Looking for an SEO content writer?

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Looking for an SEO content writer

Are you looking for an SEO content writer who can improve your search engine rankings? Then read on.

Search engine traffic is important for your online business.

If you don’t get targeted traffic to your website, you are not going to get new customers and clients.

Targeted traffic means those people coming to your website who are most likely to do business with you.

I know that you have made a list of keywords for which you think you should get traffic.

You may have even written (or got written) a few blog posts and web pages.


But you’re not getting the traffic. Or you are getting the wrong traffic.

What do you do?

You need an SEO content writer

Should you hire an SEO content writer?

Why do you need an SEO content writer?

You need an SEO content writer who understands your business, your customers and clients, and how the search engines evaluate and nudge your content.

Is it just SEO content that improves your search engine rankings?

I need to make one thing clear though.

Your search engine rankings don’t improve just because you hire a content writer.

Or you have suddenly realized that you need an SEO content writer and hence, you have started looking for an SEO content writer.

Lots of factors weigh in before your rankings improve, for instance:

  • How much content you have.
  • How deeply you have covered your topic and related topics.
  • How people respond to your content when they find it on search engines (do you give them what you are looking for?).
  • Does your content satisfy searchers intent?
  • How many backlinks you have got.
  • How you have interlinked your existing content.
  • What is the quality of your writing.

And hundreds, yes, literally hundreds of other factors.

click-or-tap-to-know-more-about-my-content-writing-services-and-content-marketing-servicesSEO content writing is of course, the underpinning of your entire search engine optimization strategy.

No matter how many factors there are that collectively affect your SEO, when you are looking for an SEO content writer, you know that at the core of everything else, what matters is the content.

How do you realize that you need an SEO content writer?

Need an SEO content writer

Need an SEO content writer

When you realize that SEO isn’t just about stuffing keywords into your writing.

You realize that quantity matters above everything else.

You comprehend that good, purposeful content is the foundation.

If you don’t have good content that is liked by the search engines as well as humans, nothing else matters

Hence, you need a good content writer, and you need to find a good SEO content writer if you haven’t already found one.

How can I help you if you are looking for an SEO content writer?

Looking for an SEO content writer?

Looking for an SEO content writer?

To rank your content well, the search engine algorithm should be able to understand what you are trying to communicate.

How do you think your content is ranked?


The search engine algorithms have evolved a lot in the past decade.

Google is constantly updating its ranking algorithm, with Panda being one of its most significant and game changing updates.

More than keywords focus on quality

More than keywords focus on quality

The problem is, most of the people who need an SEO content writer and hence, are looking for an SEO content writer, don’t really understand what these updates have been trying to do.

It is not just your keywords and search terms the algorithm is looking for. It is looking for the overall material that you have published.

If you’re looking for an SEO content writer, I can provide you the three most critical parts of your SEO effort:

  1. High quality content.
  2. Content that meets the expectations of your targeted visitors.
  3. Content that is easy to read and easy to understand.
  4. Content formatted according to search engine guidelines.
  5. Regular content.

I know, I don’t even need to mention the quality of the content because your content must be of high quality by default.

When you need an SEO content writer who grasps the importance of high-quality content vis-à-vis your search engine rankings, in terms of quality, you can totally rely on me.

By quality I mean relevance.

Your content has no meaning if it has no meaning for your visitors.

Remember that your content must satisfy the searcher’s intent: does your content actually provide what it offers when people find it on search engine result pages for the keywords they have just used?

For example, if you’re looking for an SEO content writer and when you come on this page, do you actually find the information you are looking for to make a decision?

As a business you know that people come to your website to satisfy different information needs.

Some people are ready to do business with you immediately.

Some people need more information before they can make up their minds.

Some people just want to educate themselves and they haven’t realized yet that they need your product or service.

These are all your potential customers and clients.


These different stages belong to your sales funnel and you write content for these different stages because anyone among these categories of people can turn out to be your paying customers and clients.

So, you need to write and publish content for these people.

When looking for an SEO content writer, make sure your writer understands this.

If they don’t find your content satisfying, they are going to immediately come back to the search engine they are using (Google, for instance) and continue with their search.

If this happens, if, after having visited your website, they come back to the search engine and continue with the same search, the search engine concludes that you don’t have the needed information and you are wrongly being ranked for those particular keywords and search terms.

You are demoted.

And the cycle goes on with every new visitor that follows the same pattern.

Hence, as an experienced SEO content writer, I know that you cannot take quality and relevance of your content for granted.

Both these attributes are very important and this is why I don’t follow and SEO content writing template.

Every business is unique.

Every customer or client profile is unique.

When you are looking for an SEO content writer, make sure he or she understands what this means.

When people ask me for some SEO content writing tips or even how to become an SEO writer I advise them that aside from being good writers, they must also know how to format for SEO.

Formatting means organizing your content in such a manner that the crawlers can extract the essence of your content to understand what you are trying to communicate.

Using headings at the right place, using subheadings, using bullet points, using hyperlinks, using bold types, all these formatting features need to be used strategically to highlight the important features of your content, preferably having your keywords.

If you overdo it, it can be counter-productive, if you don’t do it enough times, it can affect your rankings. There is a very delicate balance.

Just posting a few blog posts, webpages and articles doesn’t improve your search engine rankings. Writing content and publishing it is an ongoing process, whether you want to accept it or not.

Just consider the sheer number of blogs and webpages being published every day. Then, there are many social media websites that try to hog the attention of the search engines every millisecond. You have to compete with hundreds of thousands of webpages and social media posts on the search engines.


In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why you need an SEO content writer: regular publishing of high-quality SEO content on an ongoing basis.

If you’re looking for an SEO content writer, for if you need an SEO content writer but you haven’t yet been able to make up your mind about whom to hire, I can offer you all the three things that you need to improve your SEO: high-quality content, content formatted according to search engine recommendations, and non-stop supply of high-quality content.

Contact me for more details.

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