Sales Copywriting Services – Boost Conversion Rate and SEO

Sales copywriting services to boost conversion rate and SEO

Sales copywriting services to boost conversion rate and SEO.

Looking for sales copywriting services to boost your, well, sales?

When people are on your website or landing page, you need to convince them that you are the real deal.

You need to be able to reassure them that you have got the solution they are looking for.

After reading your copy, they must realize that you’re going to solve their problem.


You achieve this with sales copywriting.

My copywriting services can help you with that.

In the times of the Internet, it isn’t just about increasing your sales.

After all, you can only sell when people come to your website.

There are multiple ways you can bring people to your website including

  • PPC advertising on social media websites (social media marketing)
  • PPC advertising on search engines (search engine marketing)
  • Email marketing
  • Organic engagement on social media websites.
  • Organic search engine rankings.

When you want to improve your search engine rankings organically, along with increase your sales when people come to your website or your landing page, you need SEO copywriting.

When you hire me as your copywriter, I deliver you a holistic solution that boosts your SEO and also gets you more customers and clients.

I’m your go-to sales copywriter and SEO copywriter.

Why effective sales copy matters

Writing an effective sales copy means capturing the right soundbites and expressing your message in a convincing manner using trustworthy data.

Sales copywriting services

Writing a sales copy can be one of the biggest business challenges you face because, your entire business depends on it.

Just imagine: you are a salesperson and you don’t know how to talk to people.

On your website, you don’t directly talk to people: your sales copy does the talking.

A good thing is, once you have a crisp marketing copy on your website, you can talk to thousands of people at the same time with the same effect.

Of course, it is assuming that a professional marketing copywriter has done the job of writing a great sales copy for your website.


Can you convince people to do business with you?

No matter how awesome your web design looks, eventually it is your sales copy that does the trick.

No wonder the sales department is the most important department in every business.

Unless you make sales, nothing counts.

The same holds true for your website.

Unless your  copywriting sells, nothing else matters.

Cool web design doesn’t matter. A ton of search engine traffic doesn’t matter. Social media buzz doesn’t matter.

Selling doesn’t just mean encouraging people to buy your products and services.

It also means convincing.

Keep in mind that when someone is visiting your website on her mobile phone or on her computer, she is alone.

It’s only your copy that does all the talking.

If you want to make an impact, if you want people to believe in your ideas, if you want to motivate them, then you need a sales copy.

It must be convincing and compelling and people should be moved to take the right action.

This action can be anything, from buying your product or service to submitting your contact form to giving you a call to subscribing to your regular email updates.

A sales copy has a very clear-cut objective.

It is always written with a preconceived purpose.

They should be no ambiguity.

There should be no multiple purposes.

The more focused is your sales copy, the higher performance it delivers.

I can write you a sales copy that helps your sell more.

Here are some characteristics of good, seductive copywriting

Be courageous enough to change the perspective.

People have a natural resistance when they come to your website.

They have their own points of view.

Have the ability to change their views.

Focus less on your brand and more on the needs of your audience.

Remember that it’s they who are going to buy from you.

Hence, their interest is your interest.

It’s very important to make a connection.

This is achieved by emotional copywriting.

Unless you can emotionally touch people, they are not going to turn into your paying customers and clients.

Cover one big idea on one page.


Don’t try to offer everything you have got.

Focus on one product.

Focus on one service.

Keep it crisp and short.

Short sentences.

One idea in one sentence.

This way you make more impact and you keep your readers focused.

Provide technical details.

It enhances your credibility.

Use numbers wherever possible.

For example, instead of saying, “Lots of people have used our product”, you can say “15,000 people have used our products so far with great results.”

My sales copywriting process

The basic idea is highlighting your most compelling benefit.

I totally understand the pain points of your prospective customers and clients, what they want, why they want and what is the urgency, and then create the sales copy accordingly.

I don’t believe in beating around the bush.

I don’t even use hyperbolic language – it never works or even if it works, it works with silly people, and you don’t want silly customers and clients, do you?

Writing sales copy for web pages is a bit different from writing for conventional electronic and print media.

There are lots of distractions on a website and it just takes a single click to go to another website.

Your sales copy needs the right hooks.


It should lead your visitors from point A (some place on your website) to point B (where they make the actual sale or perform the actual action that you want them to perform) in a well-crafted manner.

Why you should get your sales copy from me

I am dabbling with content all the time.

Through my copywriting services I’m doing sales copywriting all the time.

I am an experienced sales copywriter.

I’m an experienced and expert SEO copywriter.

Writing for search engine optimization is a big part of my job.

I know how to write SEO content.

When I’m providing web copywriting services, my clients expect me to help them improve their search engine rankings

Understanding people’s needs and creating content accordingly, is my livelihood.

What I have written, needs to perform.

I don’t write like one of those off-the-shelf copywriters.

I believe that your prospective customers and clients should never be misled into making a purchase; they should only buy from you if they really have to.

These are the customers and clients who will not only buy repeatedly from you, but will also recommend your business to their family, friends and colleagues.

My sales copy depends a lot on useful information.

The customers and clients who will be motivated by my sales copy will be more informed and aware.

Whether they like your product or service or not is another matter, they will never regret doing business with you.

Contact me to know more about my copywriting services including sales copywriting and SEO copywriting.

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