Content writing services for publishing blog posts on LinkedIn

Content writing services for publishing blog posts on LinkedIn

Content writing services for publishing blog posts on LinkedIn

Do you want to increase your business through LinkedIn? You should consider publishing blog posts on LinkedIn and if you don’t have enough time or experience writing authoritative LinkedIn posts, you can use my content writing services.

Looking for a dependable content writer who can write for you very compelling and attention-grabbing LinkedIn posts?

Why publish your post on LinkedIn?

The importance of publishing unique, relevant, and useful content can never be understated. This LinkedIn post quotes a DemandMetric stat that 82% consumers are more inclined towards doing business with organizations that publish unique and relevant content. 90% consumers find custom content useful and make their buying decisions based on that.

LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals and prospective employers and employees. Currently (November 2019) there are 600 million active users on LinkedIn.

One of the biggest benefits of using the LinkedIn publishing platform to publish your blog posts is that all your contacts immediately get a notification after you have published.

After they have received a notification, they can share your blog post on their own timelines and leave comments from within LinkedIn.

You must be wondering, if you already have a blog and if you are publishing content on your blog on an ongoing basis, why spend effort on writing content for another platform like LinkedIn?

Most of the LinkedIn users are looking for business or employment opportunities. That is why it is called a professional social network. Few people join LinkedIn just for social interactions.

Here are a few reasons why you should publish blog posts on LinkedIn:

  • Your contacts, including your prospective employers and business partners, are immediately notified.
  • Other LinkedIn users get to know more about your experience, expertise and nature of doing work and consequently, you can establish yourself as an authority figure in your subject area.
  • Your blog posts are quickly indexed by search engines because LinkedIn is a highly trusted social network and its publishing platform is indexed by the search engines like Google multiple times per second.
  • Your profile constantly has updated content giving people a reason to visit and check out your LinkedIn profile regularly.
  • People in your network can share your blog posts on their own timelines, giving you a larger audience that is not within your immediate circle.
  • If your LinkedIn blog post is featured in LinkedIn Pulse, your exposure can increase exponentially.
  • When you link to your own website pages and blog posts from your LinkedIn posts, it is good for your SEO.
  • No need to have your own blog. Although, I wouldn’t make such a suggestion to you, but in case you don’t feel motivated enough to create and maintain a blog under your own domain, the next best option for you is publishing regular posts on LinkedIn either by yourself or with the help of an experienced content writer.

As a professional content writer, here are my 5 tips on how to write effective posts for LinkedIn

5 tips on writing effective posts for LinkedIn

5 tips on writing effective posts for LinkedIn

1. Write your LinkedIn posts keeping your target audience in mind

Remember that the entire purpose of publishing posts on LinkedIn – whether you work with a content writer or write by yourself – is to attract your prospective customers, clients and business partners to your profile.

If you want to attract people who are looking for a content writing service or in near future would like to work with a professional content writer, I would write my LinkedIn posts keeping that in mind.

To target clients looking for high-quality content that is research-based, authoritative and compelling, I would write quality content backed with data, research and sources. A big part of my focus would be flawless writing that communicates clearly.

2. Use primary keywords and longtail keywords

As a trained SEO content writer, I naturally right optimized content. Many people, when they are in the flow, somehow end up ignoring their keywords. Just like any other search engine, keywords in your posts are very important for LinkedIn too.

Your prospective business partners are constantly searching for authoritative content and for that they use the inbuilt LinkedIn search engine.

There is no need to go overboard, but all the relevant keywords that represent the gist of your LinkedIn post, must be present in your text. For example,  on this webpage (although, it is not being published on LinkedIn) you can easily find words like “LinkedIn posts”, “content writing service” and “content writer”.

3. Use headlines to make your LinkedIn posts scannable

Headlines help you highlight the main topics you are covering in your LinkedIn post. While providing my content writing services I put lots of stress on creating compelling and relevant headlines. Headlines also help me organize the flow of my posts in a logical manner.

Just as search engines like Google and Bing use keywords used within headlines, so does the LinkedIn search engine. Hence, formulate your headlines with lots of deliberation.

4. Publish posts on LinkedIn regularly

This is where the services of a content writer can be invaluable. Even if you write decently well, since writing is not your profession, you may find it difficult to publish posts on LinkedIn on an ongoing basis, which is a must if you want to increase your visibility on the professional networking platform.

Every business wants to increase its visibility. Businesses and professionals who are serious about increasing their visibility on LinkedIn, publish as frequently as possible. Although you cannot out-do everyone, you must maintain a schedule. Increasing your visibility on LinkedIn through publishing posts is a long-term undertaking. Very effective, but long-term. So, have patience, and have a plan.

5. Use images to enhance your LinkedIn content

Although, as a hired content writer providing images is not normally my content writing responsibility, I highly recommend that you use good quality images and graphics when publishing posts on LinkedIn.

Visual appeal is as important as your text quality and besides, when you share your posts, it is the image part that is highlighted the most and draws people to your latest post (or whichever post you are sharing at that time).

Two most important things about publishing posts on LinkedIn are: quality and regularity. My content writing services can provide you both.

Content writing services for publishing blog posts on LinkedIn

If you want to consolidate your presence on LinkedIn through publishing authoritative and quality blog posts, I can provide you blog writing services.

Two things are very important if you want to benefit from the LinkedIn publishing platform through publishing blog posts:

  1. Your content must be well written, professional, engaging and informative. Remember that it’s mostly professionals who will be reading your content, so, keep that in mind.
  2. You must write and publish content on LinkedIn on regular basis if you want to remain in front of prospective employers and business partners. Only through publishing regular content you can make them notice your name and your professional abilities.

I can provide both these things. I’m a professional content writer who has been providing content writing services for more than 15 years to people and businesses from all over the world.

My writing style is clear and communicative. I can quickly adapt to your organizational temperament and then write the blog posts accordingly.

I can write the following blog posts for LinkedIn for your business:

  • Blog posts explaining a business concept.
  • Instructional blog posts on how to solve certain problems.
  • Blog posts describing case studies – how you have helped a client.
  • Explaining technical concepts.
  • Responding to other blog posts.

I use international writing style. If you have a style guide, you can give it to me, and I can easily follow it.

If there is a list of jargon words that you would want me to use, I can incorporate them.

I can also incorporate keywords for better search engine rankings and making it easier for other LinkedIn users to find your blog posts using the LinkedIn search engine.

My writing is automatically SEO friendly.

I refrain from stuffing keywords unnecessarily, but I can seamlessly integrate your important keywords and phrases.

Want to know more about how I can help you write and publish compelling LinkedIn blog posts with my content writing services? Contact me today.

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