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Do you find it difficult to write email proposals? The ability to write compelling email proposals is very crucial to your business because unless they can convince your customers and clients, you can go on losing business.

Since you are reading this I assume that you already know what are email proposals, but just in case…

What is email proposal writing?

It’s like, sending people proposals for business partnerships. You want to supply your raw material to someone. You want to supply cutlery to a 5-star hotel. You want to offer your event management services to a corporate house. You want to redesign someone’s website. You want to improve someone’s search engine rankings. Maybe you have email marketing services to offer. Or maybe web hosting services.

There might be many reasons to send an email proposal and since your email proposal can make or break the prospect of you getting your next business project, writing it properly is of great importance.

Why you need help with email proposal writing?

Writing an email proposal is writing an email marketing campaign – all that is applied to a successful email marketing campaign also applies to your proposal. You need to make an impact. You have only got a few seconds to get your prospect’s attention so the subject line needs to be to the point and very relevant.

The person to whom you are sending your email proposal might be getting 100s of emails every day so your email needs to stand out.

The person whom you are sending your email proposal might be getting such proposals daily from scores of individuals so you must make sure to give a compelling reason to pay attention to what you have written. Your writing should be to the point, courteous, authoritative, and if it matters, personal. You need to be able to sell. When you need to sell through writing, it becomes copywriting. So, effective email proposal writing is basically effective copywriting.

This is something I can do for you.

If you need help with email proposal writing, I can help you

In case you are seeking help for email proposal writing then you already understand its importance. You understand how important it is to send out a professionally-prepared email proposal. It is not just a random piece of writing. It is not a casual email. You don’t want to throw darts in the darkness hoping that maybe by chance one of the darts will hit its mark.

I don’t claim every email proposal that I write is going to get you a business deal but I can significantly increase your chance of success. If I write your email proposal you have a professionally-written proposal to offer, with all the important points covered. My email proposal will be highlighting your plus points and it will also be touching upon the pain points of the person you are offering your product or service to. Empathy is very important. Unless the person feels that you are going to solve his or her problem, your proposal is not going to work. The main asset that I bring to you is my ability to see a situation from both ends of the spectrum and then come up with a convincing, well-written copy.

Want to check out how I can help you with email proposal writing?

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