Content Writer For Writing Product Descriptions

Content writing and copywriting services for writing product descriptions

Content writing and copywriting services for writing product descriptions.

Are you looking for a content writer who can write highly compelling product descriptions for your online retail store or e-commerce website?

On this webpage I’m going to talk about the following topics:

  • Content writing services for writing product descriptions.
  • Content writer for writing product descriptions

Online retail stores are booming. Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, a greater number of people were buying online.

According to a Big Commerce study, almost 80% of Americans last year shopped online at least once in a month. 5% shopped online daily.


According to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the global e-commerce has hit $25.6 trillion.

What do these figures tell you? They tell you that the competition is tough and every customer matters. Writing compelling product descriptions with the help of a professional content writer can make a big difference.

Why do you need to work with a professional writer to write product descriptions?

Frankly, I don’t need to explain that to you. As a business owner you already understand how important it is to write product descriptions that can influence your customers and convince them to buy from you.

What is a product description?

What is a product description

What is a product description?

When you add a product in your online catalog, you need to describe its features in a manner your customers can understand.

The description gives your prospective customers all the details about the product such as the size, the color, the configuration if it is a gadget or an appliance, the make, and all other attributes that give the visitors a feeling that they are actually standing in a shop and looking at the product.

I was once writing for a gemstone company and was writing product descriptions for their bracelets.

They wanted stories of the gemstones included in the descriptions such as what is the origin of the gemstones, what are the folklores associated with them, what sort of vibrations they create and what positive changes can be expected once someone begins to wear those bracelets.


When you go to a shop or a retail store, there is a salesperson, or someone who can walk you through the various features of a product.

The same job is done by your product description when you go to an online retail store or an e-commerce website.

An effective product description must be conversational and packed with useful information.

A well-written product description must convince your visitors into believing that there is no other option but to buy your product.

A content writer can help you with that: he or she can write compelling and engaging product descriptions that make your customers want to buy your product.

Product description can be funny, serious or cynical, based on the overall theme of your branding.

So, how does a professional content writer or copywriter help you create the perfect product descriptions?

Professional product description writing services

Professional product description writing services

Buying is an emotional decision. You need a content writer who can make an emotional impact with your customers.

How do you make an emotional impact? By weaving a narrative.

As an experienced content writer, I know how important it is to empathize with your customers and write product descriptions that hit a nerve.

I know that product descriptions don’t work out of the box. They are specifically written for your audience.

It is very important that you write item descriptions according to your audience.

Some audience may prefer just 50 words. Some may prefer 200 words. Some prefer just the hard facts. Some want to read a story before they decide. Some like flowery language and some like official jargon.


What about using the manufacturer’s item descriptions?

When you are reselling something, many descriptions come from the manufacturer’s side.

For example, if you’re selling mobile phones, most of the models come with their own descriptions from the original manufacturer.

The problem with using the manufacturer’s descriptions is that they haven’t written these descriptions for your audience. They have simply described their product.

Even if they are selling the same product on their own website, they have written their descriptions catering to their own audience, keeping in mind their own branding message.

If people needed the same information, why would they purchase from you? Why not purchase from the original manufacturer?

There is a reason they are choosing to purchase from you.

Product description writing for different needs

Product description writing for different needs.

I can write product descriptions for:

  • E-commerce websites.
  • Online retail stores.
  • Websites like
  • Landing pages.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Brochures and flyers.

Anywhere you want to describe your products in an engaging manner, my content writing and copywriting services can help you.

As a professional content writer and copywriter, I stick to the following guidelines when writing product descriptions

Completely understand what your target audience wants

In fact, this is one of my main strengths. I prefer to understand your target customers completely before I get down to writing your product descriptions.

Even small things matter such as the average age of your buyers, their interests, how often they have shopped from your website and such.


Follow a friendly and casual writing style

Unless there is a pressing exception, I write in a very easy-going manner.

It doesn’t mean I’m careless about my writing. As much as my knowledge goes, there will be no spelling and grammar mistakes.

I will use short, crisp sentences. Please remember that my intention is not to impress your customers, but to provide them the needed information in a conversational manner.

They will feel as if a friend is talking to them.

A knowledgeable friend who knows everything about the product and what it can deliver to them.

Focus on the benefits of the product from the customer’s perspective

It’s not about what you want to tell your customer, but what the customer wants to know.

Since you are trying to sell a product, obviously there is going to be a tendency to promise the stars (there is nothing wrong in that).

But the description must be written from the perspective of your customer. What does she want? Why does she want it? What are the features that are going to be most appealing to her? What is the problem that she is trying to solve?

Take for example a mobile phone. You may think that the camera of your mobile phone is its greatest asset and selling point. But what if your customer is looking for a mobile phone she can easily carry around and charge in as little time as possible?

As much as possible, I will try to understand what your customer is looking for and then write your product descriptions accordingly.

Tell the story of the product in the description

A story doesn’t always have to have a hero, villain, a conflict or a resolution.

As mentioned above in the case of the gemstones, in many descriptions I described how these gemstones are extracted from their natural sources, and then what journeys they take to turn into beautiful bracelets.

Improve search engine rankings through optimized product descriptions

If you have scores of products in your CMS, they can be a good source of higher search engine rankings, provided your product descriptions are optimized for SEO.

For example, if you think that people may be searching for “hand sanitizers that leaves no residue” then this must be there in your product description that “our hand sanitizers leave no residue”.

Or if people are searching for “handbags made of recycled paper” your description must have “our handbags are made of completely recycled paper”.

What I’m saying is, as an SEO copywriter, I can incorporate your primary, secondary and LSI keywords into your product descriptions, contextually without stuffing them needlessly.


Use call-to-action at strategical places

Of course, there is a “Buy” button under the description and people are aware that when they are reading your product description, they are supposed to buy your product after that.

In many instances, they don’t. They need to be specifically told to buy your product otherwise they are missing a big chance.

This is where you need call-to-action. You cannot under use it, you cannot overuse it. You need to strategically introduce it into the copy of your product description so that your customers can feel the pull without feeling it strongly and ending up resisting it in the process.

Looking for a content writer or an SEO copywriter who can write your product descriptions?

Contact me for more details.

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