about the effectiveness of email marketing, the success of every campaign depends on copywriting – the message contained within your individual campaign.

This is where my copywriting services can help you.

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Why you need professional copywriting services for successful email marketing campaigns? Why you need a copywriter?

The image shows a professional copywriter

I will be frank.

The biggest strength of email marketing is also one of its biggest weaknesses – it is very affordable, and since it is affordable, people are not serious about using it.

Just because it is easily available, people use it without planning and without proper copywriting and then when it doesn’t work, they blame the medium itself.

As an experienced copywriter, I understand the importance of your email marketing campaign and I know how critical it is for the success of your business. In order to understand why you need a copywriter for your email marketing, you need to understand its seriousness.

What is an email marketing campaign?

It is a message that you send out to people to convince them to spend money on your business, right?

How many times have you yourself clicked a link in a promotional email to buy something? Especially from businesses that are not well-known brands like Amazon, Walmart or Google?

If you have, do you remember what prompted you to first click the link, go to the website and then make the purchase?

Something you could relate to.

Something that provided you a solution you desperately needed.

No matter what was the reason, there was something that moved you into taking an action and on top of that, an action that made you spend money.

This is a big thing.

One of the hardest things in the world is to make people spend money on your business.

More so when they themselves are not visiting your website and you are sending them an email message to buy from you.

One of the hardest, because you want them to stop doing whatever they are doing and do business with you.

You must be really convincing.

Click to know more about my blog writing services

This is where professional copywriting helps you.

For your email campaign to succeed, you need

  • Strong calls to action
  • Perfectly clear communication of the benefits of doing business with you.
  • Magnetic and captivating headlines with very clear messaging.
  • Engaging and informative bullet points.

And of course, smooth talking that instills confidence, trust and dependability.

How my email copywriting services can help you carry out successful email marketing campaigns

  • If you have low key will open rate, my copywriting can help you improve your open rate.
  • If your emails have low click through rate (CTR), I can help you improve your CTR.

Through my copywriting services I will improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns because before writing, I will thoroughly understand what exactly is the purpose of sending emails to your recipients. This is very important. Every email campaign has a clear-cut objective and if your copy deviates from the objective, your conversion rate gets adversely affected.

When I’m copywriting for you, the overall structure of my writing will be:

  • Thoroughly understand the benefits of buying your product or service (so that I can communicate convincingly to your customers and clients).
  • Determine the most effective call-to-action words.
  • Come up with a convincing and powerful subject line that catches people’s attention and motivates them to open your message.
  • Write the email message in a very clear, direct language. I will be asking questions at appropriate stages and then provide answers. I will use the “Why”, “What”, “Where”, “Whom” strategically to keep the reader is hooked to your message and then prompt them to take the appropriate action (call-to-action).

When you hire me as your copywriter, I will thoroughly understand your business and your audience. It is very important to know in what state of mind your recipients are when they open your message or even when the message appears in their inbox.

Copywriting is less about your business and more about the benefits that your business delivers to your prospective customers and clients.

As an experienced copywriter, I prefer to advocate the interests of your customers and clients rather than your business.

I don’t believe in tricking people into doing business with you.

They should completely understand why they need you and what they’re getting into and how their life is going to improve once they have decided to pay you for your product or service.

I know when to create a sense of urgency.

I know when to hold back my horses.

I know when to spill the beans and then when to keep secrets close to my chest and leave them hanging to make them crave for more information.

I know when to ask questions and when to provide answers.

I know when to use headlines, when to use short sentences and when to use longer expressions, and then when to express information concisely using bullet points.

I’m a passionate writer. This passion drips through my words.

I’m not out there to impress your customers and clients.

No, I’m not being paid for that.

I’m being paid to generate more leads for you, to get more business for you.

Professional copywriting is like flying a kite.

Not the sort of kite flying when you run around on a windy evening.

I’m talking about kite flying when you know when to let the string lose, when to pull fast and when to tug gently.

If you can perform all these actions just at the right moment, you see your kite rising high up in the skies.

The reasons why you should hire a professional copywriter for email marketing

A professional copywriter writes for a living. It’s not a side job. It is not an occasional undertaking. A copywriter makes his or her living out of such writing. He or she has done it for maybe hundreds of clients having different requirements.

Sure, you can write. But can you convince? Do you have the ability to write from the perspective of your customers and clients? Do you know how to focus on benefits and not features?

Do you know exactly when to use call-to-action words? Do you know when to pause and when to flow? Listed below are a few reasons why you need to hire a copywriter for your email marketing campaigns.

  • You need a passionate, but an unbiased voice.
  • You want to make sure that the writing is impeccable, professional and compelling.
  • You know how important a sales pitch is but you are not comfortable writing promotional copy yourself.
  • Copywriting for an email campaign is not a five minute job. It may take 2-3 hours and even more for a small campaign because, seriously, your business depends on it, doesn’t it?
  • A professional copywriter knows how to target emotions without overdoing.
  • A professional writer knows when to use facts and figures and when to use fluff, and when to avoid both.

You get the complete package, the whole thing, when you hire a copywriter for your email marketing campaigns.

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The email copywriting process that I follow

Don’t contact me if you want to use email marketing just because it doesn’t cost you much.

Contact me if you want to use my professional copywriting services because you understand the potential of email marketing and you realize that it can take your business to new heights.

Understand the power of email marketing, and you understand the value of copywriting.

The point is, the content of your email must understand the problem the recipient is going through and offer a solution there and then. Herein lies the success of your email marketing campaign and successive email newsletters. Empathise with your customers and win their trust. Do you feel this is something we can help you with? Then don’t hesitate. Contact today.

Contact for more details
Copywriting services for email marketing | copywriter for email marketing

Copywriting services for email marketing

Looking for a professional copywriter to improve the success rate of your email marketing campaigns?

Need an even copywriter who will increase your open rate and click-through rates when you send out your email messages?

I’m an email marketing content writer who can considerably improve the success rate of your email messages.

Provided you understand the importance of your individual email marketing campaigns, you know how critical your copy is.

Email is everywhere, right? Maybe it is the first thing you check every morning. Every aspect of your personal and business life these days is controlled by either a single email or a couple of emails.

Despite the fact that email marketing gets a bad rep due to spamming, here are a few reasons why you should closely work with a copywriter and take email marketing more seriously:

Email marketing has the highest ROI per dollar spent on various marketing tactics

$40 per dollar spent, to be precise. This means, you can make $40 per dollar that you spend on your email marketing effort. Look at the chart below for a full comparison –

Email marketing has the maximum ROI

Email marketing has the maximum ROI

The reason is that email marketing is very easy. Most of the services that help you carry out your email marketing campaigns have very friendly packages that are affordable to even small businesses. In fact, email is so low cost, you yourself must have noticed that services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo provide free email services.

Of course, this ROI of $40 per $1 spent depends on the quality of the emails that you spend and this is where it is very important that you work with a professional copywriting service or a professional copywriter.

Reach more mobile users

More than 50% users check their email on mobile

More than 50% users check their email on mobile

More than 50% emails are checked on mobile phones these days. Most of the millennials check their emails on mobile phones. Mobile users check their emails three times more than desktop users.

Conversion rate through emails read on mobile phones is higher simply because it is easier to make a purchase using a mobile app after clicking a link in an email. Most of the mobile apps facilitate one-click purchases. Also, mobile users are more open to words making digital payments and buying on the spot.

Why is it important to make the right impact through your email copy?

Mobile phones come with their own set of distractions

Mobile phones come with their own set of distractions

Although an increasing number of people are checking their emails on their mobile phones, the mobile phones come with their own pitfalls. Distractions.

An average mobile phone user does practically everything on his or her mobile phone including listening to music, viewing videos, clicking photos, working on their next novels, posting social media  updates and going through their timelines on different social networking platforms. Aside from checking emails.

Although checking their emails might be the most important task they need to perform on their mobile phones (except for receiving and making calls), there are a plethora of activities they keep on performing. This is why it is very important that you are able to grab their attention through your email copy as soon as possible. For this, you need a trained copywriter.

What does it take to create a successful email campaign copy?

  • Do you understand what your recipients expect to see when they click your message in their inbox?
  • Can you capture their attention in the very beginning?
  • Can your copy keep them reading without distracting them, confusing them or worse, boring them?
  • Is your writing convincing enough?
  • Is your writing professional as well as personal?

Copywriting for email marketing is all about convincing your readers into

  1. Reading the whole copy, till the end.
  2. Clicking your call-to-action link or button.

According to an IBM study, 60% of your email recipients use their mobile phones to check email.

You know how easy it is to get distracted on a mobile phone.

There’s a great chance that your recipient is already distracted.

Maybe she’s in a meeting.

Maybe she’s traveling in a train.

Maybe she’s standing at the Starbucks in a queue.

She’s constantly getting notifications from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Amidst all these distractions you need to keep her hooked to what you are saying.

Even if she’s not using her phone but checking her email on her PC or laptop, there too are countless distractions.

Not just distractions, even a small phrase or word in your copy may put her off and she may move onto the next message in her inbox.

There goes your campaign out the window.

An email marketing copywriter who first understands your audience and then writes the copy

Understanding your audience before writing the copy of your emails

Understanding your audience before writing the copy of your emails

As a professional copywriter I will keep all these aspects and eventualities in mind when writing the copy of your email marketing campaign.

I don’t indulge in hyperbole so I won’t say I will weave magic with my words and mesmerize your email readers (although they’ll be hooked).

I use a logical sequence when writing the copy:

  • Understand the needs and desires of your audience.
  • Based on these needs and desires, write a compelling headline that hits the bullseye.
  • Use powerful but simple language to inspire and motivate your recipients.
  • Focus on the important and discard the useless.

As an experienced copywriter how can I help you improve your email marketing conversion rate?

Now I’m going to expand upon the points that I have briefly discussed above.

Before I start writing copy for your email marketing campaign, I will fully understand what is the most pressing concern of your email campaign recipients?

Every email has an agenda and you should never use multiple messages in a single email.

For example, if you provide cloud migration services and you also provide virus protection services, don’t mix them up – it confuses your readers.

People who open your email message, for example if the subject says that you provide cloud migration services, are worried about how to migrate from one cloud service to another.

If you try to sell them every possible IT service that you provide, they will simply close your message and move on.

Hence, for individual email messages, I will focus on a single thing.

Your email subject is very important, and therefore I create multiple subject lines.

Remember it is the subject that prompts people in the first place to open your email.

It needs to be powerful in the sense that it must offer exactly what your recipients need.

For example, if I send out a campaign to promote my email marketing copywriting services, by reading the subject line people should be able to know what the message is about and what they are going to gain if they open it and read it.

Then, every email body must open with an attention-grabbing headline.

You must have read multiple times that headlines sell newspapers.

Headlines also make people read your email messages.

A headline is the first thing people read.

If your headline isn’t impressive, they’re immediately going to move onto the next email message.

I write crisp sentences that are to the point, but also conversational.

Reading an email can be a difficult task if you use very long sentences and very big paragraphs.

Especially when people are reading your email on their mobile phones.

Short, to the point sentences.

Every new idea in a new sentence.

I get rid of every unnecessary word unless it contributes to the narrative of my message.

I strategically use call-to-action links and buttons.

People either want to read further, or they immediately want to check out your website.

There are some sentences, some prompts, that make them click a link.

You must know exactly when they are going to want to click your link and then put your link there.

End with a powerful statement.

It is the last sentence that makes the most powerful impact.

After reading the last sentence your recipient is either totally unmoved or she is charged up enough to click the call-to-action link.

What makes me an effective copywriter for your email marketing campaigns?

I don’t pretend.

I write simply although professionally.

I write in a conversational manner so that the person reading your email message feels as if someone is talking to her, preferably a friend.

At the same time, I will incorporate your branding into the copy so that people can relate what they are reading to your business.

I understand that ultimately, it’s all about your conversion rate: how many people open your messages, how many people read them and how many people click the call-to-action links or buttons.

I believe if you talk about what people need, talk in a simple but convincing manner, keep them hooked to your copy, your email marketing conversion rate surely improves.

As a professional copywriter, I will achieve that for you.

Contact me for more information.

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Do you need help in replying to email queries?

Replying to business email queries

Very few people take replying to email queries seriously. There are many reasons. Sending an email doesn’t cost you much. So whenever something is free we start taking it less seriously. It neither costs you to receive emails nor to reply to them.

People fail to realise that it hardly matters how much money you spend or don’t spend handling email, what matters is the content of those emails. What sort of replies do you create when you get new business queries?

For a few months I have been helping a couple of clients reply to the email queries that they get from their websites. Sending emails to friends and family is one thing but replying to business queries is a totally different ball game. You have to sound professional. You have to write your emails in such a manner that your prospective customer or client is totally impressed and convinced. Tiny spelling and grammar mistakes can cost you big projects.

No matter how competent you are in your field, many prospective business partners think that if you cannot write a small email properly how can you execute costly projects? Actually they don’t have any problem with the way you write or cannot write, the problem is, as a business or as a professional you can’t even hire someone who can create professional email replies for you and if you can’t even hire someone to help you in this regard, how can they invest in your services or products? This is what that puts them off. Isn’t it a valid question?

How can I help you reply to email queries?

It’s very simple. I will need to get some understanding of your business. Exactly what services or products you are providing? What sort of information satisfies the people who send your queries? What sort of data you need to use while preparing replies to your queries? What are the things that you can commit and not commit? Any other pieces of information that you think may help me prepare replies. The replies will be

  • Free of grammar mistakes
  • Free of spelling mistakes
  • Professionally written
  • Full of business-specific etiquette
  • Written in your niche language

You can either give me access to your business email inbox (I know, you might not be comfortable with that) or you can simply forward me the emails and I can send you the drafts that you can email on your own. There is no fixed manner as long as the quality of the replies is up to the mark.

Once you partner with me to send highly professional replies to your business queries, you can rest assured of a higher response rate as well as improved conversion.

Require a content writer for your non-profit organization?

Content Writing Services for Non-Profit Organisations

Are you running a non-profit organization or business and you think you don’t require a content writer? Professional content writing services aren’t just for profit-making businesses because they need to generate more leads and sales. Even when you are selling an idea, an ideology or cause, you need to talk to people convincingly.

Why you need a content writer for your non-profit organization

Being a non-profit doesn’t mean you don’t need resources. You need to rope in more people. You need to raise awareness. You may also need funds – even Mother Teresa got millions of dollars in funding on a regular basis for her Missionaries of Charity organization.

People aren’t going to join mainly because you think that you’re doing some good work and people must feel compassionate enough to join you. Yes, that happens but only if you are a very big, very well-known organization having already done stellar work in your field and earned laurels all over the country or all over the world. But if you are a relatively new organization at every front you will need to promote yourself if you want to do some meaningful work in your field. You have to highlight your strengths and requirements. You need to showcase the work that you are doing and the difference your work is making. You will need stories – emotionally moving stories (not made up of course) – to make a real impact on donors, volunteers and resource persons.

Writing content for your website or your blog or your email newsletter is an ongoing process. Of course even someone from within your organization can write content for your website but then you will need a dedicated person who can write passionately. You may have to hire that person and that will be costly compared to working with a freelance professional content writer. With a freelance professional content writer writing for your non-profit organization you simply have to pay for the content you get and nothing more. But if you hire an in-house content writer you will have to bear all the associated costs, putting a burden on your already scarce resources.

As a content writer how can I help you grow your non-profit organization?

A lot depends on good communication. There might be hundreds of thousands of non-profit organizations in your country and among these a great number may be working in the same field. I’m not saying that you need to compete with other organizations, but maybe you have something that other organizations don’t have. Maybe you feel that the other organizations are not doing justice to the cause and the cause will be better served if you could do more – get more people involved, achieve more work at the ground level and attract more funds.

The Internet is full of noise. Sometimes people get confused between real intentions and phoney intentions simply because people having phoney intentions are more articulate and more convincing. Sometimes there are language barriers – maybe you cannot write in English as well as someone who is proficient.

I may not be able to help you with many languages but if you want to convince people in English, I can do that. I can help you write

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Social media updates
  • Brochures & flyers
  • Long articles (research-based)
  • Email content
  • Ebooks
  • Case studies & white papers
  • Email replies to queries

Basically, if you need to communicate in English (in writing, that is) I can help you. Taking the example of the last bullet point, there are many organizations where people don’t have proficient personnel to prepare professional replies to email queries and many of their tasks are not achieved simply because of this. That is, even if you feel that you don’t require content, you need someone who can properly reply to your email queries. There, I can help you.

Do I provide a discount for writing content for non-profit organizations?

It depends. I mean, if you are paying other professionals and service providers the same amount of money then you shouldn’t have problem paying me what is due. Other than that I’m more open to providing a discounted rate to non-profit organizations. So don’t hold yourself back thinking that you won’t be able to afford my services.

Fine, maybe you cannot. I will let you know if I’m unable to work on your rates. Still, I would like to assist you. I would like to find you a writer that can provide you high quality content on good rates. Even if you want some of your staff to write content for you, there also I can help. Contact me if you’re looking for a content writer for your non-profit organization irrespective of what’s your budget.

Content writing services for the holiday season

Content writing services for holiday season

I’m offering special content writing services for the upcoming holiday season to help you generate more leads and make more sales. The good thing about the holiday season is that people are eager to make purchases not just for their own use, but also as gifts. All sorts of things are bought and gifted. There are zillions of websites selling zillions of products at highly competitive rates. The problem these days is not about which website offers what products and services (they are more or less the same) the problem is, how to remain in front of your prospective customers and clients.

What sort of content writing services you need during holiday season

During the holiday season your business may require the following content writing services:

  • Blogging on an ongoing basis
  • Writing informative articles to help people make better decisions before making bigger purchases
  • Just spread goodwill by sharing your own experience with your visitors
  • Publishing guest blog posts on other blogs and websites to generate more targeted traffic
  • Improving your search engine rankings for the relevant keywords because people might be looking for your products or services related to the festivities involved
  • Running multiple email marketing campaigns to send exciting offers directly to your leads
  • Creating holiday-season-related themed content that can be shared on social networking websites

The basic idea is to fill up your blog and website with lots of relevant content. For instance, if Christmas is approaching, you can have lots of content around the festival with a unique twist that connects the events of the festival with your product or service.

How my content writing services can help you get more sales during the holiday season

There are 2 ways you can promote your products and services:

  1. Through advertising
  2. Through content marketing

Advertising can get you instant exposure but it is getting less and less effective as people don’t pay much attention to conventional advertising. It shouldn’t be ruled out because there are many channels like PPC on search engines as well as social networking websites but still, it is way too expensive for small and medium-sized businesses and most of the methods employed are quite unscientific.

My content writing services can help you convey your message more compellingly and at the same time drastically bring down your marketing costs during the holiday season.

Just imagine, if you want to invest in a PPC campaign you have to pay for every click. If you pay for exposure, you pay for every set of exposure. You are constantly paying and you aren’t even sure how much of it is actually going to convert into leads and sales.

Instead of telling people what they should buy, you need to suggest to them. And this suggestion doesn’t need to come directly from you. Ideally it should come from people who have used your services and products and really liked them. It should also come via inbound traffic. My content writing services will help you increase the level of engagement and get more inbound traffic.

Why would people read content rather than have fun? Good point.

Holiday season means more holidays, and for many people, it means more time. More and more people are spending time online interacting with friends, finding useful information to get good bargains or looking for recommendations, which is not possible if they solely depend on advertisements.

Think from your own point of view: would you rather purchase a product after reading a comprehensive, informative blog post or by simply coming across an advertisement on some random website? Would you trust your friend on Facebook or would you trust a randomly appearing banner ad if you want to purchase something as expensive as a camera?

People are emotional during holiday season

This is primarily why brand advertising doesn’t help you much. They need to read inspirational stories. They need to know how your product or service actually impacts people’s lives. For instance, if your website sells baby dresses you can talk about how one of your dresses helped the babies of one of your customers get the “best dressed baby” award during the Christmas celebrations in one of the neighborhood malls (just an example). You can come up with emotionally enervating stories so that people can connect to you.

Content writing services with timely delivery of relevant content

Timely delivery is very important during the holiday season because it comes and then it goes extremely fast. If you need a blog post today, you need it today and not next week. If you hire my content writing services you will receive timely content totally tailored to this particular holiday season with no delay and confusions.

Want to know more about my services? Do contact me today and I will send you all the relevant details.

My SEO copywriting services can improve your search engine rankings

I use my SEO copywriting services to help my clients improve their search engine rankings on a regular basis. Am I copywriter? Not in the traditional sense as you can see that I provide content writing services to my clients and it’s very rarely do I mention that I also provide copywriting services.

But my clients do hire me to improve their search engine rankings through SEO content. Here is something I wrote about the difference between copywriting and content writing a long time back and here is something I wrote about the importance of SEO copywriting for your business.

Why you should hire my copywriting services to improve your search engine rankings?

Although I promote my services as a content writer basically I’m a writer and this means, I write to communicate thoughts and messages. I know how to do it convincingly and compellingly. What does this mean? It means that if you want to hire my copywriting services to get more customers and clients I can do that for you; I have done it for many of my clients. It’s another matter that when I write for my clients they also experience an improvement in their search engine rankings so my writing automatically becomes SEO writing for them. When they see an improvement in their search engine rankings plus an improvement in the lead generation as well as sales, instead of content writing, it becomes copywriting because after all, copywriting means writing in a way that people feel like doing business with you.

I can achieve the following for your business through my SEO copywriting services:

  • Higher rankings on search engine result pages on a sustained level
  • More search engine traffic for the targeted keywords
  • More search engine traffic for related keywords (not exactly the keywords you are targeting but their synonyms and their contextual meanings)
  • Better engagement when people come to your website
  • An improved conversion rate
  • Better engagement with your audience
  • Better engagement on social media and social networking websites
  • Transfer of knowledge from you to your readers in a reader-friendly format

When I write your copy I focus more on the advantages of the product or service that you offer rather than features and characteristics because your customers and clients are not bothered about features and characteristics. They have problems, and to those problems they are looking for solutions. Through my copywriting I empathize with your customers and clients and prepare the copy from their point of view. They should be able to relate to the literature present on your website because if they cannot relate to it, they won’t feel like doing business with you.

Of course there are trigger words that encourage your visitors to take the desired action and I do conform to those trigger words at strategic locations.

How my compelling content writing becomes SEO copywriting that helps you improve your search engine rankings

In the age of content writing I feel copywriting is an overrated expression not in the sense that it is not useful, but it is wrongly used. If as a content writer I can convince you into doing business with me, then I’m also a good copywriter. If my content writing can get you better search engine rankings without compromising on the quality of my writing, then I’m also a good SEO copywriter. This is something that I do on a routine basis. My clients hire me because they are not simply interested in SEO copywriting for the sake of improving their search engine rankings, they want to improve their conversion rate because that’s what ultimately matters. If that is what you too are looking for, then do contact me to know more about how I can help you get more traffic as well as more leads out of that traffic.

Content writing services to improve SEO

Are you looking for a content writing service to improve your SEO? Although I don’t promote myself as an SEO guy, I do help my clients improve their search engine rankings with my content writing services by writing them high quality and relevant content their prospective customers and clients can relate to.

You see, SEO is not simply about using keywords here and there without any meaning. The search engine algorithms are becoming like humans more and more – they are more into relevance and less into keywords and key phrases, although I’m not saying keywords and key phrases don’t matter. They do matter, but in a strategic way, and these days you can also use different meanings of the same words just to be sure that you’re not penalized for keyword-stuffing.

How I help you improve your SEO with my content writing services

It’s not very complicated actually. You can approach me to create SEO content for you and I will also tell you that yes, I’m going to write search engine optimized content for your website or blog but actually I will be writing content that appeals to your audience. By the end of the day it is a conversion rate that decides whether my content writing has been successful or not. Whether you’re selling products or services, you need to get new business and even if you improve your SEO without caring about your conversion rate, you are simply wasting your time (and money, if you have hired a professional content writer for the job)

Precisely this is the reason why there are very few people who actually promote their services as “SEO experts” because there is no trick involved. All you need is compelling content catering to a highly focused audience, constantly solving their problems. This is what the search engines are looking for: solutions to people’s problems. If your content solves people’s problems, your SEO naturally improves.

These are the things that I do to improve your SEO with my content writing services

  • Thoroughly understand what your product or service does to solve people’s problems
  • Thoroughly understand the problems and apprehensions of your customers and clients
  • Come up with a tentative persona (if exact persona is not possible) and then create content catering to that persona
  • Use the language used by your prospective customers and clients while writing content for you
  • Strategically use keywords and their various variations to improve your SEO naturally
  • Write engaging content that encourages people to share your links through their own blogs or via their social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  • Maintain a routine so that people never lose track of your publishing schedule
  • Help you strengthen your brand with my content writing services so that people trust you and show more eagerness towards doing business with you

By following these guidelines I improve your search engine rankings naturally without resorting to trickeries and tactics.

Why hire my content writing service for better SEO?

As I wrote above, I don’t particularly write for SEO so then why hire my services? The clients who hire me know that once their content begins to rank higher due to its inherent quality rather than some trickery, it maintains its rankings no matter what updates are released by the search engines. Remember how millions of websites lost their rankings due to Google’s Penguin update? It was literally like a bloodbath. Many businesses were ruined. Was it Google’s fault? Yes, to an extent it was, but mostly it was the fault of the people who tried to trick search engine algorithms rather than creating high-quality content.

This is what I do. This is how my content writing services improve your SEO. I write content that gets you back links from high-quality websites and blogs naturally. I help you build an information resource. Once you have a trustworthy information resource people flock to your website, subscribe to your mailing list and see you as the most suitable business partner when they want something that you can offer.

Content writing services to improve your SEO

Content writing services to improve SEO

Content writing services to improve SEO

Are you looking for a dependable content writing service to improve your SEO? I’m pretty sure that by now you know that high quality content is the foundation of your search engine rankings. Without quality content, you can never hope to enjoy the fruits of higher search engine rankings.

Here is an interesting fact: I have never promoted myself as an SEO expert, and in fact, I don’t even offer search engine optimization services that require link building, SEO analysis, analytics and other such activities that are known to improve one’s rankings on Google and other major search engines. Nonetheless, almost all of my clients hire me expecting that I will improve their search engine rankings through my content writing.

They come to this conclusion when they observe my own search engine rankings and the way I write content on my own website and blog. This is exactly what they are looking for. I have a knack for writing content that organically improves search engine rankings.

Why is it important to improve your SEO?

When I talk about improving your SEO I don’t just mean increasing your traffic for all sorts of keywords. That is of no use. You want to improve your SEO so that you can improve conversion rate and engagement on your website or blog. That is meaningful search engine optimization.

Hence, if you want to get targeted traffic from the search engines, especially Google, you need to improve your SEO organically, through high quality content.

If targeted traffic from search engines is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, good SEO is important for you.

SEO and voice search

50% people are using voice search to search on the Internet. Between 2008 and 2016, the number of voice searches increased by 35 times. 61% consumers admitted that they prefer voice search over typing with their hands when they are using their mobile phones.

You don’t need to create and publish separate content for voice search. You just need to write your content in a conversational language that is used on everyday basis by your target audience.

When writing content, focus on longer search expressions, especially search terms used by people when they’re talking on their phones.

When people search using voice, they don’t use monosyllables or single words as sometimes they do when typing the search terms. They use complete sentences, something like “looking for a content writer to improve my SEO for my online boutique”.

What is the relationship between quality content and SEO?

There is a very strong relationship. It is a mutually self-serving relationship. When someone uses the search engine, every search engine, for convenience’s sake, let’s just use Google, tries to find the best possible content. If Google does not find the best possible content, there are many other search engines waiting in the line to take Google’s place.

But what happens if Google wants to find the best possible content, but the best possible content does not exist? For that, Google has drawn up hundreds of guidelines that you must follow to serve the search engine the best possible content.

It’s a win-win. How?

What do we mean by “the best possible content”? It is the content that solves the user’s problem in the best possible way.

Google is not biased towards certain businesses. It just focuses on the quality of the content. So, whether there is a content writing service charging $200 per hour for writing content or there is a puny content writing service like mine that charges $30-50 to write a decent blog post, all Google is bothered about is, who provides the best possible content to its user.

Of course, it has its own parameters and there is a reason for that.

In the ideal world, only content would matter, but we don’t live in an ideal world.

In this world, many people try to trick their way into higher search engine rankings.

Consequently, Google’s search engine algorithm depends on hundreds of factors and this is where a bigger content writing service charging $200 per hour may have an advantage over my company that cannot spend lots of money on publishing scores of web pages and blog posts every day, hiring multiple writers and spending some good money on PPC campaigns.

But, even such a company cannot have higher search engine rankings if its content is not up to the mark.

Hence, Google forces every big and small company to publish high-quality content and, in the process, helps these companies improve the conversion and engagement rate.

Suppose, you search for “content writing service to improve my SEO” or “content writer to improve my SEO” Google will use its algorithm and its evaluation of the content to present you with the best possible information that suits your requirement.

What do you need?

You need a content writing service, or a content writer, who can help you improve your search engine rankings.

I can help you increase your search engine traffic with my content writing services. I don’t do any wizardry and I don’t even try to trick search engines into ranking you higher. I simply write content that helps you increase your search engine traffic while fully complying with Google’s guidelines (I’m simply referring to Google as a general search engine).

How my content writing services can increase your search engine traffic or improve your SEO

I improve your search engine rankings solely on the merit of the content I write for you. Although you might be wanting me to write you the so-called “SEO content” but there is no thing like that. Even if some content writers claim that they can create SEO content for you they will simply be using what they call black hat tactics to get you higher rankings and if they do that, the following things happen:

  • You may increase your search engine traffic for a while
  • Then the Google algorithm will discover that you are trying to do something against its guidelines
  • It blacklists the particular URL and if you have a Webmasters tools account it sends you a warning through it so that in case you have done this by mistake, you can rectify that mistake
  • If Google finds that you have done the same thing with multiple URLs, it will blacklist your website and it may take a couple of years to convince the search engine that it’s all right to index your website again
  • If Google feels that (I’m attributing an anthropomorphic characteristic to the company but what I actually mean is the search engineers) many people like you have done what you have done, it makes changes in the algorithm and the rankings for all the people vanish

On the other hand, legitimate content writing services can increase your search engine traffic in such a manner that you don’t only enjoy good rankings for a long time no matter what changes are incorporated in the ranking algorithms, they also begin to improve as you add more and more quality content. Anyway, this is how I can get you more traffic from search engines through strategic content writing:

  • Create compelling content without stuffing your keywords
  • Use the concept of latent semantic indexing to use similar words in order to avoid using your keywords excessively
  • Write meaningful content that people actually find useful
  • While writing content use the language that people actually use during their day-to-day interactions and while trying to find what they need on search engines
  • Create content that is shareable on social networking websites
  • Write high-value content people link to on their own discretion
  • Create lots of helpful content so that people come to your website whenever they seek answers to their questions

Why hire my content writing services in order to get more search engine traffic

You should hire my content writing services because I know that your search engine rankings don’t depend just on the content that you have. Many factors collectively contribute towards your search engine traffic – the sort of content you have, the frequency with which your content is shared and linked to, and the quality of websites and blogs linking back to you. All these factors are taken into consideration while ranking your URLs in general and your website in particular.

My job is to create you excellent content that becomes a perfect candidate for higher search engine rankings. You may need many factors to get more traffic from search engines, but as far as your content goes, I leave no stone unturned.

Increase sales with purposeful content writing

You can increase your sales manifold with purposeful content writing. What’s that, you may think? Why do think social media and social networking, especially social networking websites are such a craze these days? Economists and intellectuals used to say that we’re living in a global village. They were saying this before the advent of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. They were talking like this in terms of people’s ability to carry out transactions on a global level: someone from Australia could easily buy or avail a service from Norway within a matter of a few seconds. The increase in e-commerce was underpinned by better connectivity, of course.

But the world actually became a global village when people started having conversations with each other using social networking websites. Then we truly got connected. What has content writing to do with this?

Engaging content writing can increase your sales because social networking websites have shown that people love conversations no matter where they are. If you write engaging content that encourages people to have conversations with you and with each other (at your website or blog) the grow and affinity towards your online presence (and towards you as an individual) and once they grow and affinity it becomes easier for them to do business with you and consequently, you increase your sales.

Increase sales with content writing that helps you establish relationships

Take for example the good old mom-and-pop stores. They are dwindling due to various reasons but if you remember, the customers and the store owners enjoyed a very cosy relationship. People knew each other by name and they were greeted personally whenever they came to shop. In the same vein even the shop owners were a part of the community and after the shop was closed, they mingled with their customers. In the age of super malls that personal touch has gone missing but it doesn’t mean people don’t like it. This is why when they find the same personal touch on websites it really affects them.

Through purposeful content writing you can establish the same sort of personal relationships and consequently increase your sales. People often like to do business with people they know. Provide them helpful content. Solve their problems without imposing yourself on them. This is more so important if you don’t have budget for extra employees who can take care of your customers’ and clients’ problems. Create a wealth of knowledge on your website so whenever people have some problem regarding your product or service, they don’t need to call someone. They know that all they have to do is log onto your website and they will be able to find all the answers they need. Use a personal tone while writing such content. It must feel as if you’re talking to your visitors on first name basis.

Helpful, good quality content writing will create evangelists who will promote your business themselves, voluntarily

You can regularly interact with your current and prospective customers and clients in such a manner that eventually they become your evangelists and once they have become your evangelists, you no longer have to spend money on advertising. I don’t mean to say that the advertising cost is totally eliminated, but it can be drastically reduced by creating evangelists for your brand. Take for example Apple. I’m sure you must have come across someone urging you to buy an iPhone or an iPad without a financial stake in the insistence. Just because he or she loves the brand or somehow feels that it is some sort of status symbol, he or she urges you to purchase that particular Apple product. The company has very strategically created evangelists for itself and these days much of the effort revolves around creating high-impact content.

A content writer is required by every business

Content writer required

This is a reality. Every business requires a dedicated content writer because the Internet enables everybody to create a broadcasting channel with little investment and a sincere effort. Once you have developed a broadcasting channel it’s very easy to promote your products and services using that channel. But of course, to develop that channel you need a steady flow of quality, relevant and useful content and for that, your business requires an experienced and capable content writer.

Now, when I say “every business” I mean business that wants to leverage content marketing. There are many businesses who perhaps don’t require content marketing and I’m not talking about them here. I’m talking about businesses who know what wonders content marketing can work for them. Sure, people who can use content marketing but aren’t aware of it need to be made aware of that and it is already being done by many content writing and content marketing services (including this one) but the focus of this webpage are those people who already know the unprecedented strength of this marketing platform.

Why people say their business doesn’t require a content writer?

There could be many reasons:

  • They don’t need an online presence
  • They don’t need to engage their audience
  • They aren’t bothered much about their conversion rate
  • They’re fully satisfied with the in-house person who writes for them
  • They don’t want to create buzz on social media and social networking websites
  • They have no need for better search engine rankings
  • They don’t need to influence or educate people
  • They don’t want to establish their personal brands by becoming authority figures
  • They are not interested in inbound marketing
  • They’ve got plenty of money to spend on advertising and promotion
  • They underestimate the power of knowledge
  • Email marketing for them is either a waste of time, or an after-thought.

How do people know their business requires a content writer?

The opposite of what’s mentioned above:

  • They want to build a solid online presence
  • They want to engage their audience and establish lasting relationships with them
  • They want to improve their conversion rate
  • They don’t want to tie themselves down to a single content writer whether they find him or her useful or not
  • They want to regularly engage people on social media and social networking websites
  • They want to improve their search engine rankings so that the right people (who would actually do business with them) can easily find their website or relevant webpages and blog posts
  • They want to influence and educate their prospective customers and clients in order to empower them and make them more aware of their choices, needs and preferences
  • They want to become authority figures and promote their personal brands
  • They want to establish multiple inbound traffic channels so that people come to their websites and blogs on their own without being exposed to relentless, indifferent advertising
  • They have small marketing budgets and they want to use them optimally
  • They fully understand the power of becoming an influencial knowledge resource
  • They know email marketing is a highly potent tool and requires high-calibre, high-response content to succeed

Does your business require a content writer?

Does your business require a content writer?

If your business needs to focus on content marketing then it definitely requires a dedicated content writer who can create high-quality and compelling content on an ongoing basis.

You need a content writer for business if quality, engagement and conversion rate matter to your online presence.

You require a content writer for business if you want your visitors to take your website seriously whether they are customers, clients, business partners or investors.

Please keep in mind that the primary strength of your content marketing strategy is the content that you publish while maintaining relevance as well as regularity and this can only be achieved by hiring inexperienced and well-established content writer.

Having decided once and for all that your business requires a content writer, should you hire him or her full-time or should you work with someone like me? The short answer is, it depends on your personal choice. Slightly bigger answer is, if you really want to hire someone full-time, then go ahead and do that. A bigger answer is, of course you may think that this answer is biased because I’m a professional content writer working for multiple clients, that if your business requires a content writer the best thing to do is hire someone like me (if not exactly me) due to many advantages that you get when you go for an independent content writing service. Visit the hyperlink if you want to learn about the advantages of hiring professional content writing services.

How do you know your business requires a content writer?

Let’s assume we’re not talking about an in-house content writer. Listed below are a few indications why your business requires a professional, freelance content writer:

  • You are a small business: A small business has small content marketing requirements. You’re not going to suddenly have a one-million-dollar budget to launch your content marketing strategy and take your niche by storm. You will have to get started step-by-step and in order to achieve that it’s better to go for a content writer who can provide you tailored content writing services.
  • Your business does not have enough office space: If your business does not have enough office space then you definitely require a content writer who can work remotely. This way he or she doesn’t have to come to your office and occupy your precious space.
  • You don’t want to spend money hiring a full-time employee: Hiring a full-time employee is a big commitment. You may have to pay to the HR company. You may have to file taxes. You may also have to spend money on insurance. You may have to give different benefits to your employee. Aside from that expense you will also need to dedicate a computer or laptop to your new content writer. You will have to pay for the software, connectivity and electricity bill. You will also be paying him or her when he or she is not working and simply spending time on Facebook. There are so many other expenses that you will have to bear. On the other hand, if you hire a content writer who works remotely, you can avoid all these expenses. You simply pay for what you get.
  • You don’t want to get stuck with just one content writer: What if you don’t like the content writer you have hired? Maybe he or she is not up to the mark? Maybe he or she does not understand what you really need? Maybe he or she is a terrible writer altogether? Whatever may be the case, you desperately need another content writer and you cannot randomly fire the one you have hired. This is not the case if you hire someone like me. Don’t like my work even after repeated revisions? You can easily find yourself another content writer and get on with your work.

If you agree with these points, then your business requires a content writer who can work from his or her own place.

Website content writer needed? Need a website content writer?


A website content writer is needed to organically increase your search engine rankings and improve the overall conversion rate of your website and blog.

Does your website need a content writer who can help you improve your conversion rate?

Whether you need just a single page or multiple pages or regular blog posts, we can create highly compelling content that will help you

  • Engage your readers.
  • Make them feel more involved.

You can use our professional content writing services for the following needs:

  • Main website content (page, services, products, company profile, about us and other web pages in your navigation)
  • Blog content (one time and ongoing)
  • Email marketing content
  • Video marketing content
  • Case studies and white papersE-books
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Why your website needs a professional content writing service


All websites need an online content writer to improve their search engine rankings.  They also need engaging and interesting content for better social media visibility.

Writing content for websites that drives both profits and traffic requires special writing skills and lots of experience.

A professional website writer is well-trained. He or she knows how to write for a particular audience and how to make the right impact.

Keep in mind that when people come to your website it is only your content that does the business for you.

If your content writing fails to impress your visitors, they’re not going to do business with you.

But when you get a website content writer from Credible Content, we don’t solely focus on search engine rankings and visibility.

Sure, for a small business website content writer is needed to improve search engine rankings.  You also need to increase your visibility.

For bigger businesses, it’s easy to spend money on advertisements and get the needed visibility. Even search engine rankings can be improved by spending lots of money.

But along with visibility, you need high conversion. You need to make sure that people who come to your website do business with you.

To be frank, even an untrained website content writer can get you the needed exposure.

All he or she has to do is create lots of content for a couple of months for your website or blog for the selected keywords and there you have it. You will experience a great improvement in your search engine rankings.

But these  better search engine rankings mean nothing if people don’t do business with you.

An interesting and useless content may get you better search engine rankings but it doesn’t convert well and it also fails to engage people on your website as well as social networking websites.

In fact the real success of your content is measured these days by how well it is shared and promoted over social networking websites. For your business you need a website content writer who can:

  • Engage your audience
  • Give people information they’re looking for in an easy to understand language
  • Write content that encourages people to get in touch with you and regularly visit your website or blog
  • Prepare case studies and white papers to cater to the B2B clients if that’s what you want to focus on
  • Improve the response rate of your email marketing campaigns
  • Provide you regular, timely content that is relevant, informative and useful
  • Create shareable content
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Every website needs a professional content writer

It’s a misconception that you can do without a professional website content writer. You need someone who can write fairly well.

Unfortunately, people realize the gravity of the mistake after it’s too late.

Further, they don’t even realize the mistake and end up blaming every other thing under the sun but their inability to recognize the importance of a professional website content writer that their business needs.

Why your business needs a professional website content writer

Content is what drives the Internet economy.

It is everywhere.

Millions of webpages, blog posts, images and videos are being created every second and being published on the Internet.

People are constantly publishing updates on social networking websites.

Thousands of newspaper articles are published online every minute.


These are all instances of content generation.

On your webpage, whatever you have written on your homepage, whatever you have displayed, whatever forms of webpages and blog posts that you have created, everything is content.

Now, since everything is content, why not take it seriously?

Still wondering why a website content writer is needed for your business?

Think it this way. When someone comes to your website it’s only your written content that communicates with the person.

It’s your written content that can convince the visitor.

It’s your written content that makes your visitor feel welcomed.

You visitor needs to be informed in a conversational language yet, a professional language.

Basically, your entire online business depends on the sort of content writing you have had on your website.

Contact for more details

A professional content writer knows the nitty-gritty of communicative writing. He or she knows how to convince your customers and clients. Every word, every phrase, every comma and every full-stop can decide whether your visitor is going to do business with you or not.

Over the years, while working for different clients, our content writers have gained deep experience writing result-oriented content.

Remember that when website content is being written for you, we don’t intend to create masterpieces. We want to turn visitors into your customers.

There are time tested expressions, call-to-action phrases, headlines and sub-headlines that do the trick.

These time tested expressions, call-to-action phrases, headlines and sub-headlines are not known to someone who is not familiar with the ins and outs of professional writing.

Only experienced content writers are familiar with these.

Do you know there are different types of content for every stage of your sales funnel?

Some people are just exploring whether they actually have a need for your product or service or not. You have different content for them.

Then, some people have made up their minds but can’t decide whom to buy from? They need to be convinced differently.

Some people have decided that they want to buy from you but they are just dillydallying. You need different content to motivate them and keep in touch with them.

Our writers at Credible Content know how to write for different stages of your sales funnel.

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A website content writer can help you improve your SEO.

Writing for search engine optimization while maintaining the high quality of your content is a very delicate balance.

The problem is exacerbated when Google decides to penalize you for trying too hard, for using your keywords and key phrases too many times.

But how do you know you are using your keywords and key phrases too many times?

You may think you are creating great SEO content but in reality, you might be harming your search engine rankings.

Our web content writers are not just trained to write search engine optimized content, we can also help you find the right keywords for you.

From within the organization it is often difficult to know exactly what search terms your customers and clients might be using to find your business. Maybe they are using totally different expressions than what you think they must be using.

An outside website writer is in a better position to have an unbiased opinion on what keywords are needed to improve your conversion rate.

Besides, whether you like it or not, the only way you can gain an edge over your competitors is by publishing high-quality content on your website or blog on an ongoing basis.

A big advantage of hiring a website content writer is that unlike advertising, you don’t have to pay for every click and every exposure.

Once you have created a formidable presence for your business, that presence remains there. All the exposure, all the clicks coming from that content are free to you.

All you have to do is, pay the website content writer when he or she writes content for you and that’s all.

We can fulfill your following content writing needs

  • Blog content writing
  • Website content writing
  • SEO content writing
  • E-book content writing
  • Case studies and white papers writing
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Social media updates
  • Email marketing copywriting
  • Rewriting and streamlining your existing content
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Need reasonably affordable  content writing services?


At Credible Content we don’t compete on the basis of cheap content – it doesn’t help. It doesn’t help your cause and it doesn’t help us provide you better content writing services.

When you approach us, we assume that you need a high-quality content writer whom you need to improve your search engine rankings as well as conversion rate.

We assume that you’re not looking for a cheap content writer just to fill up your website with low-grade content.

We offer affordable website content writers to clients from all over the world.

Just as we take up content writing assignments from all over the world, our writers also come from all over the world.

This means, they have different costs of living in their respective regions.

Despite this, we offer a standardized rate.

Content should be growth initiator, not something that stunts your growth.

We want our content to help you grow business. This is why we rate our services in such a manner that it works well both for our content writers and our clients.

We don’t want to squeeze our writers and we don’t want to provide low quality content to our clients.

Need some more convincing?  Do you urgently need a website content writer to improve your search engine rankings and generate more business? Why not contact us for more details?

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More sales with Credible Content Writing Services

Every business needs more sales even if it is a non-profit business (then the sales would be in terms of the number of donations and sponsors that business gets) and therefore every business can profit from reliable, trustworthy, Credible Content Writing Services.

How my content writing services can help you get more sales on the web

Have you ever noticed how every company – whether it is trying to promote its products and services on the web or in the brick and mortar world – tries to increase its presence and brand recognition as much as possible? This is why you continuously come across billboards and advertisements. You see the advertisements on television. You also see some products and services featured in movies. It doesn’t mean you’re immediately going to purchase those products and services. These businesses want you to remember them. My content writing services do the same for you.

Why should people remember you and how does it affect your sales?

This is because there is so much competition around. Even if you want to buy a smartphone – an ubiquitous device these days – there can be thousands of options. So if there are thousands of options and every smartphone has pretty much the same features which one do you finally purchase? The one you are familiar with, the one you can relate to and the one that matches your personality and mental condition. It can be an iPhone because you really like the brand and you trust the company. Of course it helps it is one of the most known brands in the world.

But not every company and business in the world enjoys as much brand recognition as Apple, Microsoft or Samsung. You want people to not just know about your business, but also feel comfortable about it, especially on the web. On the Internet it is difficult to trust people because you cannot directly approach them. Someone from your New Orleans business might be purchasing your product or service from Beijing. The person in Beijing fully knows that in case he or she is not happy with the product or service, and in case you decide not to respond, he or she is not going to travel to your office and create a ruckus. At the most he or she can complain on Twitter, Facebook or write a blog post. Even then, he or she needs to enjoy considerable presence on social media and social networking websites. If that is not the case, the only thing that makes him or her comfortable doing business with you is your presence. In order to get more sales you need more people to recognize your brand and trust. How do you gain such presence?

Increase your brand presence and consequently, get more sales with my content writing services

Although any content would do as long as your audience finds it acceptable, in my case, I provide content writing services – this means I provide text. The text is provided as:

  • Blog posts
  • Informative articles
  • Compelling webpages
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Email newsletters
  • Social networking updates

It’s not about having more content and in fact, my clients don’t hire my content writing services because they need more content. They hire my content writing services because they are looking for good quality content that can improve their conversion rate. When you have good conversion rate, your search engine rankings automatically improve. And if you have good search engine rankings, you don’t need to indiscriminately publish content trying to cover as many keywords as possible. All you need is good content, content people find convincing and trustable. This is what can get you more sales and this is the sort of content my Credible Content Writing services can provide you.

Content writing services for real estate business

Content writing services for real estate businesses and companies

Content writing services for real estate businesses and companies.

I routinely provide content writing services to real estate business industry as they greatly depend on their website to get more leads and educate their clients. Whether people want to buy or sell real estate or rent (or rent out) property, the first thing they do is check out either the online directory for real estate properties or visit the website of their favorite realtor or what the commonly say in India the property dealer (although people in India are wary of property dealers for obvious reasons 🙂 ). For that, they need a web content writer who can improve their search engine visibility and at the same time write engaging content that informs and elicits interest.

Trustworthiness is very important when it comes to writing content for real estate websites. The stakes are higher for  all the parties involved – buyers, sellers, builders, contractors and realtors.  The trustworthiness in the writing comes with experience, empathy and a sense of entrepreneurship. Without these attributes, it will be difficult for a content writer to instill a sense of confidence as well as empathy into the narrative.

What sort of content writing services do I provide to real estate businesses?

Real estate business content doesn’t just involve writing and publishing listings of the properties. There are zillions of websites doing that. How do you get an edge and show up at the right places in the search engine result pages? I’m not saying that my content writing services will suddenly improve your search engine rankings in the real estate business section (I’m not even saying that they won’t). Your search engine rankings depend on the sort of competition you face in your realm. Search engine experts say that there are 200+ factors that work together to render your present search engine rankings.

Real estate business is a highly competitive field. Every real estate business these days has a website and as you can see on Google, the first spots are crowded. Primary keywords are all taken up. So how do you make a beginning? This is where my content writing services can help you.

I can help you figure out how to target less competitive keywords so that you immediately start getting traffic for those keywords. I will help you narrow down your content to something very unique, something only you, or very few people in the real estate business, provide. This way your content will be vertically focused and hence, more competitive.

I would like to mention here just for the sake of openness that I don’t provide SEO services. I’m not an SEO consultant who is going to tell you how to do keyword research and how to come up with the best keywords and search terms to write content for. Yes, I can give you a basic take on how to create topics that are engaging and attractive, but by the end of the day, you need to decide what should be the focus of your writing if you want to improve the rankings of your real estate website.

What I have observed on the Internet (I haven’t done much research, I must admit) there are numerous types of real estate business websites, such as

  • Property listings
  • Realtor websites
  • Realty websites
  • Construction company websites
  • Builders websites
  • Property consultants websites

and so on.

They need content accordingly. There may be subtle differences in many cases but these differences can be quite stark when you consider them in terms of searcher intent and what their target customers are really looking for.

Whatever type of real estate website you have got, I can help you with the following:

  • Website content
  • Blog content
  • E-books, case studies and white papers
  • Email marketing content
  • Social media content

Do you actually need content writing services for your real estate business?

Do you really need a content writer for your real estate website?

Do you really need a content writer for your real estate website?

Since most of the real estate websites mostly have listings of houses, commercial properties, condominiums and residential complexes, you must wonder, why do you need content writing services for that? Can’t you simply make one of your secretaries write all the descriptions and other details of your various properties? Yes, you can do that. Thousands of other real estate businesses are also doing that, so yes, you can do that. Some real estate businesses have thousands of listings so they obviously have more content than you have. Some are multi-million-dollar businesses so they have all the needed manpower to create tons of content in-house. If that is your case, sure, you don’t need content writing services for your real estate website.

You need content writing services if you’re not a very big real estate business and yet you want to not just improve your search engine rankings but also build relationships with your prospective as well as current clients (never underestimate the power of clients who have already bought or sold properties through you).

You want to establish a personal connection. How do you do that? By regularly keeping in touch with people who would one day like to use your services. If you constantly send them listings, since currently they may not be interested in buying and selling properties, they may ignore your emails or other updates. Then one day, since they are totally oblivious to your existence, if they need to buy or sell a property, or if someone they know needs to buy or sell a property, they may go to someone else because they have totally forgotten about you.

Different studies have proven that informed and educated clients are better than uninformed clients because informed and educated clients can recognize the value of doing business with you. I have written blog posts for many real estate businesses. There is a Japanese real estate company that regularly hires me for writing educational blog posts. They want to explain different concepts to the Japanese as well as foreign clients. Knowing different terms related to properties for sale and renting can help both clients, tenants, and property owners. They also have a blog post on how to measure floor area when evaluating different properties. This is because floor area dimensions can be different in different Japanese cities.

Through my content writing services you can constantly keep your current and prospective clients engaged by giving them informative content that doesn’t bore them. I will keep a close watch on your industry and the parameters that may directly or indirectly affect your industry, and then provide content your clients may find interesting and useful. They need market information. They need information about the environment in which they may sell or buy properties. They need information about the socio-economy conditions that may affect the prices of the properties they intend to buy or sell. If you hire my content writing services you don’t have to waste time scouring through various topics on the Internet. You can send me a rough idea and accordingly I will create first-class content for your audience.

I provide multifaceted content writing services. I can write as a content writer as well as a copywriter. A copywriter is well-suited for writing the main website content such as your homepage, services page, listings page and the about us page. On these pages, while informing your visitors, you also need to sell to them as a real estate company. This requires copywriting skills.

To an extent even blogging requires copywriting skills, but blogging is mostly done to inform, educate and engage. It gives your visitors a reason to keep track of your website and come back repeatedly. The more they come to your website, the more familiar and comfortable they get with your presence, and the more familiar and comfortable they get, the more inclined they are to do business with you.

Looking for a content writer or a copywriter for your real estate website? Contact me for more details.


Hindi content writing services – Hindi content writer

Content writing services in Hindi – Hindi content writer

Content writing services in Hindi – Hindi content writer.

Why do you need a Hindi content writer?

By 2020, there were 749 million Internet users in India. By 2040, there will be 1.5 billion people who will be using the various Internet services in India.

This Economy Times link claims that India may have 900 million active Internet users by 2025. This is around 90 crores. The population of India is around 130 crores (right now).

Do all these people speak English? No. Can all of them read and write in English? Certainly not.

The biggest demographic in India is Hindi speaking. Due to regionalism and politics, many people may claim that they have got nothing to do with Hindi and they would rather stick to their own regional language, there’s a huge population that can read and understand Hindi.

Studies have shown that 72% of Internet users in India prefer and trust web content in their own language rather than in English (source). Hence, given a choice between trusting a website written in English and a website written in Hindi, it is easier for people in India to trust a website that is written in Hindi.

Therefore, if you want to convince your Hindi speaking audience to do business with you, you need a Hindi content writer for your website and blog. You need Hindi content writing services.

Not just websites and blogs, recently I have discovered that businesses are looking for Hindi content writers even for their marketing and advertising materials. A few weeks ago, I wrote a brochure copy in Hindi.

You need to Hindi content writer to

  • Make it easier for your Hindi speaking audience to understand what you have published on your website or blog.
  • Expand your market into Hindi speaking regions of the world or in India.
  • Increase your website conversion rate by publishing content in the language people understand and respond to.
  • Appear more friendly and approachable to your Hindi speaking audience.
  • Improve your search engine rankings for Hindi content.
  • Introduce the same level of quality in your Hindi content as you get in your English content.

Hindi content writing services. Are you looking for a writer who can create compelling content in Hindi?

People employ content writing services for all major languages in the world, then why not Hindi content writing services especially when you’re trying to target a Hindi audience?

Make it easier for Hindi speaking people to understand you

Make it easier for Hindi speaking people to understand you.

Millions of Hindi speaking people, not just in India but from all over the world, are continuously logging onto the Internet to seek information and purchase commodities and services.

Are you missing this massive demography simply because you do not have content on your website in Hindi? There are many people who don’t feel comfortable unless you talk to them in their own language. Precisely this is the reason why you come across websites in German, Chinese, French, Italian and Japanese languages (just to name a few). You will immediately strike up a rapport if you can communicate to them in the language they are comfortable in, in this case, Hindi.

Why use Hindi content writing services when you can easily translate text using online tools?

Online translation tools are good for amateur websites that aren’t bothered much about doing serious business. Machine can never replace an actual writer who will first understand your audience and then create content accordingly. Writing is a very delicate matter. There are certain nuances that, if missing, can drastically reduce your conversion rate.

My Hindi content writing services will give you power packed Hindi content that will be thoroughly proofread, spell checked and well-arranged

Machine translations can never compete with my Hindi content writing services simply because when I write for you, I write as a writer and not someone simply churning out words to fill up your webpages. Whether I write in Hindi or English, my sole purpose is to convey your message compellingly, convincingly and in a manner people can trust.

Why hire me as your Hindi content writer?

You must be wondering, there is no dearth of people who know how to write in Hindi, then why hire this particular content writer who is offering Hindi content writing services, on a website that mostly has content written in English?

Good question. Valid question.

You should hire me because before I am a content writer, I am a writer. What does that mean?

Take for example an artist – a painter. A person who can paint well can draw good images using just a pencil. She can draw paintings using oil paints, or water paints, or simple chalk on a concrete wall.

She can draw with pretty much everything. Why? Because she is an artist. She can skillfully draw figures and patterns using multiple tools.

The same goes for an experienced and talented writer. As I have written above, before a content writer I am a writer, which means, I think and write like a writer and not like a content writer. I’m not limited by a language. A language for me is just a tool. I’m basically a communicator, a convincing communicator at that.

I could have been a convincing Punjabi, or a Bhojpuri, or a Bengali content writer – it doesn’t really matter. I write like a writer.

I will understand your business. I will understand your audience. I will empathize with their problems. Then I will write.

It is not about one’s ability to write sentences. The fundamental skill lies in the way you can use words and phrases effectively. You must be able to tell a story. You must be able to create a narrative. You must be able to captivate the imagination of your audience.

This is something I can achieve for you. If you want to convince your audience, if you want to engage your readers, if you want to tell interesting stories, then you want to hire me as your Hindi content writer.

Why not hire a translation service instead of my Hindi content writing services?

Yes, there shouldn’t be any problem with that. Instead of hiring my Hindi content writing services you can hire a translation service that can convert your existing content into Hindi. But remember that simply having an ability to understand and write in 2 different languages doesn’t mean that you can write well. In order to write well, you need to have experience as a writer. This is what you get when you work with my Hindi content writing services.

Most people fail to understand that a language is just a tool. It is the writer who uses this tool to create the magic. You could be using any language. You could be writing in Punjabi, Marathi, Swahili, Pakhto, Chinese or Bhojpuri, to write professional, convincing content, you need to be a passionate writer, you need to be a writer who knows how to use a language to communicate forcefully.

I am Amrit Hallan. My routine work mostly involves writing professional content for small and medium-sized businesses in English, I can write equally well in Hindi too. So if you’re looking for convincing and compelling content in Hindi, I can help you.

I can help you reach out to one of the biggest segments of humanity who speaks Hindi. My Hindi content writing services are available for websites, newsletters and basically everywhere you need to convince buyers or an audience.

I can deliver the following services as a Hindi content writer

  • Blog writing
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing copy
  • Main website content
  • Speech writing

Basically, pretty much everything.

Do contact me for more information.

क्या आप किसी ऐसे लेखक को ढूंढ़ रहे हैं जो आपका सन्देश लोगों तक असरदार तरीके से पहुंचा पाए? हिंदी भाषा बोलने वालों की एक बड़ी संख्या इन्टरनेट पे खरीद फ़रोख्त करती है और ये लोग चाहेंगे की आपके वेब पेज उन्हीं की भाषा में हों. और क्यों नहीं? जब फ्रेंच वेबसाइट्स फ्रेंच में, जर्मन वेबसाइट्स जर्मन में, जापानी वेबसाइट्स जापानी में और चीनी वेबसाइट्स चीनी में हो सकती हैं, तो भारत की वेबसाइट्स हिंदी, या फिर दूसरी भारतीय भाषाओँ में क्यों नहीं हो सकतीं?

वेब पेज हिंदी भाषा में क्यूँ?

Why web pages in Hindi

Why web pages in Hindi?


मुझे लगता है की इसका जवाब आपके पास पहले से ही है, और शायद इसी लिए आप अपनी वेबसाईट के लिए एक कॉन्टेंट राइटर ढूंढ़ भी रहे हैं. आप जानते हैं की केवल हिंदी (और अन्यथा कोई भी भाषा) लिख पाना ही पर्याप्त नही होता…अगर ऐसा होता तो हर पाचवीं पास प्रेमचंद याँ अमृतलाल नागर होता.

जो आपने लिखा है वो ऐसा होना चाहिए की पढ़ने वाला सोचे, बई मुझे तो अभी इनसे ये वास्तु याँ सुविधा खरीद लेनी चाहिए.

और खरीदने की ही बात नहीं है; आप एक असर डालना चाहते हैं (जिसे अंग्रेजी में इम्पैक्ट कहते हैं). आप लोगों से संवाद करना चाहते हैं (जिसे अंग्रेजी में इंगेजमेंट कहते हैं). आप चाहते हैं की जब वो आपका सन्देश पढ़ें तो आप पर विश्वास करें. ये सब तभी हो पाता है जब आप अच्छी, पेशेवर भाषा का प्रयोग करते हैं.

मेरा नाम अमृत हल्लन है और मैं आपको हिंदी भाषा में कॉन्टेंट दे सकता हूँ; ऐसा कॉन्टेंट जो लोगो के मन में आपके प्रति विश्वास पैदा करे. हालांकि मैं ज़्यादातर अंग्रेजी में ही लिखता हूँ, पर पकड़ दोनों भाषाओँ में लगभग समान ही है. भाषा का जानना तो ज़रूरी ही है, उससे भी अधिक महत्वपूर्ण है आपकी अभिव्यक्ति — आप कैसे एक सन्देश को सामने वाले तक पहुंचाते हैं. वर्षों से मैं अन्तराष्ट्रीय छोटे और मंझले आकार के व्यापारियों और व्यापारों को ऐसा कॉन्टेंट देता आ रहा हूँ जो उनको और ग्राहक जुटाने में मदद करता है. अपने लिखने की काबिलियत से मुझे विश्वास है की मैं आपकी सहायता भी कर सकता हूँ.

हिंदी में कॉन्टेंट के लिए संपर्क करें


Content Writing & Copywriting Services For Web Design Agency


Are you a web design agency looking for reliable content writing and copywriting services so that you can give total turnkey web design solutions to your clients?

Content writing and copywriting are integral parts of any website these days. Most of the clients expect you to provide the content as well when you do their web design work.

Whether you are an agency or an individual designing and developing business websites, it is assumed, unless the client is very particular about what is written for the website, that you are going to provide the content and the copy too.

No website can hope to generate business without high quality, convincing content. No landing page can have a decent conversion rate without compelling copy.

If you are designing websites and landing pages, you need both experienced content writing and conversion-driven copywriting.

Credible Content can provide you both.

Contact for more details

Why Credible Content is the perfect partner if your web design agency is looking for content writing and copywriting services


Reliability. You need content? You need copy? you let us know, and you get it. There are no unexpected delays unless there is an earthquake or a cyclone or an event that cannot be prevented from happening.

We have a global pool of content writers and copywriters who can write on practically any topic under the sun. Even under the moon, for that matter.

Even if immediately we cannot arrange a content writer or a copywriter, we have a vast database of contacts we can immediately contact and get you the right person.

But that happens rarely. Most of the time all our content writers and copywriters are just an email away. You let us know your requirement, and within 24-48 hours you begin to get your documents.

Currently Credible Content is providing content writing and copywriting services to 5 web design agencies and businesses from around the world. In fact, there is a Norway-based web design agency that had been trying to find a decent content writer for its clients for three years and had had a really bad experience due to one or another reason. Finally, they came across our website and now we have got a happy web design company and its happier clients.

Listed below are the main reasons how we are able to keep our web design agency partners happy with our content writers and copywriters:

  • Dependable and amiable content writers and copywriters.
  • Content writers and copywriters totally comfortable with SEO content writing.
  • Being a business ourselves we know the business compulsions of our partners.
  • We are totally in tune with the latest happenings on the Internet (it helps).
  • Highly competitive rates.
  • Writers with different flairs of writing from all over the world.
  • Very, very, very strict policy against plagiarism.
  • Unique and original content.
  • Great turnaround time.
  • Reasonable number of revisions.
  • More than individual projects, we are interested in building lasting relationships.
  • We totally get content writing and copywriting.
Contact for more details

Affordable content writing and copywriting services for your web design business

At Credible Content we completely understand that our partnership needs to make financial sense. No use working with us if we aren’t saving you money.

We will give you a fixed rate for our content writing and copywriting services and you can charge your clients whatever are your charges. We will never interfere. If you want, your clients will never know who is giving them the killer copy.

We are already working with multiple web design agencies. In fact, we prefer to work with web design agencies rather than individual clients because there is an unending supply of work.

I had my own web design agency (hello, I’m Amrit) before I started providing content writing and content marketing services. I know the difficulties and travails a typical web design agency goes through trying to provide a high conversion website to its clients.

Want to know how Credible Content can add value to the excellent web design services that you are already providing?

Contact for more details

Provide excellent SEO content writing services to your clients


We can easily bet that all your clients want better search engine rankings. Although there are zillions of factors that affect your search engine rankings, everything begins with great content writing and copywriting. This is something that we can deliver.

SEO content writing involves careful study of keywords and then creating compelling content around them, without needlessly using them.

Search engines like Google demand quality these days. Your content writing and copywriting should be impeccable, of high standard. Again, Credible Content can deliver that without fail.

You can establish yourself as a competent web design company if you can also provide SEO content and SEO copywriting.

Even if some people don’t understand the importance of quality content, everybody understands the importance of getting good search engine rankings. The rankings of various websites have been dropping left right and center due lousy content and other shady SEO activities carried out by the so-called “SEO experts” and website owners themselves.

Many web design agencies also offer SEO services but now it is pretty much known that SEO has got much to do with how the content is written. Without quality content there is practically no SEO.

A web design agency can optimize the source code, it can also get thousands of external links, but nothing matters unless a website has well-written, relevant content, and this is something only a trained, professional content writing and copywriting service like Credible Content can provide.

Contact for more details

Improve your own search engine rankings with our SEO content writing and copywriting services

Credible Content can help you improve your own search engine rankings as a web design agency.

Web design agencies these days have to operate in a high-competition atmosphere. There must be thousands of web design and web development companies already competing with you. How do you get better search engine rankings?

The best way of improving your search engine rankings is to know what search terms and keywords your prospective clients are using in order to find web design agencies.

After making a list of all the important search terms and keywords, you should create content around that information.

We can help you improve local search engine rankings as well as global search engine rankings with targeted optimized content.

What can Credible Content provide you and your clients?

  1. Professional, well-written content
  2. Website copy that actually converts
  3. Email content for your clients
  4. Highly compelling main pages and blog posts to engage visitors as well as improve search engine rankings
  5. Incorporation of keywords without inviting penalty from search engines
  6. E-book writing
  7. Case studies and white papers
  8. Sales copywriting
  9. Blog posts
  10. Social media updates

Basically, wherever convincing content is required, we can pitch in.

Looking for dependable content writers and copywriters for your web design agency? Looking for a content writing and copywriting service you can totally rely on? Let’s have a chat or a talk.

Contact for more details

 Content writing

How much does it cost to set up a complete WordPress blog?


How much does setting up a WordPress blog cost?

Different blogging companies may have different rates for setting up your WordPress blog. It depends on their expertise, experience and the sort of features you want in the blog.

For example, sometimes a WordPress theme that looks very simple to you may be very difficult to set up. Sometimes you need extra functions that require add-ons. Sometimes the theme is very difficult to set up. Sometimes clients also want content along with the blog set up and this further increases the cost.

Sometimes you need to purchase images and videos that cannot be used for free. Sometimes you need some JavaScript functions and for that you need to purchase JavaScript libraries.

The domain registration and web hosting costs are separate and depend on the sort of package you opt for.

For completely setting up a WordPress blog at Credible Content we charge $150 .

The setup includes:

  • Setting up the MySQL database needed for the WordPress setup
  • Uploading the latest version of the WordPress setup files using FTP connection under the appropriate folder on your server
  • Making the appropriate database connections
  • Installing the WordPress blog
  • Making initial tweaks to the default WordPress theme that comes with the set up
  • Installing, activating and setting up the Yoast WordPress SEO plug-in
  • A free complimentary blog post of 250-500 words

$150 is the minimum amount we charge at Credible Content whether you want us to do all that is listed above or just a few activities. In case you want us to customize the default theme according to your existing website layout, it will be $35 per hour extra

How can Credible Content help you set up your WordPress blog and then maintaining it later on?

If you want a business blog using WordPress we can help you set it up. If you haven’t already registered a domain name we can help you with the following:

  • Register a domain name
  • Arrange of web hosting for your domain name
  • Set up the WordPress blog under your domain name
  • Help you select and customize a WordPress theme
  • Provide blog content writing services on an ongoing basis.

Maintaining a business blog is like maintaining any other business asset. It helps you grow your business but it also requires an investment in terms of money and effort.

Your blog will require regular maintenance. Just like problems keep cropping up with your website, the same may be the case with your business blog. But this is marginal cost.

The real cost of maintaining a business blog manifests in publishing content regularly. When you have a business blog you will need to publish blog posts routinely, preferably, everyday until you have created a significant presence for yourself.

When any business starts publishing a blog I recommend that it publishes a blog post almost everyday and if this is not possible, then at least twice a week.

Do we provide total blogging solutions? Yes we do. From installation to customization to content publishing, we can provide you complete WordPress blogging solutions.

Contact for more details

Why are there differences in setup costs?


There are differences in the WordPress blog setup costs because different individuals and businesses have different needs. A typical WordPress blog may have the following needs

  • Blog or website domain registration (the cost might be zero if you decide to host your blog in one of your existing domain subdirectories). In case you need to register a domain name, it is going to be a recurring cost every year.
  • Web hosting setup for your WordPress blog. This is going to be a recurring cost every year.
  • Cost of a premium theme if you purchase a new theme. There are many free WordPress templates available some of these templates are very good. Even on the Credible Content website I use a free website template called Twenty Twelve which I have heavily customized.
  • Developer fees if you decide to hire a WordPress developer to customize your blog theme. Even if you go for a free theme you will need to get it customized according to your business or branding. People these days are even using WordPress for website design. There is practically an unending list of WordPress websites and you can easily get a WordPress designer if you need one.
  • Consulting fee in case you don’t know how to do the basic setup like creating a MySQL database, downloading the installation files from the website and then uploading the installation files onto your own FTP server.
  • The ongoing cost of publishing high-quality content.

There are different ways you can set up your WordPress blog:

  • – This is a hosted WordPress setup. It is very easy to set up and it is also free. All you have to do is sign up with a free account, supply all the information and then start publishing your blog. It comes with its own set of WordPress website templates. There is no SEO benefit because you are publishing your content on the website. The only benefit is that it is totally free and if you just need a presence for yourself, this is one of the easiest ways of doing it.
  • Self-hosted blog – This can be a standalone domain or directly under your own domain. For example, I have my content writing and content marketing blog under // It is a self hosted WordPress blog and for the setup I have installed the files myself by creating a “blog” directly under my domain.
  • Managed WordPress hosting – These days since many businesses and individuals prefer WordPress over other blog hosting and setup platforms many web hosting companies provide packages called “Managed WordPress hosting”. If you want to host and setup your own WordPress blog and if you are fine with the extra cost, this is the easiest way of setting up your own WordPress blog. When you create an account with your hosting service, the WordPress setup can be done with a couple of clicks.

Your WordPress blog set up cost may also depend on the factors listed above. Different WordPress blogs may cost differently according to their individual configurations and requirements.

Contact for more details

Does allow you to setup your blog under your own domain?

Yes, it has some plans that allow you to set up your WordPress blog under your own domain despite putting all your content under They have explained on how to host such a under your own domain name.

Despite the extra cost what is the benefit of setting a WordPress blog under your own web host or managed hosting?

The biggest benefit of hosting your own WordPress setup is of course, you have total control over your content. You are not publishing your content on another website. If you want to move, you can easily move your content to another web host and even to another domain name if there is a need to do so.

Listed below are a few benefits of setting up your WordPress blog under your own web hosting:

  • Improve SEO of your own website and blog
  • Increased search engine and social media traffic to your main business website
  • Generate revenue from your self-hosted blog by publishing ads on it
  • Build your subscribers and mailing list
  • Grow your social media following
  • Associate your business brand with your blog

Want to know how much your own WordPress blog setup is going to cost you? Contact Credible Content today for more details.

Contact for more details

How much do professional website content writing services cost?


Wondering how much on an average website content cost is?

How much do our content writing services cost?

How much does a content writer charge? How much money does he or she take to write quality content?

If you’re planning to hire a content writer, what’s going to be the content writing cost?

Is it good to pay content writing rates per word, per page, or per hour?

On an average, if your website has 5 pages including the homepage, the total content writing cost for your website may be around $100 (+10% payment processing fee). At Credible Content My average project is around $200.

My website copywriting rates hover around this number normally. Though, I charge slightly more for copywriting.

I have set my professional website content writing services rates keeping multiple factors in mind, including

  • Subject matter (specialty content costs more and non-specialty content costs less).
  • The content writing and copywriting cost also depends on the time it takes – sometimes lots of research and pre-drafting is required.

I make it a point never to take up assignments that don’t offer a decent rate because then it has a direct impact on the quality of the content that I deliver.

I spend a great amount of time making sure that I deliver quality content.

There is writing, and then there is writing.

My primary focus is quality content.

I never compete in terms of pricing.

I never set my content writing rates based on what other content writers and other content writing services are charging.

Sometimes I also work with writers who come from all over the world.

Hence, the cost of writing content depends on your expectations and the writer you want to work with.

Contact for more details

If you want to know the true cost of a professional writing service you first need to figure out…

Why do you want to pay for a content writing service?


The following might be the reasons why you want to pay for a professional content writing service:

  • You need well-written, high-quality content for your website.
  • You want to improve conversion rate on your website and therefore you need convincing and compelling content that can only be written by an experienced and professional content writer or copywriter.
  • You want to improve your organic search engine rankings through SEO content writing.
  • You want to publish content on your blog or your email newsletter regularly, to build your brand.

When you are ready to bear the content writing cost it means the service is valuable to you or your business.

You cannot perform the service on your own.

So, since it is valuable, you are ready to obtain it by paying for it.

You are eager to pay the cost because the benefit is going to be immense.

Contact for more details

Why does the cost of professional website content writing vary so much?


Frankly, these days it is very easy to find a content writer.

But, it is very difficult to find a good content writer.

Providing content writing services is extremely easy.

Just create your account on one of the freelancing websites, upload a few random samples and there you have it.

Since most of these, the so-called content writers, don’t provide content writing services as their main livelihood (they are normally between jobs or simply whiling away their time), they charge arbitrarily.

Their content writing rates are haphazard and they change from client to client.

In order to get more work they keep the tentative cost as low as possible.

Their primary aim is to get the project.

Very few projects are completed and most of them are simple waste of money because the quality is deplorable.

Tragically, very few business owners can distinguish between a content writer and a good content writer.

Since they don’t know the difference, the cost of professional website content writing is set randomly by the service providers.

This is why you see so many differences in the professional website content writing costs.

Contact for more details

How do I decide the rate of content writing for your individual website or blog project?

It depends on many factors, but the most important thing is the quality of the website content you want.

With the latest search engine updates like Google’s Hummingbird and Penguin, cheap content no longer pays dividends, and in fact, it costs you more money – in terms of lost business opportunities.

Wondering how cheap content writing services cost you more?


Ever heard the phrase: “I’m too poor to buy cheap”?

Whoever said that knew that going for cheaper options is always expensive.

This phrase fits perfectly with content writing.

When you go for cheap content you get trapped in a vicious loop.

The content is totally useless, so you get more cheap content and then you have more cheap content that is useless.

You spend lots of money getting lots of cheap content, resulting in nothing.

Quality content on the other hand reaps you good results.

One high-quality web page or blog post is far better than 40 low-quality web pages or blog posts.

Of course the cost of professional website content writing services is higher compared to a cheap content writing service but you are getting value for your money.

Think it this way: when you get professional web design there is a cost attached to it.

Even if you get your website designed from one of the affordable web design companies, there is at least some expense that you will bear.

This is because you know that without a website you can have no online presence for your business.

Just as you need various elements – layout, fonts, rows and columns, header and footer, logo, sidebar, professional images – you also need high-quality written content because ultimately it is the content that does the talking and convinces people into buying from you.

So, without high-quality, well-written content, your website is incomplete.

What is justifiable cost for website content?

Frankly, there is no justifiable cost.

It all boils down to the quality of content that you want for your website, where your content writers live, and how much content you want, how frequently.

The cost of professional website content writing services depends on the following factors:

  1. The level of expertise required
  2. The level of quality needed
  3. The frequency of content updates
  4. The amount of content your website requires
  5. The ability and experience of the content writer (or agency) you are planning to hire

Since at Credible Content I normally work with small to medium-sized businesses I break up the cost for you accordingly here.

Assuming you decide to work with me for writing your website content.

Let’s say you have the following sections for which you need content written:

  • Homepage
  • Services
    • Service 1
    • Service 2
    • Service 3
  • About us


I charge an hourly rate as well as per document rate. The cost may vary according to the prevailing economic conditions, but these days I am charging $18 per hour.

If I take 5 hours to complete all the drafts and an extra hour to implement some more changes suggested by you…

The total cost is going to be:

6 x 18 = $108

If you want to pay per page, it’ll be

  • Homepage = $20
  • Service 1 = $20
  • Service 2 = $20
  • Service 3 = $20
  • About us = $20

Total (according to per page) = $100

(An extra 10% processing fee is applicable to every payment)

So my website content writing services are going to cost you round about the amount calculated above assuming you have 5 pages.

This is, assuming you have 300-500 words. After that, it is $5 for every 100-word bracket.

If you have more pages, you can calculate the cost accordingly.

Similarly, if you want to pay me per blog post, it will be $30 per blog post.

Please keep in mind that if your blog writing requires lots of research I bill you according to my usual hourly rate rather than per blog post rate.

Want me to set up your WordPress blog? This is what we charge for setting up a complete WordPress blog.

Want more details about the cost of my professional content writing services? Do I have a content writing rate card? Yes, we do.

Contact for more details

Why Credible Content Writing Services?

Why hire Credible Content Writing Services

It’s a legitimate question – why you should get content from Credible Content Writing Services? I’m Amrit and I provide content through this website. Whatever you read here (and on the blog) is written by me. Whatever I write for my clients is written by me. So I’ll talk in the first person.

I’m sure why you want content for your business:

  1. You want to improve your conversion rate

Wondering why I have included just one point in the above bulleted lists set? Because that’s what everybody wants. What you do, and what you don’t do for your website (or blog) ultimately leads to a higher or lower conversion rate.

A higher conversion rate doesn’t just mean making more sales. It doesn’t just apply to websites selling products and services. Maybe you have a political website and you want to change political views of your visitors. Maybe you are an NGO and you want people to donate to your organization. Maybe you are a blog publishing niche content and want people to click the ads that you publish there. Maybe you want people to download your free e-book or subscribe to your email updates. The desired result of people coming to your website is the conversion rate for you.

You have low conversion rate (if you have this problem at the time of reading this page) because of the following reasons:

  1. You are not attracting the right people to your website
  2. The right people come to your website but you cannot convince them
  3. Both 1) and 2)

This is where I can help you. I can partially help you with point 1), and fully help you with point 2).

“Partially” with point 1) because, although the quality and relevance of your content has a big hand in drawing the right people to your website, it’s not completely in your website content’s hand.

Conversion, on the other hand, solely depends on your content (here I’m assuming you’re selling a viable product or service and the layout of your website adheres to most usability guidelines).

Here is why your business will benefit from Credible Content Writing Services:

  • I get to the point immediately: I understand your average visitor doesn’t have much time. He might be in a hurry or lots of things might be distracting him. So whatever important stuff that needs to be conveyed, I convey it in the beginning of the page.
  • I focus on benefits more and features less: When people come to your website they immediately want to know how your product or service is going to benefit them. For instance, when you come to my website you’re not interested in how awesome a writer I am and for how many clients I have written up till now. These points are important, and they must be mentioned somewhere on the website, but for you, the most important thing is, how YOU can benefit from my services. What impact my content writing is going to have on your business? How am I going to improve your conversion rate?

    Similarly when I’m writing content for you I keep in mind what your prospective customers and clients are looking for. What is going to move them? What is going to convince them that yours is the right product or service for them? What pressing problem you solve when people do business with you?

  • I use the language of your customers and clients: I’m not here to prove a point. I don’t want to impress your visitors with my wordplay. All I want to do is express your brand message in such a manner that it makes a positive impact. My content engages your visitors. It makes them reach out to you, whether they want to do business with you immediately or they first want to ask you more questions. I keep my language simple while not dumbifying your readers. I’m not averse to using jargon but only where it is necessary.
  • I am a technology person: When you start working with me I have all the needed tools to give you well-formatted content. I work efficiently by using all the tools available to me. Of course I don’t obsess with the state-of-the-art technology because ultimately it is the quality of content that counts and not the cool tools that I use, but there are many tools that help me work faster and efficiently.
  • I always keep you in the loop: I know how to write well, clearly and convincingly. This is what I do for a living and you pay me for that. This is where I draw the line. When it comes to your business, you know what sells and what doesn’t. When I write content for you, I don’t assume that you don’t know something about your business, the only thing that I assume is that although you know what an awesome business you are running, you are not able to express your views. So I continuously ask you questions and seek answers I don’t have access to. I always keep you in the loop. I always let you know what’s going on at my end.
  • I don’t bother about quick-fix solutions: I don’t write those $ 5-articles in order to improve search engine rankings (they don’t, according to the recent Google updates). I don’t believe in slogging mindlessly. I focus on quality work even if it means taking on less assignments.
  • You can easily reach me: You can find me everywhere. I constantly blog. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Slideshare. I publish a regular newsletter. My phone number and my email ID is right there at the top of my website. I send invoices using I’m on Skype most of the time when I’m working (although I may not appear online so that I’m not constantly disturbed). So basically you can find me almost everywhere.

Need further answers? Let us set up a meeting over Skype or Google Hangout. Or you can simply fill up my contact form and I will promptly get back to you.

Engaging your readers with effective content marketing

Some people think that the sole purpose of content marketing is to improve your search engine rankings and consequently, cover as many keywords as possible. This is not a totally misplaced notion and your content must cater to the parameters the search engines need in order to crawl, index and rank your website according to the language you have used vis-a-vis the search terms their users are using. But this is just a small part of content marketing. The most important purpose of creating and publishing content on your website is to engage your readers. If you can engage them, they become your customers and clients, or at least, your subscribers.

What exactly is engagement?

To an uninitiated person this may seem like an alien concept. Engagement means people can relate to your message and in some manner they want to respond to it. They can respond to it in many ways:

  • They can leave comments on your website
  • They can share your link on Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • They can leave comments under your social media profiles when you post your links over there
  • They can subscribe to your newsletter updates or RSS feeds
  • They can write articles and blog posts in response to what you have written
  • They can make connections with you on social media and social networking websites
  • They can link back to you from their own websites and blogs

Higher search engine rankings don’t matter much if your content doesn’t engage your readers. It is active engagement that makes an impression, that helps them remember you when they actually have to purchase something that you offer or to recommend you if their friends and colleagues need something that you can offer.

What makes your content effective?

It differs from audience to audience. Some people are looking for information so that they can decide if they can buy your product or service or not. Some people have already bought what you are offering and they need further information in order to utilize it better. Some people merely want to learn more or want to share some good content on their social media and social networking profiles. Some people are looking for entertainment.

The basic idea is providing what your target audience is looking for and then providing it non-stop, with unmitigated quality.

How to encourage engagement with effective content marketing?

Content marketing is different from just publishing content on your website. It means not only publishing content on your website, but also spreading it around the web so that it is easily found for the right search terms and the right places. People should be aware of the existence of your content. You cannot hope to engage people with effective content marketing if you’re just publishing content – no matter how great your content is – while paying scant regard on marketing and publicity.

Marketing and publicity doesn’t mean that you need to hire a PR agency in order to promote your content; it simply means you create your own presence by constantly engaging people on social media websites, online forums, blogs and websites so that when you share your own links they respond actively.

Anyway, the best way to engage your readers is to provide something stimulating in a conversational tone so that people can relate to you. They should feel like talking to you and responding to your questions and queries. Your content doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be informative, direct, non-misleading and sincere. And of course, regular.

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Writing persuasive website content

Persuasive website content means content that can convince people with its sense of truthfulness and trustworthiness. Writing such content requires a sense of sincerity. How do you write such content? How do you make people believe in you, put their trust in your hands and ultimately, do business with you?

Problem-solving is a big part of writing persuasive website content. When people come to your website – assuming that they come for the right reasons – they are primarily looking for solutions to their problems. Something is nagging them, whether it is related to their business or personal lives, and if you want their business, you want to assure them that you have the right solution to their problem.

This can be done with simple, to-the-point writing. Get straightaway to the core of the issue and tell them what you have got. Provide them accurate information and then trust their judgment. Don’t take their understanding for granted, but also don’t dumb down what they already know. If possible, write in the first person so they feel as if you are talking to them. You can use the question-and-answer method or you can be as descriptive as your central theme allows. What matters is, what impact you can make?

Writing persuasive website content to help your prospective customers and clients

The more helpful you are through your website content, the more eager they will be to do business with you. You should definitely use action words in your website copy, but they should be used where they are needed. You should avoid needlessly pushing people into doing something that they are unaware of, or don’t want to do right now. Make them aware, let them know what you have got without resorting to the hyperbole, and then let them decide. Show them that they are in control. Writing persuasive website content doesn’t mean selling combs to people who have no hair – you will be deemed smart by salespeople, but actually you will be no more than a crook.

The impact of professional content writing services on your business

The image shows a ripple as an example of the impact that professional content writing can have on your business

The impact that professional content writing has on your business

Irrespective of what you think, your target customers and clients can easily make out whether the content present on your website is written by a professional content writer or some untrained person whose primary job is not writing and expressing ideas.

Your business needs professional content writing services if you want to make the right impact and actually improve your bottom line.

I keep on repeating this thing on my website – you may realise that you need a professional content writer now, maybe after two weeks, after two months, or after a few years. But eventually you will.

The problem with most small businesses is they don’t take their content seriously.

Just because it is text, so anybody can write, they think.

There is a reason why there are journalists, novelists, writers and of course, content writers.

People pay them for a reason.

And that reason is, they bring in something that a person whose profession is not content writing, cannot bring.

How do you define professional content writing?

  • It is error-free.
  • It uses the language your target customers and clients use.
  • It gives the search engines a reason to rank your links higher.
  • It provides the right information to your visitors and empowers them.
  • It engages your audience.
  • It is written in a professional but conversational style.
  • It is consistent – the writing style doesn’t just randomly change from page to page, or from blog post to blog post.
  • It increases your conversion rate.
  • In terms of quantity, it remains consistent.

You can find some of the attributes mentioned above from casual content writers, but if your business requires all of these, then you certainly need to work with professional content writing services.

Businesses, unfortunately, get trapped in a loop of cost-saving.

In order to save money they pay a heavy price.

There is this strange hangup, that money shouldn’t be spent on getting the content professionally written.

After all, it is just text, even a high school student can write it.


Unless he or she is a prodigy, do you hire a school student as an engineer or a product designer or a doctor? No.

The people who come to your website are going to spend money.

It means they take your product or service seriously.

Do you intend to make a difference in their lives?

How do you communicate that you really mean business?

How do you convince them that you want to solve their problems with the solution you have got and why they should trust in you rather than another website?

What is so unique about your product or service?

You not wanting to spend money on professional content writing services means that you don’t have enough confidence in your business.

Since you are not sure whether you are going to make sufficient money or not, you want to save as much money as possible, to your detriment.

A big problem in today’s work scenario is you face tremendous competition.

No matter how unique your product or service is, there is always somebody somewhere with the same offer.

Take for instance my content writing services. If you search for my kind of services, you will find every web link but mine (I am working on that and if you were able to find my link, it means my effort is showing some results).

It means I face lots of competition. Both in terms of quantity and quality, I face competition.

So when people come to my website, I need to convince them, I need to offer them something that is not available on other websites.

I try to give my prospective clients as much information as possible and then let them decide.

This is my way of working and I don’t impose it on my clients. If they want content that hard sells I give them content that hard sells (of course I always stick to my basic philosophy that your customers and clients should never be misled into doing something they don’t want to do).

So your business can get a formidable edge by working with professional content writing services rather than having some non-professional write your content.

What impact does professional content writing have on your business?

  • Professional content writing improves your search engine rankings/SEO.
  • It improve your conversion rate as you are convincingly able to tell your visitors why they should become your customers and clients.
  • You can publish content regularly and consequently, increase keyword depth of your website or blog.
  • With error-free, research-based writing you can improve the authority of your website.
  • You get return visitors because you offer useful, relevant content to your visitors.
  • Get a content writer you can depend on.
  • Make your messaging professional and business-oriented.
  • Have your content written in a language used and easily understood by your target audience.
  • Generate more leads.

You may like to read 20 benefits of hiring professional content writing services.

Online and web copywriting

The importance of online and web copywriting should never be underestimated whether you are writing copy for a sales page or a simple blog post. Whenever you write something for your website or for your blog, you are communicating an idea. Here I’m talking about spending serious time establishing your business online. I’m not talking about setting up a journal to share your morning rituals and your cat’s culinary habits.

When you communicate something, you want to convince people into taking an appropriate action. Your website or your blog may have many entry points (it’s not necessary that everyone comes to your website via your homepage). Your various links appear on search engine results, on other websites and blogs and also on social networking timelines. Once you have published an article, a webpage or a blog post, it is not in your hand who publishes the link, and where. Most of the people who come to your website will be coming from these links. So every page on your website is important, and hence, the importance of online and web copywriting.

Is online and web copywriting different from normal copywriting, or even content writing?

Have you ever come across a phrase like, “He was able to sell his idea in the board meeting”? So when you are “selling” your idea it doesn’t mean that you are actually selling something. It means you are able to convince people. You make them agree with you. This is also selling. Every webpage on your business website should be selling your central idea. For instance, if I’m looking for content writing clients, every page of mine on this website should lead visitors to that direction. So when you’re writing for your page, when you’re creating content for your website and for your blog, copywriting plays an important part.

Online and web copywriting isn’t different from conventional copywriting per se, but there is definitely some difference. When people come to your website, they might already be in a great state of distractedness. It is so easy to go to another website in just a flick of a second. It doesn’t even have to be a voluntary, conscious effort. Just imagine, a prospective client is going through your pages, and suddenly there is a pop-up on his screen that tells them that he has got a new mail, or someone is trying to contact him on chat. My Skype is always on and sometimes when I’m buried deep into writing something or reading some useful material on the web, I get a request for a new contact, or a client asks me a question. These days the same happens with Google hangout as you can install it as a Chrome add-on. Of course you can switch off these distractions, but many people don’t and they can be easily distracted. Writing copy for them can be a bit tricky.

So when a person comes to your website your copywriting should immediately capture her attention. Use as few words as possible and make your message as convincing as possible. Provide direct solutions and answers. Don’t beat around the bush or waste words unless there is a real reason (for instance, this particular webpage is quite long but I know you are interested in reading it). There should be lots of action words to keep the person engaged. Unlike other online copywriters, I don’t recommend creating a false sense of urgency because your customers and clients should be fully aware of what they’re buying and when they are buying rather than you forcing them into something they don’t want to do.

Why hire me for your online and web copywriting needs

Although I don’t overtly promote myself as an online copywriter, I know how to convince people and this is why I have a long list of clients for whom I have written copy for their multiple projects. I focus on the real issues, the issues that matter to your target customers and clients. I use their language and I provide answers to their concerns. I prepare your copy from the perspective of your customers and clients. It feels as if somebody is talking to them and is concerned about them. This is exactly what people want – they want someone to empathize with them. They should say, “Precisely! This is what I’m looking for!”

I write well, of course. My writing may not be flawless, but there are no blatant errors and I’m able to make my point convincingly, and eventually, that’s what matters.

SEO content development – Improve your organic search engine rankings


SEO content development services to improve your organic search engine rankings.

Credible Content can create high-impact content for your website or blog to give you the SEO edge you have been looking for, for a long time.

The term “SEO content development” can be quite misleading. Since Credible Content always focuses on creating content that should automatically do well on search engines, we don’t specifically provide SEO content development services, but since many clients look for this specific category, we often provide this service separately.

Frankly, you don’t need a separate service to improve your search engine rankings. All you need is good content.

Contact for more details

How SEO content development helps your business


If you want to get business from your website you need to have better search engine rankings. Your search engine rankings depend on the quality of your content, the way it has been organized, and the way you primary and secondary keywords and search terms have been incorporated.

Your organic search engine rankings depend on the gradual development of your content. You cannot suddenly add 200 web pages or blog posts to your website and then hope to see your rankings improving within a week. In fact, this could make Google suspicious of your activities.

SEO content is developed over a long period of time. It is published and distributed one post at a time, one article at a time, one web page at a time.

Since  we have already mentioned that all it takes is valuable content, this is something you should focus on.

Nonetheless, being a good content writer doesn’t mean that you can also make the search engines happy.

A professional content writer has to achieve two tasks:

  • Create content that engages your human visitors,
  • Create content that Google finds valuable and consequently, ranks higher compared to alternative content available on the Internet.

Most of the content writers can achieve either one or another and it takes lots of experience and insight to achieve the both.

This is where our SEO content development services can help you.

Contact for more details

How our SEO content development services can improve your organic search engine rankings


Once you decide to hire our content development services we will do the following to improve your search engine rankings:

  • Make a comprehensive list of your primary and secondary keywords
  • Make a comprehensive list of your longtail keywords
  • Make a comprehensive list of the search terms your prospective customers and clients may use to find your product or service
  • Take up individual keywords and search terms, form compelling topics and then develop content around those topics
  • Make sure that the content being developed is thoroughly search engine optimized but not over-optimized (this can harm your search engine rankings)
  • Link to your other blog posts, web pages and articles to make it easier for search engine crawlers to crawl all your content

The best way to create search engine friendly content is to write in a language your target audience uses. For instance, if our target clients are looking for a “content writer” or a “content developer” it doesn’t make sense to optimize our website content for “content creator”.

This doesn’t mean that we totally neglect the second phrase because some people might be looking for it too. But the majority of them would be looking for the former options.

How do we know? We have done lots of study on the keywords people use in order to find our services and along with that, our content development team members do lots of reading to know exactly what phrases people use to find the services that we provide: content writing, content development, content marketing and online copywriting..

A person who does SEO content development knows this quite well. He or she knows how to use the language of target customers and clients in a compelling manner.

He or she knows how to dig out the exact phrase or phrases they use in order to find products and services she is about to write about.

He or she is conscious of the importance of targeted search engine traffic and she also knows where to strategically use your important keywords without making your content “spammy”.

An experienced SEO content developer understands that your business needs to publish high-quality content consistently. Your content should be authoritative, relevant and should have enough depth and strength to carry your brand message on its shoulders.

We can provide you SEO content development services for the following platforms:

  • For your website
  • For your blog
  • For press releases and SEO articles
  • For social media updates
  • For your existing content (explained below)
Contact for more details

Optimizing your existing content existing content

Through our content auditing services we also provide SEO content development services for your existing content.

If you feel that your existing content isn’t search engine optimized and it should be doing better on search engines, we will carry out an extensive audit of your existing content and suggest you changes.

Then one of our content development team members (or multiple team members) will rewrite your content and optimize it.

While developing your content we will make sure that it is of high quality, unique and original, conversational, and free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

If you want to hire our ongoing SEO content development services we will also track the performance of your content and carry out changes automatically in case the rankings don’t improve.

Please remember that your search engine rankings don’t just depend on your content: there are many factors such as the rankings of your competitors, the age of your domain, the number of backlinks you have from quality websites and user behavior on your website.

Contact for more details

Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to make sure that their users find only quality content when they use the search engines. This is why, through its various updates, Google forces content writers and content creators to stick to its quality content guidelines and create only high quality content if they want their content to be ranked higher.

Through our content development services we will create well-written web pages, blog posts and articles to increase your overall keyword density without inviting penalty from Google or other search engines.

Our content strictly sticks to the Google guidelines so that even in the future if there are some algorithm updates from Google, the rankings of your content are not affected.

So whether you are looking for SEO content development or normal content development, it hardly matters. All you have to do is focus on quality and relevance and you will observe a marked improvement in your search engine rankings.

Would you like to know more about our SEO content development services? Would you like to improve your search engine rankings organically so that you don’t have to depend on search advertising? Do you want to improve your conversion rate? Do contact.

Contact for more details

Why outsource to a freelance content writer

Outsourcing to freelance content writer is a serious business decision because it is going to have a long-lasting impact on your bottom line. Why outsource? Why not hire a full-time content writer you can constantly monitor?

This webpage is not about whether you should outsource to a freelance content writer or hire a full-time content writer for your business. This webpage is about why people take a decision in favor of the former rather than the latter?

It’s normally small and midsize businesses that outsource to a freelance content writer

It makes perfect sense. You want content for your business website, or your business blog but you don’t have a big budget, and you don’t even have a huge, well-defined content marketing strategy in place. You are just dabbling with this new medium that is fast catching up. The search engines constantly demand high-quality and fresh content. Content is constantly being shared on social media and social networking websites. People link to your website if you have valuable content. This is something that everybody knows, whether you are a small business, a midsize business or even a big business. Everybody knows content marketing is the present and future of overall marketing.

Nonetheless you are clueless. You have no idea what sort of content you want, why would people want to consume your content and which channels you want to use in order to distribute your content. You just want regular blog posts and articles on your business website and blog. This is a fair reason to outsource to a freelance content writer (I am going to use “he” for the sake of brevity). He charges you just for the work he delivers you. He does not occupy office space and does not consume your resources even when he’s not writing content. You don’t have to pay employment benefits. There is no legal tangle to get involved in in case you have to fire him. For that matter you don’t even have to see his face ever and still get quality content on a regular basis. You simply have to pay for the work he does and then get on with your life. This can be a win-win situation.

Another reason why you would outsource to a freelance content writer is that a freelance content writer is always more experienced than a full-time content writer if you think logically. Who would understand your business needs better? The person who manages his own freelance business, or who is merely drawing a salary by the end of every month? Who has more experience? Who is more worldlywise? Who knows more about the Internet? Definitely a person who provides content writing services to multiple clients.

One of the best reasons why you should outsource to a freelance content writer is that you can change your writer whenever you feel like without even giving it a second thought (of course your conscience will prick you in case you have fired him undeservedly). There is a cornucopia of excellent content writers all over the world (no, it doesn’t have to be a native English speaker) so why get stuck with what you have got locally? In the times of exceptional connectivity it doesn’t make sense to not to collaborate globally.

Of course every business has its own needs and you would outsource to a freelance content writer according to that need. But if you are a small or midsize business, it makes perfect sense whether you realize it in the beginning, or after having explored various options like, hiring somebody full-time.

B2B Content Writing Services | B2B content writer

B2B content writing services and B2B content writer-image

Our B2B content writing services can help you

  • Establish yourself as an authority in your field of expertise
  • Increase your brand visibility
  • Improve your search engine rankings for your important keywords
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Educate your prospective business partners about the benefits of doing business with you

Looking for a B2B content writer who can understand your business needs and create exceptional content accordingly?

Need a website content writer who can take your B2B website to the next level?

Contact for more details

B2B means business-to-business. There are two types of businesses, namely B2B and B2C.

Therefore, writing content for this niche is totally different.

You can call McDonald and Pepsi, and even to an extent software companies like Google and Microsoft, as B2C businesses because they are primarily selling to customers.

At Credible Content all our clients are businesses, and hence, primarily, we are a content writing service serving B2B enterprises and businesses.

As a B2B web agency we have been providing high-performance content to businesses from all over the world.

If you decide to work with us, there is 100% chance that you do business and through our content writing services you want to sell better.

You want to make an impact. You want to make your text compelling and engaging. Our business business serves your business. This makes us a B2B service.

Contact for more details

Why a content writing service is very important for your B2B business

It is not a surprise that 88% B2B marketers use content marketing as their main marketing strategy (source).

This is because the stakes are higher in B2B. When people are striking partnerships it can be a do or die situation.

This is why, your prospective business partners need to know about your business  as much as possible.

To convince them into doing business with you, you have to remain in front of them by providing educational, informative and high-quality content, over a long period of time.

Prospective business partners need more information. Sometimes I don’t even know what information they should be looking for. This is the gap that you can fill.

By presenting all the possible information about doing business with you on your website and your blog you address even those questions that are, although important to your business partners, don’t come to your business partners’ mind.

Although content marketing is less costly and more effective than conventional advertising, it takes some time before you can see results. Consistency and quality are a must.

For that you need to partner with a reliable content writing service. Timely and quality content is a must if you want to establish an atmosphere of trust among your prospective business partners.

Contact for more details

If your content writing is lousy, if it is full of errors, if it is totally uninspiring, it is not going to make an impact, and in fact, it is going to make a negative impact.

Your business partners may think that if you don’t take your writing seriously, how can you take your business seriously?

There are very high stakes when you are providing B2B services because people’s livelihoods depend on how you perform.

Through our B2B content writing services we help people grow their businesses.

And growth is beneficial to everybody.

When you grow your business, when your B2B website thrives, you recommend our services to others.

Similarly, when you grow business, you can serve your customers and clients better and if your business model allows, you also hire more people, creating more livelihood opportunities.

This is why we take about B2B content writing services very seriously.

You need quality content for your search engine rankings

Your business partners check you out on Google the moment they want to know something about you.

They may not know your name, but they will surely know what they need.

For example, if you are a web design company and you are looking for a reliable content writing and content marketing service you may look for something like “content writing service for web design company”.

You would surely like to check out the links that come up on Google’s first page.

In the same vein, if your prospective B2B partners are looking for you on Google according to their need, they should be able to find you within the first and second page.

Our content writing services can help you improve your search engine rankings for all the important keywords and search terms.

Our content will help you improve your search engine rankings organically.

Contact for more details

How do we make sure that our B2B writing services are up to the mark?

In order to serve a business better, you have to understand that business better.

You also have to understand your prospective customers and clients.

When our content writer works for you he or she tries to get a grasp of how you deliver your products and services, and what makes them awesome.

Then he or she studies the problems faced by your prospective customers and clients.

What do they want?

What solutions they seek to their problems?

How can their lives and their livelihoods be improved by your products and services?

How do your products and services enrich their everyday experiences?

It is very important to speak in the language of your customers and clients so that they can relate to you.

Remember that everybody is looking for a solution to his or her problem. There is a need, and you can meet that need. Your entire content presence provides solutions to people’s problems. This is what people are looking for.

Our competent content writer will write in terms of the solutions that you provide and the benefits that you deliver.

Contact for more details


Content writing services for your B2B email marketing campaigns

Do you have a mailing list of your prospective B2B partners? Would you like to keep in touch with them?

Are you are looking for a content writer for your B2B email marketing campaigns?

At Credible Content we also provide content writing services for email marketing campaigns.

Through our content we will improve your open rate and your click-through rate.

Check out this page for more details Content writing services for email marketing campaigns and email newsletters.

Give your B2B enterprise a boost. Improve your online presence. Increase your search engine rankings.

Contact for more details


Sales Copywriting Services – Boost Conversion Rate and SEO

Sales copywriting services to boost conversion rate and SEO

Sales copywriting services to boost conversion rate and SEO.

Looking for sales copywriting services to boost your, well, sales?

When people are on your website or landing page, you need to convince them that you are the real deal.

You need to be able to reassure them that you have got the solution they are looking for.

After reading your copy, they must realize that you’re going to solve their problem.


You achieve this with sales copywriting.

My copywriting services can help you with that.

In the times of the Internet, it isn’t just about increasing your sales.

After all, you can only sell when people come to your website.

There are multiple ways you can bring people to your website including

  • PPC advertising on social media websites (social media marketing)
  • PPC advertising on search engines (search engine marketing)
  • Email marketing
  • Organic engagement on social media websites.
  • Organic search engine rankings.

When you want to improve your search engine rankings organically, along with increase your sales when people come to your website or your landing page, you need SEO copywriting.

When you hire me as your copywriter, I deliver you a holistic solution that boosts your SEO and also gets you more customers and clients.

I’m your go-to sales copywriter and SEO copywriter.

Why effective sales copy matters

Writing an effective sales copy means capturing the right soundbites and expressing your message in a convincing manner using trustworthy data.

Sales copywriting services

Writing a sales copy can be one of the biggest business challenges you face because, your entire business depends on it.

Just imagine: you are a salesperson and you don’t know how to talk to people.

On your website, you don’t directly talk to people: your sales copy does the talking.

A good thing is, once you have a crisp marketing copy on your website, you can talk to thousands of people at the same time with the same effect.

Of course, it is assuming that a professional marketing copywriter has done the job of writing a great sales copy for your website.


Can you convince people to do business with you?

No matter how awesome your web design looks, eventually it is your sales copy that does the trick.

No wonder the sales department is the most important department in every business.

Unless you make sales, nothing counts.

The same holds true for your website.

Unless your  copywriting sells, nothing else matters.

Cool web design doesn’t matter. A ton of search engine traffic doesn’t matter. Social media buzz doesn’t matter.

Selling doesn’t just mean encouraging people to buy your products and services.

It also means convincing.

Keep in mind that when someone is visiting your website on her mobile phone or on her computer, she is alone.

It’s only your copy that does all the talking.

If you want to make an impact, if you want people to believe in your ideas, if you want to motivate them, then you need a sales copy.

It must be convincing and compelling and people should be moved to take the right action.

This action can be anything, from buying your product or service to submitting your contact form to giving you a call to subscribing to your regular email updates.

A sales copy has a very clear-cut objective.

It is always written with a preconceived purpose.

They should be no ambiguity.

There should be no multiple purposes.

The more focused is your sales copy, the higher performance it delivers.

I can write you a sales copy that helps your sell more.

Here are some characteristics of good, seductive copywriting

Be courageous enough to change the perspective.

People have a natural resistance when they come to your website.

They have their own points of view.

Have the ability to change their views.

Focus less on your brand and more on the needs of your audience.

Remember that it’s they who are going to buy from you.

Hence, their interest is your interest.

It’s very important to make a connection.

This is achieved by emotional copywriting.

Unless you can emotionally touch people, they are not going to turn into your paying customers and clients.

Cover one big idea on one page.


Don’t try to offer everything you have got.

Focus on one product.

Focus on one service.

Keep it crisp and short.

Short sentences.

One idea in one sentence.

This way you make more impact and you keep your readers focused.

Provide technical details.

It enhances your credibility.

Use numbers wherever possible.

For example, instead of saying, “Lots of people have used our product”, you can say “15,000 people have used our products so far with great results.”

My sales copywriting process

The basic idea is highlighting your most compelling benefit.

I totally understand the pain points of your prospective customers and clients, what they want, why they want and what is the urgency, and then create the sales copy accordingly.

I don’t believe in beating around the bush.

I don’t even use hyperbolic language – it never works or even if it works, it works with silly people, and you don’t want silly customers and clients, do you?

Writing sales copy for web pages is a bit different from writing for conventional electronic and print media.

There are lots of distractions on a website and it just takes a single click to go to another website.

Your sales copy needs the right hooks.


It should lead your visitors from point A (some place on your website) to point B (where they make the actual sale or perform the actual action that you want them to perform) in a well-crafted manner.

Why you should get your sales copy from me

I am dabbling with content all the time.

Through my copywriting services I’m doing sales copywriting all the time.

I am an experienced sales copywriter.

I’m an experienced and expert SEO copywriter.

Writing for search engine optimization is a big part of my job.

I know how to write SEO content.

When I’m providing web copywriting services, my clients expect me to help them improve their search engine rankings

Understanding people’s needs and creating content accordingly, is my livelihood.

What I have written, needs to perform.

I don’t write like one of those off-the-shelf copywriters.

I believe that your prospective customers and clients should never be misled into making a purchase; they should only buy from you if they really have to.

These are the customers and clients who will not only buy repeatedly from you, but will also recommend your business to their family, friends and colleagues.

My sales copy depends a lot on useful information.

The customers and clients who will be motivated by my sales copy will be more informed and aware.

Whether they like your product or service or not is another matter, they will never regret doing business with you.

Contact me to know more about my copywriting services including sales copywriting and SEO copywriting.

Blog content writing and consulting

You may like to read first why your business needs a blog. When it comes to creating a vibrant presence on the Internet, having a business blog still rules the roost. My blog content writing and consulting services can help you establish a highly functional and efficient blogging platform right under your own domain name that will not only increase your search engine traffic, but will also enhance the engagement level.

What my blog content writing and consulting services include

I provide total turnkey blogging solutions that include

  • Installing and setting up your WordPress blog program files
  • Customizing the look and feel of your blog according to your business website, or according to your personal preference
  • Installing and setting up all the necessary plug-ins to enhance the functionality of your blog
  • Making your blog setup SEO-friendly
  • Providing high-quality content on an ongoing basis
  • Topic research (including keyword research) for regular blog posting

Want to have a great blog for your business?

Content writing services for inbound marketing

Content writing services can play a big role in your inbound marketing effort. It is a relatively new term and it basically means creating an environment that encourages people to visit your website on their own and these visits are not triggered by manipulative advertising. When people come to your website they should be fully aware of why they are visiting.

My content writing services can help you give a boost to your inbound marketing strategy by providing engaging and useful content on an ongoing basis. To make people come to your website you need to provide compelling content to search engines, external websites and blogs, social media and social networking websites and of course, your own website and blog. This of course, requires lots of content writing.

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Content writing services for businesses

My content writing services have so far served 100s of businesses from all over the world. This is not an exaggeration. I started providing content writing services in 2004 and since then there has been a continuous stream of projects from different countries. Interestingly, businesses from Europe and America (who are themselves English speaking countries) are the ones who mostly contact me to get content for their websites. A primary reason might be that they understand the importance of well-written content.

So far I have provided content writing services for businesses as diverse as web design and development, Internet marketing, search engine optimization, mining, iron and steel production, healthcare, beauty, hospitality, software application development, cloud hosting, retail, publishing, accounting, fashion design, photography, real estate, legal services, logistics and food processing, just to name a few.

My content writing services have helped many businesses not only remarkably improve their conversion rates, but also improve their search engine rankings. Most businesses report a marked improvement after working with me.

Why most businesses require professional content writing services?

I am not going to use any cliché here, but it’s your content that does business for you. Whether you’re writing a single line on your webpage, or a complete service description containing more than 1000 words, the needed impact is made by what you have written, what you have published on your website, or your blog. Professional content writing services give you the much needed regularity coupled with quality. Various Google updates have made it mandatory that you pay special attention to the quality of your content. It must be relevant, it must be topical and it must serve your prospective customers and clients.

Most small businesses don’t have resources to hire full-time content writers to take care of their content marketing needs. The best option for them is partnering with content writing services because this gives them highly professional content writers without added expense of providing them office space, infrastructure and other employment benefits. For example, if you employ my content writing services, you just pay for the content that you get and nothing more.

Do you necessarily have to partner with content writing services

I won’t say that. Different businesses have different needs. Maybe you need content writing services, or maybe you don’t, it depends on your short-term and long-term content marketing goals. Businesses require content marketing services when:

  • They don’t have the needed budget to hire content writers full-time
  • They want to avail the best content writing services at most competitive prices
  • They don’t have enough time to create their own content
  • They want to outsource content writing and content marketing and then get on with what they do best
  • They want to keep their options open so that they are not stuck with the content writers they have hired full-time
  • They want to use the global talent pool of content writers rather than getting stuck with what is locally available
  • They prefer to work with remote employees
  • They don’t maintain an official workplace

This is just a small list of reasons why businesses may hire content writing services and there might be as many reasons as there are businesses all over the world.

How my content writing service can generate new leads for you

Why would you hire a content writing service? You need content for your website or blog to generate more leads, right? I mean, nobody wants content just because somebody is there to provide it to you. You need to solve a specific purpose, and for every business, that purpose is, generating more business through leads and direct sales.

My content writing service can help you increase your direct sales as well as generate new leads for your business. This page is specifically dedicated to the topic of how I can help you generate more leads.

What are leads?

In conventional advertising and marketing, leads are a list of people who have shown some interest in your business. Your sales rep probably called up a prospect and that prospect, instead of showing total disinterest, asked to be called again, or asked for more information. This is a person who is ready for more talks and carries a greater chance of becoming your paid customer or client. He or she is your lead.

Lead generation from your website

You can get new leads from your website in multiple manners:

  • A person comes to your website and subscribes to your regular updates by submitting his or her e-mail ID
  • A person visits your blog and subscribes to your RSS feed to get fresh content from you
  • A visitor uses your contact form and asks for more information
  • A visitor uses a phone number listed on your website to call you and show interest in your business
  • A visitor starts following you on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook

If you notice, all these actions are performed by the visitor himself or herself. What you have done is, give him or her a reason to visit your website and stick around. You are not misleading. You are just providing the information he or she needs to make up his or her mind. He or she is interested in keeping touch with you, or engage you with further dialogue. He or she is a lead from your website.

How my content writing service helps you get more leads

To bring people to your website you need quality content. These people will come from multiple sources including search engines, from your links appearing on other websites and blogs, and from social media and social networking websites. If you have been following my blog closely, you already know that to achieve all the above, you need fresh content on a regular basis. Let us quickly recap.

A major chunk of your visitors will be coming from search engines. The search engines are constantly looking for fresh, high-quality content. Since they are always looking for fresh, updated content, rankings go up and down accordingly. It’s like, you publish a great blog post and that blog post ranks quite high on Google. Then somebody else comes up with equally, or even greater blog post and then this blog post begins to rank higher compared to your link. The more people create new content, the lower your link begins to feature and eventually it moves to the second or the third page, where very few people go. In order to remain in the fray, you constantly need new content.

The more content you have, the more incoming links your website and blog acquire. This is because, the more subjects you cover in your niche, the more reasons people have to link to you.

Suppose I’m looking for a blog post covering the overwhelming impact of content writing on SEO. As a professional content writing service you may have content on many content writing topics, but not something specifically for this. But another website has covered this topic and I link to them. What happens? Despite being an excellent source for various content writing topics, you’ve lost a good link building opportunity.

The same goes for your social media and social networking profiles. I’m not saying you have to cover every possible social networking platform, but wherever you create your presence, you need to keep it buzzing with new content.

Basically, you need new, valuable content for every platform you decide to focus on, whether it’s your own website or blog, or anotherr website. It’s your content that brings people to your website, directly or indirectly, and encourages them to either contact you, or give you their contact details so that you can contact them later on. This can only be achieved by content that inspires trust. My content writing service can provide you such content.

Through strategic content creation I can help you instill confidence among your prospective customers and clients. My content writing service can help you increase targeted search engine traffic so that right people come to your website — people who really appreciate what you have to say.

In order to generate new leads your website requires content that makes both search engine as well as human visitors happy. But why hire a content writing service for that?

Aside from quality, the biggest challenge businesses face while implementing their content strategy is continuity. To an extent, at least in the beginning, you yourself can maintain a certain level of quality, but eventually other business responsibilities take precedence and your content marketing begins to get neglected.

This is where a dedicated content writing service can help you. The biggest advantage of working with me is that my entire content writing effort will be targeted towards your prospective customers and clients rather than simply rambling on in order to increase your content density. I love to interact with the written word and this is what people want. With a perfect blend of engagement, information and entertainment, I can keep your prospective customers and clients coming back to you and consequently, help you capture leads through different entry points to your website.

Difference between SEO content writer and normal content writer

Difference between SEO content writer and normal content writer

Difference between SEO content writer and normal content writer

On this web page you’re going to learn what’s the difference between an SEO content writer and a normal content writer.

An SEO content writer

  • Writes content for better search engine rankings.
  • Focuses on conversion at the same time.
  • Consequently, focuses on quality and relevance.
  • Helps you reduce your bounce rate.
  • Uses keywords for their relevance.
  • Additionally, does whatever a normal content writer does.

A normal content writer

  • Writes well-written content.
  • Is good for informative content writing.
  • Does good research.
  • Provides original content.
  • Provides focused content.
  • Ensure that content is error free and professional.
  • Can also be a competent and effective copywriter.

The basic difference between an SEO content writer (if you are looking for one) and a normal content writer is that the former understands how to create content, without making it spammy, in order to improve your search engine rankings legitimately.

Of course, “legitimately” may differ from search engine to search engine but it’s Google that normally sets the benchmark for what is good and what is bad when it comes to ranking your website. Here are some SEO guidelines for content writers.

Personally I believe every good content writer takes care of your SEO aspect automatically, naturally.

For instance, although I don’t promote myself as an SEO expert, many of my clients hire me as their content writer because they want to improve their search engine rankings and they realize that my content can achieve that for them.

Should you specifically hire an SEO content writer?

Should you hire an SEO content writer?

Should you hire an SEO content writer?

You should hire a content writer that can help you improve your SEO by creating high quality content.

That content writer doesn’t necessarily have to promote himself or herself, as an “SEO content writer”.

Again, there is nothing wrong in the terminology.

Not every content writer can help you improve your rankings.

In fact he or she may even harm your SEO unknowingly by putting more stress on your rankings and less stress on the value your content provides to your customers and clients.

Listed below are a few things your SEO content writer must focus on in order to improve your search engine rankings without incurring the wrath of the various updates Google keeps on releasing every six months.

  • Focus on one, or at the most two primary keywords at a time
  • Incorporate your longtail and LSI keywords intelligently in natural language
  • Write in a language and a style used by your target audience
  • Use keywords that your target audience uses while creating content
  • Let the keywords appear naturally rather than forced
  • Use your keywords in the beginning of the title of the webpage or the blog post seamlessly
  • Strategically place your primary and longtail keywords within the headline tags
  • If possible, use your primary and longtail keywords within bulleted lists
  • Link to other important pages on your website or blog and use your keywords as hyperlinked text

Please remember that your content writer can take care of all the above-mentioned things despite creating lousy content.

That won’t help you much and this doesn’t make him or her a worthy SEO content writer.

Your SEO content writer needs to put your users first

Ultimately it’s your customers and clients who will be doing business with you and not the search engines.

No amount of good rankings are going to help you if your prospective customers and clients aren’t inspired to do business with you. Conversion rate is of utmost importance.

So when creating content, your content writer must first focus on creating compelling content that aims at converting visitors into paying customers and clients.

Once that has been ensured, he or she should start incorporating your keywords while taking care that the quality of the content isn’t diminished. This can be a double-edged sword and this is where the experience of a content writer matters.

Whereas a normal content writer, no matter how well he or she can write, won’t be able to incorporate your keywords without sounding manipulative, your SEO content writer will be able to incorporate them seamlessly and naturally.

How to choose between an SEO content writer and a normal content writer?

Good search engine rankings are very important for your business and this cannot be denied.

Search engine rankings cannot be improved without quality content.

You can very soon find yourself trapped in a vicious loop if your content writer neither understands the importance of quality content writing nor how quality content writing impacts your SEO.

When it comes to making a choice, go for a good content writer who is a talented writer.

Good content automatically takes care of your SEO.

When you are hiring a content writer for your business make sure that your writer is a passionate writer and he or she loves to communicate, and knows how to do that.

Your content writer should also be a fast learner. Writing for the web is totally different from writing for conventional print media.

He or she should be able to write in simple but impressive language. He or she should also know how to write smaller sentences, but with a convincing tone.

Before hiring a content writer for your business whether you want to improve your SEO or general quality of your content, if you have time, increase your own understanding of how search engine rankings work.

Search engine ranking these days no longer depend on “optimized content” or “SEO content”.

It depends on quality content, on the relevance of your content.

Work with a content writer who totally understands how important the quality of your content is. The rest, for example the SEO, is taken care of on its own.

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Content writing services for accounting business and accountants


Are you looking for an experienced and trained content writer for your accounting business? Do you need a copywriter to run your bookkeeping business marketing campaigns?

Credible Content Writing Services provides writing services to individual accountants and bookkeeping companies on an ongoing basis. I am Amrit and I am the chief copywriter and content writer for the service.

Whether you are an independent accountant seeking to build your brand through high-quality content or a group of accountants providing your services through an accounting firm, as an experienced content writer and copywriter I can provide you the following services:

  • Website content for your website
  • Copywriting for marketing and promotion
  • Informative articles to educate your clients
  • SEO articles to improve your search engine rankings
  • Accounting company or business profile for networking websites like LinkedIn
  • Reference material
  • Information about your different accounting services
  • Email marketing newsletter content
  • Copywriting for running email marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis
  • Case studies writing service
  • White paper writing service
  • Ongoing blog content
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How can my content writing and copywriting services help your accounting business?


For accounting businesses and individual accountants, the stakes are very high. Bookkeeping is a service based on trust and confidentiality. Your prospective clients should feel confident about approaching you for handling their finances.

Since your stakes are very high, you need a content writer or a copywriter who understands your accounting and bookkeeping business and then explains the intricacies in a language that can be easily understood by your prospective clients.

The competition is tough on the Internet. There are thousands of accounting and bookkeeping services being provided by highly professional accountants and bookkeepers.

Many businesses prefer to use accounting software rather than professional accountants.

Therefore, you are not just competing with your fellow accountants and bookkeepers, you are also competing with highly complicated software applications that can work with almost zero scope for human error.

If ever high-quality content was needed by accountants and accounting firms, it is now.

You need a formidable presence on the Internet.

Even if you don’t provide online accounting services, your website is the first destination when people want to know more about you and your services.

Copywriting services for accounting and bookkeeping businesses

Copywriting services for accounting and bookkeeping businesses

You want to sound convincing when people read about your various services. You want to sound knowledgeable and experienced. You want to put forth a professional image for yourself and your business.

If the writing on your website is not convincing, people are going to go elsewhere. If you’re copywriter isn’t able to sell the benefits of working with you or doing business with you, you are going to have a very low conversion rate.

Even when people don’t know about you and are simply looking for professional accountants and accounting agencies, they Google for what they need. Do you have good rankings for the keywords and search terms that matter to your business?

As an experienced content writer and copywriter who has been providing content writing and copywriting services to a diverse selection of businesses, I know what problems you face when you promote your business online.

The following will happen when we write content for you:

  • Improve organic search engine rankings
  • Better conversion rate on your website
  • More incoming links due to useful, informative content that you will be able to publish
  • Better response on social media and social networking websites
  • Highly useful and informative content on your website that solves people’s problems
  • Better conversion rate for your email newsletters
  • More subscribers for your mailing list
  • More recommendations from your existing clients
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Why it makes sense to hire a web content writer and a copywriter for your accounting agency


You are an accountant, not a writer. Since you don’t work in advertising and marketing, you are not a copywriter by profession. Day in and day out you play with numbers and you have spent years mastering your skill. Similarly, as a content writer and a copywriter, I have mastered my skill for many years.

Even if you have better writing skills than another accountant, writing is not your profession. You can write a web page. Maybe you can write all the web pages for your website. Or maybe you can ask your secretary to write all the web pages for you.

The problem is, you aren’t going to improve your search engine rankings and your conversion rate simply by having a website. You need to publish content on an ongoing basis to get good search engine rankings. You need to build an audience that trusts you. This cannot happen by publishing 10-15 web pages.

Search engine algorithms have evolved in recent years. It isn’t just about writing well, it is about writing engaging content. This is why, almost all reputed Internet marketing services consider efficient content writing and copywriting more or less the same thing. If your visitors don’t respond to your content well, it begins to have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. This is where, a copywriter helps you.

Most probably you found this web page while searching for a content writer for your accounting business. Similarly, wouldn’t you like your prospective clients to find your accounting business for their particular business?

What if you want someone running a restaurant find your accounting website? If you are an accountant looking for clients running restaurants, wouldn’t you like to be found by these people? Are you being found?

What if your prospective clients trust your competitor more because he or she constantly keeps in touch with them?

Content is useful when it is published regularly. For this you need a professional writer who writes for the living and doesn’t run out of ideas.

If you want to remain in the reckoning, you need to publish high-quality content on an ongoing basis. Simply having a website doesn’t help you much simply because, everybody has a website these days.

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Why outsource your content writing & copywriting requirements?

The same logic as above applies. You are in the business of providing accounting services. You are an accountant. Most of the people employed at your place are good with numbers and not with words.

If you employ someone full-time, you are an accountant, you know what all costs will be involved.

Outsourcing your content writing and copywriting requirements saves you all those extra costs that are needed when you employ someone full time. When you outsource, you pay just for the content, nothing else. No hardware expense. No legal services. No insurance, no wear-and-tear.

And the best part is, you can change your content writer or the entire content writing service if you are not happy with the service, in a jiffy. All you have to do is, find someone else. The same advantage applies to the copywriter or the copywriting service that you hire for your bookkeeping and accounting business.

Whether you yourself are in the business of providing accounting services or you promote and sell accounting software, my content writing and copywriting services can give you the needed edge by communicating to people how you can help them

  • Keep their financial records straight and achieve a higher level of accuracy
  • Eliminate the need to hire an expensive accountant or bookkeeper (in case you sell accounting software)
  • Attain financial freedom and avoid financial disaster (in case you are into accounting business)
  • Get rid of worries for the timely calculations of their tax returns and avoid penalties due to faulty bookkeeping or form submission errors
  • Remain aware of their exact financial position
  • Focus on their business rather spending time and effort on something they are not familiar with

And of course, in many more ways.


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Why content marketing is better than advertising for your accounting business or accounting software?

Being in the business of accounting and bookkeeping, you must know how much money individuals, companies and businesses have to spend on advertising. You must also know that most of this advertising doesn’t pay much.

Then why do people advertise?

It’s because old habits are difficult to give up. A known liability is better than an unknown asset.

But at Credible Content we have been providing content marketing services for many years and we know how effective it is compared to advertising.

Content marketing through effective content writing can bring down your advertising costs and improve your conversion rate. If you’re an accountant or a company selling accounting software you can altogether stop advertising and totally focus on content marketing.

Want to know how?

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English content writer

English content writer

Are you looking for an English content writer? If you live in a non-English speaking region of the world and you want to target the English-speaking market, you have to be doubly careful of what you are writing. You not only have to sound convincing, you also need to make a positive impact.

What makes me a better English content writer for you

First of all let me make it clear that when I say I’m an “English content writer” I don’t mean to say I’m from England or from one of the English speaking countries. Nonetheless, I’m a content writer who writes in English. I’ve been providing professional content writing services since 2004 and more than 90% of my clients come from English-speaking countries.

With this out of the way, let’s now explore how I can help you if you are specifically looking for a content writer who can write well, and more importantly, convincingly, for your business.

  • All my written communication happens in English: As far as business and communication goes, this can easily be termed as my first language. Whether I am writing content for my clients – business pages, landing pages, blog posts, informative articles, press releases, marketing collateral and social networking updates – for sending and the saving e-mails, everything happens in English.
  • My school and college studies were in English medium: English wasn’t something that I started learning or writing in, as a professional. Since my childhood I have been exposed to this language. Math, science, social studies, everything I did in English and I was also a topper in my English literature class.
  • I have written for English newspapers and magazines: Writing is one of my passions. I also believe that we don’t live in isolation. That’s why whenever something excites me or stimulates me, I express myself and send my thoughts to English publications and many of them get published.
  • When on the Internet, I’m always interacting in English: Search for “amrit hallan” on Google and you will find it yourself how much content I have written in English.

How can I help you as an English content writer?

This is not something particular to the English language. As a content writer who wants to make an impact for your business, my first priority is understanding the needs of your target customers and clients. Unless they’re convinced, they’re not going to do business with you. Before getting down to writing, I understand what they’re looking for, why they’re looking for it and what language they use while talking about the thing they need (the thing that you provide). Rather than focusing on products and services, I focus on the benefits you deliver to your customers and clients. This is how I’m able to convert visitors into paying customers and clients.

No matter what is your language, I will spend ample amount of time understanding your need and then coming up with appropriate content in English. You don’t need to worry about not being able to communicate to me due to the language barrier. You can let me know your requirement in partially-formed words and expressions. You don’t even need to use complete sentences.

Contact me for more information.

Blog writing service

Blog writing service

You business requires a professional blog writing service to keep your blog content fresh, relevant and up-to-date. Running a successful blog replete with engaging content requires an ongoing effort, and as a business owner it might be difficult to churn out quality blog posts on a regular basis. Hiring a full-time blog writer may also prove cumbersome and costly. The best and the most efficient way to go is, partnering with a blog writing service and working with an experienced blog content writer.

Why you need a blog writing service

Running a successful blog with all the attached benefits doesn’t just involve writing and publishing. Businesses publish blogs to

  • Keep their audience constantly engaged
  • Give people a reason to visit the website repeatedly
  • Develop a vibrant community around the brand
  • Provide useful information just when people need it
  • Develop a broadcasting platforms with its own dedicated audience
  • Become an authority voice in the niche
  • Maintain a positive buzz under their social networking profiles
  • Give other website owners and blog publishers a reason to link
  • Improve search engine rankings

Most of the small businesses want to maintain an active blog for the last reason – improve search engine rankings – although it is not the only reason why your business must have a blog.

A blog writing service such as mine gives you a wholesome solution that brings to you all the benefits listed above. Even if you are a good writer, very soon running a successful blog in itself becomes an activity better handled by a dedicated person.

Blog writing service from an SEO perspective

Even if you want to publish a regular blog merely for the sake of SEO, you constantly need fresh, relevant and search engine optimized content. Before every blog post you will need to carry out proper keyword research and analysis. How you create your title, SEO parameters, description and finally the body content, have a deep impact on your overall search engine rankings. You need to use keywords at strategic locations without sounding spammy and the subtle things can only be taken care of by experienced blog writing service.

Just as quality is important, equally important is regularity. Do you know that the search engine crawlers set the pace of crawling and indexing your webpages and blog posts according to the frequency of publishing? For instance, if you publish twice a week your blog automatically begins to get crawled and indexed twice a week. If you refresh your blog multiple times in a day, your new content can appear on search engine result pages within a couple of hours – I myself have experienced that with one of my own blogs. Intermittent blog publishing doesn’t help you much. Even if you publish one blog post every Wednesday, stick to the schedule.

As a business owner this might be a problem for you. Suppose you are a lawyer and it is hard for you to regularly take time out of your schedule. It can be of massive help if there is a blog writing service constantly taking care of your blog. It doesn’t even cost you much. My blog writing service can

  • Research your market and compile a list of keywords
  • Create unique blog titles for ongoing blog publishing
  • Take care of your SEO needs including interlinking and meta tags optimization
  • Maintain a sense of relevance throughout the publishing
  • Maintain a high standard of quality on an ongoing basis
  • Create unique content that will be highly useful to your audience
  • Help you maintain a community around your online presence
  • Submit your latest blog posts to all your social media and social networking profiles

Blog writing service to improve your conversion rate

Do you know that my blog writing service can improve your conversion rate? You see when I write blog posts for you, improving search engine rankings isn’t my only focus, although my attempt is always in this direction. But by the end of the day you evaluate the performance of your blog writing service by the amount of business it generates for you, and the business can only be generated by a better conversion rate. If your conversion rate is not good, no matter how much traffic your blog is able to generate, you’re not going to get much business. So as a blog writing service provider, aside from providing you search engine optimized content, I also create content that turns your visitors into paying customers and clients.

What is linkbaiting?

Linkbaiting means creating circumstances that encourage people to link to your website, blog, or internal links.

Search engines like Google take into factor the number of quality incoming links to your website. They use these incoming links as validations. Google’s algorithms assume that if people link to your website, then your website must have something valuable and hence, it deserves to be ranked better than compared to those websites who don’t have many incoming links. Making people link to your website by producing valuable content is called linkbaiting.

Are linkbaiting and SEO interrelated?

To a great extent yes, although personally I feel you shouldn’t encourage linkbaiting just for the sake of SEO. People linking to your website or blog can send you direct traffic – it means even if you don’t enjoy good rankings you can still get quality web traffic from these websites.

Linkbaiting got mainstream when Google started assigning page ranks (PR) to various websites. If many websites and blogs with higher page rank link to your website, it also begins to get a higher page rank. In return, if you link to another website, due to your own higher pagerank, the pagerank of that website will improve too. So this is how linking with each other begins to affect people’s rankings.

Link building with legitimate linkbaiting

Until the Google Panda updates link building used to be a great business (it is still, among the ignorant). People would develop websites solely to publish links and by hook or by crook they would increase their page ranks. Then they would charge others for publishing their links. With a single sweep Google eliminated all such rankings and now only genuine link building works.

For genuine link building and linkbaiting, you need quality content. Yes, you still need backlinks for better search engine rankings but these links need to be earned rather than purchased. High quality content on your website can ensure this.

Some people mistakenly believe that linkbaiting manifests just for the purpose of accumulating backlinks. Although this might be true in the parlance of SEO, a real linkbaiting effort can also earn you widespread brand recognition. There are many businesses that indulge in linkbaiting as an Internet marketing effort rather than just for SEO. In fact there is a greater chance of people linking to your content when you create valuable content for the benefit of your audience.

What sort of content facilitates linkbaiting?

There is no success formula for creating link bait content, but lists and infographics seem to go viral with a greater degree of success compared to normal articles and blog posts. For instance, something like “50 killer content marketing tips for small business” have a greater chance of going viral compared to “Successful content marketing for small business” despite having similar content.

The type of content needed for linkbaiting also depends on your audience. A blog post about “20 iOS features to die for” isn’t going to be a hit among Android fans, but “20 things that make iOS suck big time” may go viral instantly.

So understand your market and then create link bait content accordingly.

Inbound marketing with my content marketing and consulting

Inbound marketing with my content marketing and consulting services will help you connect with potential customers and clients through engaging content. Streamline your online content publishing and distribution and improve your online and off-line sales in record time. With inbound marketing through my content marketing and consulting services you will

  • Increase your website traffic from search engines, blogging and social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • Optimize your conversion rate through compelling and convincing content on your homepage and other business pages
  • Get measurable results in your B2B and B2C marketing efforts
  • Generate more leads through e-mail marketing and blog publishing
  • Increase brand loyalty by continuously providing high-value content to your target audience through the media channels they prefer, and in a language they relate with
Inbound marketing funnel

Encourage people to come to your website on their own instead of interrupting them and consequently, annoying them, possibly, for ever. Conventional advertising hardly works these days. It’s been shoved down people’s throats for decades now and everybody is fedup of it whether it is on the Internet or the conventional media such as TV and print.

People don’t like to be interrupted while they are engaged in their favorite activities such as reading articles, watching videos or interacting on their preferred social networking websites. They want to contact you when THEY want to contact you. They don’t want to hear from you unless they need your products and services.

The great thing about content marketing is that you can create a presence that can help people find you for the right reason, when they actually need you. Inbound marketing will be attracting two types of people to your website:

  • People who know you and the business you do
  • People who are looking for a service or a product that you can offer but right now they don’t know that you do

My content marketing and consulting services can help you attract both types of people by creating a presence that not only expands your reach, but also makes people trust you and respect you. For this to happen you not only need high-quality content you also need it with uninterrupted regularity. On your own it might be difficult for you to figure out what sort of content you should publish and which channels you should use to distribute your content so that it reaches the right people, or, the right people can easily find it.

Inbound marketing cannot be leveraged by merely publishing blog posts and articles under your website as well as article directories (that no longer seem to work after Penguin and Panda updates). For it to be effective, people should be easily able to find you and for that to happen you need right content at right places, and in case of a tough competition, on a regular basis.

Streamlining content publishing and distribution can be a challenging job without understanding your audience. You need to know

  • What they’re looking for
  • What catches their imagination
  • What channels they use in order to find the information they are looking for – search engines, blogs, news websites for social media and social networking services
  • What language they use while searching for, and talking about, your product or service

Why inbound marketing?

Market these days is driven by conversations. Due to various social networking websites, and even blogs, instead of believing in the messages telecast through various advertising networks, people tend to believe in what other people say. They talk to each other, they seek advice and they compare advantages and disadvantages before purchasing a particular product or service. They trust their friends, family members and colleagues more than they trust advertising and marketing professionals. They want to decide on their own rather than being told what to buy, and this is the greatest shift the world has witnessed in the field of business.

The best way of building such type of trust is bringing people to your website again and again and creating an environment where people come to your website on their own, knowing quite well why they are coming. But if people, right now, don’t come to your website to buy your products and services repeatedly and you need to bring them back multiple times (a sale rarely happens on the first visit) in order to convert them into paying customers and clients, what do you do? You spread your content on the Internet in various formats and then provide high-quality information on your own website when they come to you.

A positive sense of familiarity is the key component of inbound marketing. Provide timely and valuable content so that people begin to respect you, and create an environment that encourages two-way communication between you and your prospective customers and clients. The more they interact with you, the more they are exposed to your content, the more they come across your content on their friends’ timelines, the more they promote your content on their own timelines, the more they are able to trust you.

This can be achieved via targeted content marketing. Contact me to know how my consulting services can help you in this regard.

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